10 Characters Who Most Contributed To Joffrey’s Downfall

HBO Dragon Housethe new spin-off game of thrones, is sure to feature its fair share of characters that viewers will be encouraged to hate. In the original series, few characters managed to earn public opprobrium more than Joffrey, who turned out to be one of the worst kings in the history of the Seven Kingdoms.

Thus, it was important to note that a number of important people contributed to his eventual downfall – his death at his own wedding – some by actively corrupting and abetting him, and others by firmly ignoring him. his terrible behavior.



One of the biggest contributors to Joffrey’s eventual downfall was Joffrey himself. He seemed to care little for the well-being of the Seven Kingdoms and went out of his way to make everyone miserable. Little wonder, then, that many dreaded the day when he truly came into his own and was able to wield almost unlimited power.

Had he shown himself a little more willing to take the advice of those with the best interests of the throne in mind, he might very well have survived.


Robert might be one of the most likable characters in game of thrones, but he wasn’t a particularly good father to Joffrey. In fact, he seemed more than willing to entrust nearly every aspect of his upbringing to others, with disastrous results.

As is often the case with the characters of game of thronesif Robert had shown more compassion, concern, or genuine interest in the boy who would inherit his throne, he could very well have helped curb some of Joffrey’s worst impulses and turn him into a king who was less than kinda decent.


Few characters were as good at playing Game of Thrones as Varys. With his intrigues and manipulations, he had a very clear understanding of how this power worked. Additionally, he was also very invested in ensuring that the Targaryens could be restored to the Iron Throne.

So he was more than willing to let Joffrey do whatever he wanted, knowing that if he did he would make Prince Lannister so unpopular with the common people that it would be very easy for a member of the fallen dynasty repossess the throne.

Little finger

Like Varys, Littlefinger is someone who always has his eye on prime luck. He wants power and he’s more than willing to do anything he can to achieve it. Like the other members of the small council, he was more than happy to let Joffrey off the hook with whatever he wanted to do, knowing that it would probably work to his advantage.

As he noted in his famous “chaos is a ladder” speech (one of the best speeches in the series), he knew full well that the more chaotic the realm became, the more possible his own ascent became.


Although she was one of the best female characters in game of thrones, Cersei was also one of his most flawed. This was very evident in her approach to raising Joffrey, whom she could never bring herself to discipline.

While she can’t be blamed for all his shortcomings as a man and as a leader, it must be said that she was far too willing to excuse and pamper him, rather than take him in firmly. hand when she had the chance. He might never have been a great king, but with proper guidance he could have at least become a tolerable king.


The likeable Natalie Dormer has played many great roles, and she brings considerable charisma to Margaery Tyrell, who has shown to be far more cunning than she’d let on. However, it was precisely his good nature and common touch that inadvertently caused Joffrey’s downfall.

She showed all her faults as a ruler and, more specifically, the fact that she was married to a monster is what motivated her grandmother to poison Joffrey, the most concrete expression of her downfall.


Olenna Tyrell is undoubtedly one of the best characters in game of thrones. This formidable dowager was the kind of person who would never let anyone harm her family, however frustrating she might find them. She was one of the biggest contributors to Joffrey’s death since she was the one who poisoned him during the Purple Wedding.

Moreover, she showed absolutely no qualms about having done so. For her, Joffrey’s downfall was a price she was willing to pay to protect her granddaughter.


Tyrion is one of the smartest characters in Game of Thrones. In fact, he has shown as the Hand of the King that he is also very adept at ruling. He had a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the Seven Kingdoms that was unmatched by anyone else.

However, it was precisely in this respect that he showed Joffrey, which not only helped to demonstrate his unfitness to rule, but also engendered bitterness in the young king which, in turn, led to behavior even worse.


Tywin was a formidable member of House Lannister and, whatever his other faults, there is no doubt that he was a capable administrator. However, as with so many other capable members of Joffrey’s court, it ended up inadvertently contributing to his downfall.

He ultimately demonstrated how Joffrey was the worst type of weak king, the type of person who would desperately try to impose his will, even if it wasn’t in the best interests of the kingdom or his subjects.

The dog

The Hound is another of the great characters of game of thrones. With his bitterness and cynicism, he was often a useful counterpoint to the other characters and their lofty ambitions. Like too many others, however, he was far too willing to indulge Joffrey in his various cruelties.

Moreover, he was also very willing to tolerate Joffrey insulting him. Had he, like so many others in game of thronesdid more to resist or discipline Joffrey, it’s possible the man avoided the fall that ultimately occurred.

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