10 anime characters who look like Soma Yukihira

Food wars! Shokugeki no Soma is an exciting culinary animated series where food is king, and the protagonist, Soma Yukihira, really knows how to get by in a kitchen. He was born and raised in a culinary family, helping his parents run the Yukihira Diner to gain valuable experience. Now he is also a student of Totsuki, with everything to prove.

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Soma is a classic shonen protagonist, a happy, upbeat boy who “fights” for all the right reasons in this show. He will compete with other chefs not to humiliate them but to prove to them valuable life lessons about the love and joy of cooking for the good of others. Somehow, the creative and outgoing Soma Yukihira should remind Food wars! fans of a variety of similar anime characters.

ten Katarina Claes Must Be Creative To Survive (My Next Villainous Life)

katarina with nastiness spot

Katarina Claes is an otome isekai heroine, but other than that, she and Soma Yukihira have a few things in common, and they would get along well if they ever met. Like Soma, Katarina is a cheerful and fun-loving protagonist who can get along with everyone around her and inspire them to become her friend. These characters have charisma.

Katarina also has a delicate mission: to rewrite the history of Fortune lover and avoid her own loss as a villain. She’ll have to rack her brains to find creative solutions to those flags of doom as an underdog, and it’s similar to Soma who comes up with brilliant recipes on the fly to defeat her opponents.

9 Narumi Momose loves her friends and works hard on her projects (Wotakoi)

Narumi Momose is an office worker with a secret passion for manga, computer games, and most importantly, boyfriend love fiction, or BL. She sometimes gets teased for her questionable performance at work, but when it comes to her hobbies Narumi is a genius, and she can even draw her own doujinshi manga.

Like Soma, Narumi is an outgoing and friendly protagonist who just wants everyone to be happy and find meaning in their daily lives. Both characters are equally creative and love their respective lifestyles, and they know how to combine fun and work without exhausting themselves.

8 Iruma Suzuki makes his own solutions at school (Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun!)

Iruma smiles in Welcome to the school of demons!

Iruma Suzuki is an isekai protagonist, and he has a lot in common with Katarina Claes and Soma Yukihira. Like Katarina, Iruma has found himself in a new world, but otherwise he’s more like Soma, a creative and kind boy who can adapt to anything and thrive. He is by no means stubborn or inflexible, and neither is Soma.

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Iruma is a caring, empathetic boy like Soma, and both protagonists find it easy to win people over with their awesome school accomplishments and good attitude about everything. They also know what it’s like to find themselves immersed in an elite school where each has a unique trick or power.

seven Senku Ishigami is a flexible innovator (Dr Stone)

Senku with fire

Senku cares more about robotics and chemistry than elite cooking, but he would greatly respect Soma and vice versa if the two boys met. Soma and Senku are both shonen protagonists who do not fight with fists or giant swords but with their bright and creative minds.

Senku is a scientist while Soma is a chef, but overall the two heroes are known to happily accept a wide variety of challenges and overcome them with clever and ingenious solutions. This makes them unpredictable protagonists who can imagine a solution out of nowhere rather than relying on the same few techniques over and over again.

6 Gon Freecss is inspired by his father (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon Freecss is a protagonist of a martial artist unlike Soma Yukihira, but these two characters are similar in their hearts, and that’s what matters most. They both come from single parent families, and their respective fathers play a big role in their lives, even though father and son are far apart most of the time.

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Soma’s father and late mother inspired him to cook for love, and Gon strives to become a great hunter like his famous father, Ging. Additionally, both heroes are cheerful, upbeat protagonists who aren’t afraid to innovate brilliant new techniques halfway through a mission to achieve victory.

5 Izuku Midoriya is a smart hero (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya, also known by his hero name Deku, is an underdog who is happy to take on any challenge if it means he can prove himself in front of the world and grow stronger. He also fights entirely for the good of others, and all of this makes him quite similar to Soma Yukihira at heart.

Soma and Izuku are both students in a special high school, and Totsuki and the UA School demand the best from their students. Izuku and Soma are ready and they might inspire a few friends to follow them faithfully through the difficult months ahead.

4 Joseph Joestar is a delicate hero (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

A young Joseph Joestar ties his blindfold

Joseph Joestar is the hero of the Combat tendency history, and unlike his grandfather Jonathan, Joseph is known for his clumsy demeanor and astute combat tactics in a fight. Jonathan was a noble brute force fighter, while Joseph is a cunning and charismatic thug.

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This mischievous demeanor and creative streak make Joseph quite similar to Soma Yukihira, and they always enjoy a good challenge where they’ll take their enemies (and viewers) by total surprise. Joseph did not go to a magic school, but he trained with his mother, Lisa Lisa.

3 Lucy Heartfilia loves the Fairy Tail guild (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail winks

At first, Soma Yukihira and the magician Lucy Heartfilia may seem like very different people, but they overlap a lot. Both lived with a single father until they left home and found themselves in a new organization, where they can reinvent themselves and realize their potential.

Lucy joined the Fairy Tail Guild while Soma became a student of Totsuki, and they both quickly made new friends and inspired them with genuine loyalty and trust. “The Power of Friendship” is the unofficial motto of the guild, and likewise, Soma cooks for the love of others. He and Lucy are also both quite creative and resourceful in combat.

2 Avatar Aang fights for peace (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar the last airbender Aang smiles happily

Avatar Aang and Soma would get along if they met, as they share so many core values. The two heroes prefer peace to war, and they understand that fighting for the good of others is the noblest cause of all. Never will Soma or Aang fight for their own glory or material gain.

Aang and Soma will fearlessly take on any challenge to protect their friends and restore peace, and they are also curious and flexible-minded people who can find a creative solution out of nowhere. They are both unpredictable and prankster heroes.

1 Alphonse Elric uses his brain to defend peace and love (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Alphonse Elric is an alchemist like his state alchemist brother Edward, and Al is also known for his gentle and kind temper, unlike his fiery tsundere brother. Both brothers are smart and flexible fighters who can use science, alchemy, and martial arts to appease any foe and take their bodies one step closer.

Alphonse and Soma are both courageous and tenacious, but also gentle and kind, which makes them easy to love as Shonen heroes. They are also resourceful yet flexible fighters, and they can improvise a solution to any problem with their quick wit. This is what it takes to survive in their respective worlds.

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