10 Characters Most Likely To Join The MCU

As the MCU opens up its multiverse, fans can’t wait to figure out how their favorite non-MCU Marvel characters might be brought in. Although there are relatively simple links between the MCU and Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carterand now daredevilshows like Marvel’s Runaways will be more difficult to chain.

The good thing about Runaways is that the characters all have different reasons for their superpowers, which makes some extremely easily fit into canon. These are the characters most likely to find their way into the MCU and how they might fit in.


ten Gertrude Yorkes

Gert is probably the most difficult character to introduce to the MCU since his origins and powers are so distinct from the “aliens, androids, and wizards” that currently populate the superpowered side of the MCU. In the comics, Gert is the child of time travelers, which might provide an opening via the TVA, but those origins were ignored in the Hulu series.

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Gert has no powers per se other than his connection to Old Lace, and there’s currently no place in the MCU where a dinosaur would make much sense. That being said, there’s no reason this should necessarily make sense. Some of the craziest projects, like the guardians of the galaxy and Thor movies, might feature a purple-haired girl with a dinosaur without really needing to explain it.

9 Alexander Wilder

Alex has a history in the comics and in the Hulu series of betraying his fellow Runaways, so wherever he might be featured, it would come with some suspicion from fans familiar with his story. In the comics, after his time with the Runaways, Alex spent a lot of time trying to establish his family’s crime empire in New York.

Due to the shared location, he could appear in future projects, either battling Kate Bishop and Spiderman, or attempting to fight the control of the criminal underground by more powerful characters like Kingpin. Plus, the comic version of Alex interacts with members of The Defenders, so if these series are about to become canon, he could definitely follow the route.

8 Molly Hayes

Runaways Molly Hernandez

Molly is somewhat difficult to introduce into the MCU as much of her backstory is tied to mutants, who are still not officially part of Earth 616. However, Charles Xavier’s introduction to Earth 838 means that Molly could come from another universe. .

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As America Chavez travels the multiverse in search of her mothers, she might encounter Molly as part of the Runaways or the X-Men. Both being young superheroes, they could easily end up teaming up, especially if the universe she’s in is the one where Gert is already dead.

seven Caroline Dean

Karolina uses her powers in Runaways

There are certainly ways to bring Karolina into the MCU, but most of them would feel relatively forced at this point. Karolina is one of the best members of the Runaways and her quirky abilities and personality would fit well with the overall tone of the GotG movies, but she spends most of her time dealing with alien invasions of Earth, rather than navigate the cosmos themselves.

One possibility that would make more sense would be for her to participate in the Secret Invasion arc, both as an alien and as Xavin’s fiancé. But it would still take a good chunk of MCU growth before it could be done in a way that felt natural.

6 Hunt Stein

While another Runaways article speculated that Alex Wilder might bump into Riri Williams at MIT, there’s a good chance a similar plot could work with Chase, as he’s described as a genius of engineering. Chase stole the Fistagons from his parents in the comics, but the TV show gave him more credit, having him conceptualize and design the weaponry himself.

With that in mind, it would make a lot of sense for Chase to go to MIT, especially since Gert was planning on going to college in Massachusetts. At MIT, Chase would have the chance to compare his engineering skills to some of the brightest minds in the country, which could be a great source of character development. Seeing Chase and Riri be young rivals would be a fun development and might help Riri get to grips with the idea of ​​superheroism.

5 Tina Minoru

Tina Minoru is technically already in the MCU, but since her character was barely introduced, it’s worth mentioning. A version of Tina Minoru, played by Linda Louise Duan, was shown in strange doctor as a master of the Hong Kong Shrine, but she had none of the villainous aspect fans of Runaways would expect.

The character has had several run-ins with Stephen Strange and his variants in the comics, so it wouldn’t take much to push his character into a more prominent position. She may not be a threat worthy of the Sorcerer Supreme, but she would be a good minor villain for newer emerging teams.

4 Morgan LeFay

Morgan Le Fay is one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel’s live-action medium to use the Darkhold, and it seems possible she could come out of the woodwork now that the Darkhold is (apparently) gone for good. Well. Chances are that Dr. Strange and Wanda will have to unite against a greater mystical threat in the future, and Morgan Le Fay would certainly fit the bill.

She’s a powerful threat in the Marvel Universe, which forces the Avengers and Euroforce to team up to take her down in the comics. Her introduction would likely be a long way off since the Avengers need time to regain their strength after their battles with Thanos, but she would fit easily into the cinematic universe if they needed a major mystical threat.

3 Jonah

While the early phases of the MCU were very Earth-bound, it’s gradually venturing into outer space, which provides more opportunities for evil aliens to take center stage. Jonas was the main villain of Runawaysdirecting the activities of PRIDE and trying to find a place of power for himself and his family.

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The character could easily fit into a guardians of the galaxy Where Captain Marvel film. Of course, the fact that actor Julian McMahon also played Doctor Doom in the The Fantastic Four means the actor may have to change for Jonah to come to the MCU, now that the Fantastic Four are canon, at least in Earth-838.

2 Nico Minoru

There have been rumors that a Nico Minoru series is in development, and it’s not hard to see why. Phase four focused primarily on bringing magic and the multiverse into play, as well as allowing young superheroes to rise up. Nico is the perfect blend of these two programs and would be a perfect fit for the MCU.

As the most powerful member of the Runaways, Nico could definitely catch the attention of Dr. Strange and/or Wong as she experiments with her powers. Whether it’s a continuation of the Hulu series or a new take on the character, there’s definitely plenty of room to play.

1 xavier

Xavin is most likely to be adapted into the MCU, as their character is canonically a Skrull who opposed their species during Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Given that Marvel is gradually introducing Skrulls into the universe in the lead up to the movie of the same name, Xavin could very easily be introduced.

Whether Xavin is the version fans know from the TV series or a variation of the role, it would be great to see the genderfluid character on the big screen. They would be an easy first introduction to the Runaways or could occasionally find themselves members of the Young Avengers with their parent, Hulkling.

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