10 best tv shows like Peacock’s, one of us is lying


Peacock One of us is lying is the latest bestselling young adult novel to get a small screen adaptation for a streaming service. The series is publicized as The breakfast club meets Pretty little Liars and follows four high school students who become murder suspects after the death of a student in custody. Although belonging to different cliques, the four survivors must team up and learn to trust each other to erase their names and find out who really killed Simon.

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The eight-episode Season 1 just finished airing on Peacock and has left many fans hopeful that the series will be picked up for a season 2. With no renewal in sight at this time, fans have scrambled to fill the void that mystery of the murder left. behind. Fortunately, there are plenty of teen and adult drama shows that look like One of us is lying.

Cruel Summer (2021-) – Available on Hulu

Jeanette and Kate look at each other in Cruel Summer

As One of us is lying, been cruel started airing in 2021 and quickly became a huge hit. In fact, the first two episodes were reported to be the most watched series debut on Freeform. The dramatic thriller follows two teenage girls in the ’90s, one claiming the other witnessed her kidnapping and never reported it.

While Cruel summer deals with questions deeper than One of us is lying Like the looks on child grooming and domestic violence, the shows have similarities as well. Namely, both series feature young female characters leading the investigations.

Gossip Girl (2007-2012) – Available on HBOMax

The cast of the original Gossip Girl pose in a garden for a promotional photo

While the original and the rebooted Gossip Girl would make great choices for a show to binge after One of us is lying the original wins because it has a lot more seasons. The series began with high school characters who are mysteriously watched by a gossip website.

The characters in Gossip Girl could come from wealthier backgrounds than the characters in One of us is lying but they’re both still being spied on by a gossip website. Even though the website is more anonymous than the About This page in One of us is lying both endanger the lives of the characters.

Nancy Drew (2019-) – Available on Hulu

Nancy Drew bus table in the new series

The iconic Nancy drew is arguably one of popular culture’s best-known young detectives and in 2019 she had her own show on The CW. This time, Nancy sees her college plans put on hold as she and her friends accidentally witness a murder.

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Nancy most resembles Brownyn in One of us is lying in that they are both determined to solve the mystery of the murder they witnessed. Both series also feature a cast of teenagers from different backgrounds, complementing traditional stereotypes of a brain, sportsman, criminal, and the princess.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021-) – Available on Amazon Prime Video

Lennon looks in a mirror with lipstick writing the spelling I know what you did last summer

the first i know what you did last summer is yet another young adult novel that won a television series and is also loosely based on the 1997 film. The lives of a group of teenagers are turned upside down after a fatal accident occurs on the night of graduation from high school. However, neither of them expected to be tracked down by a mysterious killer a year later.

contrary to One of us is lying, I know what you did last summer leans more on the horror side of things than on the mystery. However, the shows are similar in that they feature a group of teens working together to protect each other, even though the teens from IKWYDLS are to blame.

Only Murders In The Building (2021-) – Available on Hulu

Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez in the elevator together in Only Murders In The Building

Hulu’s Murder Mystery Series Only the murders in the building made a strong impression on audiences of all ages. The series revolves around three true podcast fans who launch their own podcast as they investigate the mysterious death of a resident of their apartment complex.

While these two shows have a drastically different tone, they both take audiences on a wild goose hunt that causes the biggest plot twist to end after a series of twists and turns.

External Banks (2020-) – Available on Netflix

The Pogues study a telescope in the Outer Banks

External banks has become one of Netflix’s best teen series, and rightly so. The mysterious adventure series follows a group of friends as they set off in search of a mysterious treasure while hoping to find out what really happened to John B.

While External banks doesn’t start out as a murder mystery, it sort of evolves into one as they uncover more clues to the disappearance of John B’s father. Both shows also play on the family trope found as the adolescents rely on each other more than adults in their lives.

Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017) – Available on HBOMax

The Liars in costume looking distraught and hugging in Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little Liars is one of Freeform’s most popular series and has won several spinoffs and even a reboot (which fans fear will ruin the franchise). The series centered around four friends who start receiving threatening anonymous messages a year after their best friend’s disappearance.

This series is a great comp for One of us is lying for fans who liked the storyline “About This” from the teen series. Simon’s “A” and “About That” apps are designed to reveal secrets about people who can have dangerous repercussions.

Sweet / Vicious (2016) – Available for purchase on Apple TV

Ophélie and Jules study an iPhone in Sweet / Vicious (2016)

Sweet / Vicious is a very underrated show, having been canceled after one season by MTV. The comedy-drama centered on two unlikely friends who team up to teach sex abusers a lesson when their college refuses to punish them.

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While it doesn’t seem like this self-defense show has much in common with One of us is lying this is indeed the case. Both feature young women in leading investigative roles taking control of their lives. They also both focus on bringing justice when those in power refuse to do so.

T @ gged (2016-2018) – Available for purchase on Apple TV

The ladies of T @ gged posing in front of a wall for promo photos

T @ gged is a web series from AwesomnessTV that briefly made its way to Hulu before moving to pay-per-view streaming platforms. The psychological thriller centers on three teenage girls who are mysteriously tagged in a dangerous social media video where someone appears to be shot.

As One of us is lying the girls sought to find out who is behind the social media account before anyone suspected they had something to blame. Both shows also feature the heroes hunted down by the abuser, adding to the suspense.

13 Reasons Why (2017-2020) – Available on Netflix

Justin, Clay, Anni and Jess outside of school in 13 Reasons Why (2017-2020)

While 13 reasons why is the source of much criticism because of its content, the series was groundbreaking and organized quite a fan base during its four seasons on Netflix. The series regularly involved a mystery at the center of its season with Clay and his friends desperate to bring justice.

The two One of us is lying and 13 reasons why deal with the subject of suicide, but in several different ways. However, these are the last seasons of 13 reasons why who are more like the show as they follow Clay on his quest to find out who is behind the serious and dangerous sexual assault that is happening on his high school campus.

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