10 Anime Characters Arthur Harrow Would Be Friends With

Marvel’s latest addition to the big screen, moon knight, became an instant fan favorite thanks to stellar performances from Ethan Hawke, Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy. Based on the Marvel comics, this TV show is filled with action-packed scenes, emotional breakthroughs and self-reflections, and exceptionally well-written characters.

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The series’ antagonist, Arthur Harrow, was the former avatar of the moon god Khonshu. He was fired from this role for having questionable ideologies and a desire to realize those ideologies by awakening the sealed Ammit. As a twisted character, Harrow would make some interesting friends in the anime world.

ten Hisoka would give Harrow a run for his money (Hunter X Hunter)

One of the main antagonists of Hunter X Hunter, Hisoka Morrow is one of the most popular characters in the series. Her pink hair, bouncy gum, and intriguing personality add to her overall charm. As a selfish guy himself, Hisoka would have a pretty competitive relationship with Arthur Harrow.

The two would probably face each other often in not-so-friendly friendly battles just for fun. They would be friends from a distance where they would not let the other near anything or anyone dear to them for fear of being robbed, destroyed or killed.

9 Laurent and Harrow would have an intriguing battle of charms (The Great Pretender)

by Netflix good suitor follows a group of con artists carrying out various creative scams in different cities around the world. Laurent Thierry is a Frenchman who is the assumed leader of this group. With his good looks and his soft tongue, Laurent against people after exposing their dirty laundry.

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Harrow and Laurent would likely engage in a charm battle and try to figure out who can get more people to follow them. They would form a successful pair of con artists and cult leaders who would swap stories over wine.

8 Saitama would ground Harrow’s inflated ego (One-Punch Man)

One-punch man is one of the best comedy series of the current generation. Saitama is the main protagonist who desperately wanted to be a hero and trained so hard for it that he became virtually invincible. Saitama would probably unknowingly toy with Harrow through his nonchalance and deeply frustrate Harrow.

However, the two would likely become fast friends once they get to know each other and realize they have more in common than they let on. While Harrow would like Saitama to be a bit more active, Saitama would simply relax and urge Harrow to do the same.

7 Yor’s naivety would appeal to Harrow (Spy X Family)

Yor Briar-Forger is one of the main characters in Spy x Family and an A-grade assassin. Although she may have excellent combat skills, she is naive and easily fooled when it comes to anything other than her real job.

Harrow would easily be able to recruit Yor to his cause, and it wouldn’t even take that much effort to convince her of his righteousness. However, Harrow would find a caring and loyal friend in Yor due to his very nature. They would help each other become better people with the occasional deadly feud.

6 Orochimaru would like to observe Harrow (Naruto Shippuden)

Most viewers would agree that Harrow is a selfish cult leader who makes questionable decisions even at the best of times. Harrow would serve as a gold mine for the researcher in Naruto Shippuden‘s Orochimaru, who also made a few bad taste decisions during his career to achieve his ideals.

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Harrow and Orochimaru would like to peek into each other’s psyches and deduce what the other is doing just for fun. They would form an interesting bond filled with curiosity and intrigue.

5 Takemichi would easily accept help from Harrow (Tokyo Revengers)

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main protagonist of Tokyo avengers who travels back in time to save his first love Hina from her impending death in the present. A crybaby who makes even the public cry, Takemichi needs all the help he can get to save his world from the repercussions of gang violence.

Harrow thinks his path is the only way to save the world and would gladly help Takemichi in his own way despite the future consequences of the same. They would end up being friends before Takemichi realized something was wrong.

4 Jet’s nature would complement that of Harrow (Cowboy Bebop)

Although cowboy bebop is not the best in its genre, it has extremely well written characters. Jet Black is a member of Spike’s bounty hunter crew aboard the spaceship Bebop. He is a man with a good heart.

Jet and Harrow would like to swap stories and help each other deal with their past traumas while supporting a group of people for their cause. They had quickly become friends and bonded like two old men over a bottle of whiskey in a seedy bar talking about their past as if it were another universe.

3 Hinata and Harrow are both extremely passionate (Haikyuu)

Haikyuu is one of the most famous sports anime of this generation, featuring amazing teams with equally awesome captains and top notch animation. The main protagonist of the manga and anime series, Shoyo Hinata, is obsessed with becoming the greatest volleyball player of all time despite his short stature and lack of natural talent.

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Harrow is passionate about saving the world and would love to be friends with someone like Hinata, who has such a fiery passion for achieving her goals. Both would like to work hard together and motivate each other to do their best.

2 Lelouch would find Harrow amusing (Code Geass)

Code Geass follows Lelouch’s struggle to outdo his father and destroy Britain’s Holy Empire. A high school student with ideals carved in stone, Lelouch rarely paid attention to what others around him believed.

Lelouch would likely be amused by Harrow’s use of power and his occultism, approaching him with friendly caution. As Harrow wields his power with great care, Lelouch goes mad about it, and the two would find themselves on opposite sides of the debate while enjoying the glory of their power together.

1 Ayame & Harrow would prove that opposites attract (fruit basket)

Ayame Soma is a member of Fruit basket‘s Sohma family who carries the curse of the Chinese zodiac. Ayame looks back on his actions and expresses his regret and tries to be better, while Harrow doesn’t believe what he did put the whole world in danger.

The two have starkly opposite personalities, with Ayame being cheerful and mischievous and Harrow being dark and solemn. Ayame and Harrow would make an interesting pair of friends with their conflicting ideals and strong desire to do good on their own. Their bond would be that of a joke.

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