10 Best Comic Book Characters Gray DeLisle Has Played, Ranked

Gray DeLisle is one of America’s most prolific voice actors. Some of her most famous roles include Princess Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daphne Blake in countless iterations of scooby-doo, and Mandy on The Sinister Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

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The variety of those aforementioned roles should give some indication of DeLisle’s range, as should the sheer volume of different comic book characters she’s played in various animated adaptations over the years. Of all his performances, it is difficult to find the best.

ten Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man

BLACK CAT APPEARANCES - Marvels Spider-Man 2017

The Black Cat is one of Spider-Man’s only enemies who can match him in contests of agility and wits. Aside from the Green Goblin, she’s Spider-Man’s most sassy enemy. She’s also the only seductive one in her arsenal of Spider-killing weapons.

DeLisle can perfectly express sass and seduction, and she plays Black Cat in Marvel’s Spiderman was a natural choice. Due to the series’ younger target audience, its voice acting is less sultry than that of Tricia Helfer’s Black Cat. The Spectacular Spider-Man. DeLisle’s performance was fantastic.

9 Wasp in Ultimate Avengers

Wasp from the movie Ultimates

DeLisle got the chance to play an unmistakably heroic character when she voiced Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp in the ultimate avengers movies. ultimate avengers was loosely adapted from Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch The Ultimates.

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Wasp was already one of the most likable characters in the source material, and the film adaptation is much lighter than the comic book. DeLisle’s moment in the sun comes at the end of Ultimate Avengers 2, when Wasp bursts into tears after her husband Giant Man gave his life to save the day.

8 monster girl in invincible

Invincible monster girl

Not all of DeLisle’s comic book characters hail from the Marvel or DC Universes. In Invincible, she voices Amanda/Monster Girl, a character who asks “What if Hulk was really a 12-year-old girl?” Admittedly, DeLisle only expresses Amanda’s natural preteen self.

When Amanda transforms into the “monster” side of her character, Kevin Michael Richardson takes over. InvincibleDeLisle’s TV-MA rating gives DeLisle the ability to cut through language in ways she never can in most of her roles. If fans have seen his stand-up comedy number, they know DeLisle has a way with swear words.

seven Big Barda in Young Justice

YJ Barda vs. Superman

DeLisle voices many characters on young righteousness, but his most unique performance to date is Big Barda. Barda debuted in Young justice’the third season, Foreigners. Unlike most versions, the character has yet to undergo his heel-to-face turn.

She is still the bloodthirsty leader of the Furies, her first line is: “Hail Granny Goodness, Hail Darkseid!” DeLisle gives Barda a much deeper voice than most of his characters, but one that perfectly matches Barda’s tall, muscular physique and stubborn temper.

6 Captain Marvel in Avengers Assemble and more

Captain Marvel Avengers Assemble

DeLisle has become Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s most prolific voice actor. After initially voicing Carol in the preschool parody series The Super Hero Squad Show, she had a shot at a simpler iteration of Captain Marvel in Meeting vigilantes.

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Similar to Big Barda, Carol is a more masculine character that DeLisle typically plays. She uses a similar voice for both characters. Barda is aggressive, stubborn and even a bit sadistic. Carol is confident and not afraid to show it.

5 Morgan Le Fay in Avengers Assemble

At Meeting vigilantes, DeLisle was able to voice Morgan Le Fay – the witch of Arthurian legend and frequent enemy of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Compared to Captain Marvel, Le Fay definitely plays one more role in DeLisle’s wheelhouse. Between his haughty taunts and his deliciously devilish cackle, Le Fay is a role in which DeLisle is usually typecast. For Morgan Le Fay, DeLisle affects an airy British accent, reflecting the character’s roots in the Camelot mythos.

4 Wonder Woman in DC Superhero Girls

Wonder Woman DC Superhero Girls

DC superheroes girls is not your typical superhero cartoon. It is aimed at young girls. Its characters are more concerned with the school drama at Metropolis High than the supervillain. Wonder Woman is one of the main characters and DeLisle voices her.

Despite superhero girls comedic tone, DeLisle plays with a firm, powerful voice that radiates Diana’s authority and attention all in one. She didn’t get a chance to voice Wonder Woman in a more serious context (only in DC superheroes girls and some Lego animated shorts). She could certainly do it if she had the chance.

3 Black Canary in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Black Canary in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

In addition to voice acting, DeLisle is also a trained singer with six albums to her name. When she voiced Black Canary on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, she was able to combine her talents. In the musical episode Music Master’s Mayhem, DeLisle was by far the most gifted lyrical actor alongside guest star Neil Patrick Harris.

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DeLisle had two songs – the solo death trap, and If only, a duet with Harris. She then sang in The Malone Match Mask alongside Tara Strong (as the Huntress) and Nika Futterman (as Catwoman).

2 Sally Avril in the spectacular Spider-Man

Sally April

To round out his high school supporting cast, Spectacular Spider-Man raised several minor characters from the comics. One of them was Sally Avril. A far cry from her comic book counterpart, the mutant vigilante Bluebird, Sally fits the stereotypical cheerleader trope. Wicked, tasteless, not too shiny and blond.

DeLisle played the part perfectly, giving Sally a strong New York accent and showing off her obnoxiousness. Her shining moment is when she claps the lines of Hamlet as part of a theater audition.

1 Catwoman in Arkham City / Knight, Injustice and Gotham By Gaslight

Catwoman Arkham by Gaslight

Ahead of her turn as Black Cat, DeLisle voiced DC’s even more famous feline-themed villainess. Debut as Selina Kyle / Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City, DeLisle’s performance was phenomenal. DeLisle would go on to cover Selina in Batman: Arkham Knight and Injustice I & II.

In gas Gotham, which showed a 19th-century Gotham City, Selina has a daytime gig as a cabaret singer. DeLisle voiced Selina in the sung parts of Gotham by gaslight, the rest played by Jennifer Carpenter.

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