10 Characters Who Make The Best Duo With Arthur

Arthur Morgan is without a doubt one of the best video game protagonists of all time, and one of the best aspects of gaming throughout. Red Dead Redemption 2 with the character is the dynamic he has with the other character in the game. From his complicated romance with Mary to his hatred of Micah, Arthur has many complex relationships, and some characters form an incredible pair with him.

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Whether it’s through their badassery, the way they bond, or even just through their banter, there are plenty of fantastic duos in the game consisting of Arthur and one of the NPCs.


Sean MacGuire

RDR2: What Every Van der Linde Gang Member Horse Says About Him Head Art Sean

A few members of the gang are on the lower rung of proximity to Arthur but still form a decent pair with him at points in the game, such as Javier, Bill, Trewlany, and Karen. On this occasion, Sean takes the cake for his banter alone.

Sean doesn’t spend too much time in Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign before he met his shocking demise. However, his time in the game is full of laughs. He’s like a younger brother who idolizes Arthur, and it makes for some great rides and conversations between the two.

The rains are falling

The rains are falling

Rains Fall isn’t one of Van Der Linde’s guy members, but remains one of the wisest and most fascinating characters in the game, referencing another side of the Wild West at that time and it’s is someone Arthur feels comfortable opening up to.

That’s a big part of why the two make a great duo in their limited interactions. Not only does Arthur display his good heart with Rains Fall, but he talks about his fears, his son, and his former family, and their conversations are always great to listen to.

The foreigners

Red Dead Redemption 2 Veteran Stranger Mission Story Ending Arthur Morgan Buell Sad

Red Dead Redemption has amazing strangers and weird missions between its two games, and some of those characters in the sequel make a great team with Arthur.

Hamish, aka the veteran, and Arthur have a great time together in nature. Arthur helping Charlotte come to terms with the loss of her husband and learn to survive on her own is fantastic. Even preventing Albert from being killed is great. These weird missions really explore Arthur’s good side – if the player chooses to make Arthur a very honorable man, that is.

Abigail Roberts/Jack Marston

Arthur doesn’t go on a mission or ride with Abigail, and the extent of his time with Jack outside of camp is their fishing trip. Nevertheless, he has a touching connection with both of them.

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Arthur really is like an uncle to Jack and is such a good friend to Abigail – even writing that he might have married her if John hadn’t been so interested. The conversations they have are great, and the way Arthur helps the family make up some of the most emotional elements of the game.

Hosea Matthews

Hosea’s death is one of the saddest of Red Dead Redemption 2, not just for the fans but for Arthur, who had grown up with him. It seems that upon Hosea’s death, Dutch’s spiral into becoming too unhinged accelerated.

Hosea was with Arthur in his belief that Dutch wasn’t quite Dutch after Blackwater, and it led to some great conversations. The two kicked together when needed, remembered as father and son, and were even entertaining during downtime, such as sitting around camp or hunting together.

Lenny Summers

red dead 2 arthur lenny drunk lego stop-motion

Arthur and Lenny have perhaps the most iconic mission of any duo in Red Dead Redemption 2 when they go out to the saloon at Valentine’s fan-favorite hangout and get drunk together. It’s wild and it’s great.

Their relationship is much more than this singular mission, however; the two were extremely close and, during Lenny’s lifetime, were arguably each other’s closest friends in camp outside of the gang’s three spearheads. Both do great missions and actions outside of camp and for fun through conversation and games like poker and five-finger net.

Dutch Van Der Linde

RDR2 Dutchman should have died long before the events of Red Dead Redemption

Dutch Van Der Linde is the antagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption and a painfully infuriating character in the second as he descends into madness. For much of the sequel’s play, however, he enjoys a great relationship with Arthur.

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At the start of the game, the two and Hosea are closer than anyone. As Dutch gets worse and Arthur realizes that an outlaw’s place in the civilized world is disappearing, their relationship deteriorates and fades away. Even when they fight, they make a formidable duo, but they obviously shine when they’re on the same page, taking on civilization together.

John Marston

Red Dead Redemption RDR2 Complete Timeline of Events Arthur John

Fans will probably debate for years who is the better character between the two main ones. Red Dead Redemption protagonists. Still, there’s no debating that the two make a great team, especially in the later parts of the game.

When Arthur falls ill and the gang begins to deteriorate, all the issues that once existed between the two seem to disappear and their friendship gets a chance to shine. Not only do they fight well together, but Arthur pretty much saves the lives of John and his family, giving them an emotional edge that most duos in the game can’t achieve.

Charles Smith

What Charles Smith's Spinoff Game Could Look Like

Chares is arguably the best character in Red Dead Redemption 2 who didn’t appear in the first game and goes on more missions and rides with Arthur than almost anyone else in the game.

The two have a relationship that improves as the game progresses. They are close and confide, but Charles isn’t afraid to call Arthur either. They are always ready to help each other and are unstoppable as a combat team. Players around the world were thrilled when Charles survived the events of the game.

Sadie Adler

Sadie Adler's Story Is As Important As Arthur's RDR2

Sadie Adler might just be the biggest badass of them all Red Dead Redemption, and while it takes her a while to settle into the gang, she has an exceptional dynamic with Arthur by the end of the game.

They bond over their banter at Pearson’s expense and eventually accrue immense respect for each other. More than anyone outside of Charles and, of course, the Marstons, Sadie unequivocally sides with Arthur rather than Dutch and Micah and is a key player in John and Arthur’s story. Any one of John, Charles, or Sadie might be considered making the best duet with Arthur, but the way they kick ass together, save John, try to defeat Micah, and bond more and more as they go as the game progresses puts Sadie in the lead here.

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