10 anime characters with a warped sense of justice


So many anime are built around characters doing the right thing, doing the right thing, and doing justice to those who deserve it. It may mean helping people who have suffered wrongdoing or inflicting punishment on those who were initially wrong.

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But some anime characters have their sense of justice completely out of whack. They take the law too seriously or serve a group’s version of justice. Some people might even hide behind the concept of justice as long as they get what they want afterwards. Either way, characters with bad moral compasses are often some of the most entertaining to watch.

ten Pain wanted to hurt the whole world to stop fighting (Naruto)

Naruto Pain

Pain was once a kind child who was taken under the wing of the legendary ninja Jiraiya along with his friends Yahiko and Konan. Together, they eventually created an organization known as Akatsuki with the goal of bringing peace to the world. But after the fall of the Akatsuki by Hanzo and Danzo, Nagato’s ideal of ending the war was destroyed. Instead, for him, the best way to bring peace was for everyone to feel pain, which meant they could understand each other and no longer want to hurt someone else.

9 Top blamed Goku for the Tournament of Power and decided he was a villain (Dragon Ball Super)

The Pride Troopers believe in justice above all, and Top above all else. His frustration with Goku essentially causing the Tournament of Power leads him to blame the Saiyan for the majority of the arc. This is not true, but he considers Goku to be a villain because without him the tournament would never have happened and so many universes would not be in danger of being erased. But even worse, when things don’t go his way, he throws his justice aside and instead embraces the power of a god of destruction.

8 Light Yagami Finally Used His Powers To Kill People Committing Petty Crimes (Death Notice)

Death Note's Light Yagami writes names in his Death Note

Light Yagami believed that justice was what he said. He began by using his newfound power to deliver justice fairly, annihilating only those who committed heinous crimes. But the more he wielded this power, the worse it got.

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Eventually, he killed people who were committing minor crimes. Additionally, he admitted that he ultimately plans to use his power to take out the Sloths. Everything was in the service of creating his own perfect world, where everyone did only what they told them to do.

7 Stain started attacking and trying to kill heroes that didn’t fit his hero mold (My Hero Academia)

MHA stain

Stain is a man disgusted with the state of heroes in this new era of peace that All Might has ushered in. Heroes who work for money are immoral to him, and he begins to operate with the specific purpose of eliminating any hero who doesn’t. meet its standards. He has no problem taking lives, but especially doesn’t like taking them if he doesn’t feel like there is a purpose. Because of this, he refuses to kill Midoriya because he sees in him the spark of the kind of hero he believes deserves to exist.

6 Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune believes justice will allow people to survive fireball attacks (Slayers)

Amelia from Slayers has a strange sense of justice

As the second Princess of Saillune, you’d think someone like Amelia would make a little more sense. But she’s still young, and at only 14, she believes a little too much in the idea of ​​good guys and bad guys. She has a bad habit of trusting everything someone tells her and finding weird ways to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. In a case between the main character Lina and someone else, she decides that because justice always prevails, whoever manages to get past her fireball attack would actually be the right guy.

5 Zamasu wanted to eradicate all sensitive life because he believed it would bring peace to the universe (Dragon Ball Super)

Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super

Zamasu believes humans are incapable of being righteous, which prompts him to embrace his Zero Mortals plan. He doesn’t believe mortals deserve the opportunity to grow and change, and after witnessing a brutal demonstration on an underdeveloped planet, he pretty much abandons them. It gets worse when he realizes that Goku is more powerful than him. Essentially, because mortals make mistakes and have the potential to outdo the gods, it finds justification in wiping out all sentient life across the universe.

4 Rei Ogami aims to pay evil to evil (Code: Breaker)

Rei using Azure Flame

Technically, Rei’s sense of justice isn’t distorted, he just hasn’t adapted to a modern era. As Code: Breaker, he assumes the power of judge, jury and well … the rest is obvious. He believes in repaying evil with evil, using his power to kindle a fire to anyone he deems unworthy.

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The first time he uses it in the anime is against a group of bullies who killed a homeless man. And while that may be acceptable to some, he also tried to kill the one person who saw him, Sakura Sakurakouji, and the only reason she survived is because her powers don’t work on her.

3 Sensui could never see that a group could contain bad and good people (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Pictures feature YuYu Hakusho's Shinobu Sensui

Sensui had the unfortunate problem of having an overly rigid system of right and wrong. As a spirit sleuth, he had been doing his job for years eliminating demons. His belief system was that all humans were good and all demons were bad. But then he glanced at the Dark Chapter tape, showing them the atrocities humanity had committed against demons. Unable to understand while there were evil people in each group, his sense of justice shifted and he believed that demons were good and humans were bad. His plan for the future was to wipe out all of humanity, and then give up his own life as well.

2 Rob Lucci believes in dark justice (One Piece)

rob lucci

Rob Lucci is a member of CP0 and claims to have the best interests of the world government at heart. Specifically for him, anything that goes against the rules and laws of the World Government is wrong, because the World Government is just. In fact, what Rob really likes is the ability to kill people given to him by the government. For this reason, he will follow any order and any order given to him. Yet his goal is to face a “black justice” that relies on being needlessly sadistic and inflicting as much pain on his opponent as possible.

1 Seryu thinks justice is what his empire says (Akame Ga Kill)

ubiquitous seryu, Akame Ga Kill

Seryu could be one of the worst anime characters ever. It’s not that she’s bad, it’s that she genuinely believes that every act she does is good. Because she works for the Empire, and the Empire is “good,” whatever she does does justice. She also believes that every crime is punishable by death, whether someone stole just to eat or stole because they were forced into it by someone who threatened their life. Although she claims that the good guys will win, she ends up being shot by the real assassins interested in the liberation of the people. Technically, it was the first time she was right.

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