10 Best TV Shows Like After Life

Netflix hit After life is a comedy-drama series that takes an honest and realistic look at the devastating pain of losing a loved one while adding a healthy dose of friendship, hope and kindness. Despite the seriousness of the main topic, Gervais incorporated his brand of brutal humor, creating a constant mix of heartbreaking tears and laughter.

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Season three is slated for next year, much to the delight of Ricky Gervais fans, but if fans can’t wait for the long-awaited TV release, here are a few shows to fill the void by then.

ten The Office UK (2001 – 2003) Available on Hulu

The cast of The Office (UK)

He may be 20 years old, but the sarcasm, humor, banality and awkwardness are no less noticeable than they were two decades ago. The hit British show that started it all, Office is a series of mock documentaries about a stationery company in Slough, England.

Despite not being the Boss of Hell, David Brent has an unquenchable need to be loved, which leads him to make grin-worthy (but hilarious) mistakes. Like After life, Office confronts the struggles of reality. Sometimes Brent’s relentless antics stop and Office depicts an emotional story.

9 Derek (2012 – 2014) Available on Netflix

Derek is another of Ricky Gervais’ well-known projects, following the same mock comedy documentary format as Office. The series is set in a nursing home run by Hannah, a dedicated caregiver whose life revolves around her job. Gervais takes on the role of a nursing home worker who really only cares about others and is continually grateful for everything he has in life.

His love for people invites unlikely friends like Kev, an unemployed rude alcoholic some people would avoid. The pressure of an underfunded care home plays out amid the stresses of everyday life, as Derek and Hannah support each other.


8 Extras (2005 – 2007) not currently available to stream in the US

The unique concept of Supplements follows close friends Andy (Ricky Gervais) and Maggie (Ashley Jensen) on their quest to become actors, starting as extras in film and television. Each episode features a top celebrity, from Samuel L. Jackson to Kate Winslet, and hilariously looks at how Andy and Maggie handle their presence.

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Andy chooses to take her career further by writing her own screenplay, but Maggie remains a background artist. The common thread of Gervais’ shows is the instantaneous switch between laughter and sorrow and Supplements is no exception to this.

seven This country (2017 – 2020) is currently not available for streaming in the US

Kurtan and Kerry are watching something

Cousins ​​Kerry and Kurtan reside in Gloucestershire, UK. The mock documentary follows the grind of their daily lives as they showcase their uninspiring city that doesn’t seem to have much going for them. Their aspirations are rare and very little expected from the couple.

Although the script does not deal with such a heartbreaking tragedy as in After life, there are times of pity for characters, like Kerry, who has a difficult relationship with her father. The comedy is subtle, yet extremely effective.

6 People Just Do Nothing (2014 – 2018) Available to rent on Amazon

Beats, Decoy, Grindah and Steves in the studio in People Just Do Nothing

People do nothing is a truly original mock documentary. The series centers on a group of friends who run a pirate radio station in Brentford, England. As MC and DJ of Kurupt FM their dreams and desires are high. The film People do nothing: big in Japan shows the peak of their hopes, as they attempt to break into the Japanese music scene.

The hilarious British comedy (which delivered unforgettable quotes) has its dark moments, with the group facing struggles with drug addiction and relationship issues. However, the lineup of colorful characters makes them a must-have, with the adorable thieves always doing their best to be successful.

5 Fleabag (2016 – 2019) Available on Amazon Prime

Chip bag

A dry sense of humor is typical of Ricky Gervais’ work and is a key part of comedy as well, Chip bag. A young woman tries to come to terms with a recent tragedy as well as difficult relationships and life in London. Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, trying to deflect any pain she feels.

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Waller-Bridge often breaks the fourth wall by looking at the camera and addressing the audience, which the other characters don’t do on the show. Her clever use of this unique aspect is a great tool for connecting with viewers and only adds interestingly to the realism of the show.

4 Outlaws (2021 -) are currently not available to stream in the US

Myrna holding a broom and looking to the left in The Outlaws

Although not seen on After life, Stephen Merchant has worked closely with Ricky Gervais on some of his most successful works including Office. Therefore, it is not surprising that Merchant has created several ingenious series of his own.

The outlaws talks about a group of petty criminals who are gathered in a community recovery group. They all have very different personalities, but what they have in common is their loyalty to one another in the face of intense problems. Just like After life, their friendships seem unlikely, but are all important to the brilliantly funny plot.

3 Ted Lasso (2020 -) Available on AppleTV +

Ted Lasso, Nate and Beard in the locker room

The Apple TV show has proven to be increasingly popular, with a third season slated to arrive next year. The main American character accepts a coaching position for a British football team and, against all odds, shows great talent for the role.

Ted lasso doesn’t just focus on the rise and fall of AFC Richmond, but also delves into betrayal and trust, creating some very inspiring scenes and quotes. Ted’s carefree nature does not deny the reality of life’s issues, and the relationships between the characters are vital as they support each other through many trials.

2 Stath Lets Flats (2018 -) Available on HBO Max

Stath Lets Flats characters look at the camera

The work-based sitcom, Stath rents apartments, revolves around a family real estate agent, “Michael and Eagle”. The main character Stath strives to impress his father who owns the business in the hopes that he will one day take over as boss.

Sadly, Stath’s inability to complete his job as a real estate agent doesn’t bode well for him, often frustrating his father, but it does make the series extremely funny. His incompetence puts him in countless sticky situations, as the difficulties of his job are too much for him to handle.

1 Gavin and Stacey (2017 – 2019) available on HBO Max

Gavin and Stacey has become a classic in the catalog of British comedy. Gavin, a young man from Essex, England, and Stacey, a young woman from Barry, Wales, fall in love, reuniting their very different but loving families. Their relationship comes up against a lot of difficult times, but they always manage to pull through.

The series plays on the typical characteristics of both cultures and how the differences cause humorous incidents. The program is generally light but does not shy away from scenes of sadness and grief.

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