10 DCEU characters who should have their own HBO Max show


Warner Bros. recently announced that there will be an eight episode limited series based on The suicide squad Peacekeeper character. Not only that, but there won’t be one but two spinoff TV series The batman also, both of which will be designed for HBO Max.

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With all these great moves that Warner Bros. fact, there are other DC Extended Universe characters who deserve the same treatment. Between shows on Suicide Squad characters who were killed too soon, series directed by specific villains and even another drama directed by Commissioner Gordon, there are characters with so much potential that are just sitting there.

ten The Joker

Jared Leto’s portrayal was polarizing to say the least. His gangster rapper attitude and obsession with bling and material things lacked depth. However, Suicide Squad wasn’t about the Joker, and it looked like the character was going to be developed later in the DCEU. But that didn’t happen and the character was unfairly ditched, as Harley casually mentioned that she broke up with him in a throwaway line in Birds of prey.

Although Leto should have had his own movie, his portrayal of the character can still be told on an HBO Max show. As Suicide Squad hinted that he was running the criminal underworld in Gotham, the show could be a crime drama that follows Joker building his empire.

9 The amazons

The Amazons in Wonder Woman

Amazonians have shown time and time again how much to be reckoned with for who they really are. Between the opening ceremony at Wonder Woman 1984 and when they tried to stop Steppenwolf from getting their hands on the Mother Box, the Amazonians quietly got some of the DCEU’s most epic battle sequences.

An Amazonian movie has been mentioned, but the best format for warriors would be television. There are so many characters and the world of Themyscira is too big for a single movie. The series could borrow a lot of clues from Xena: The Warrior Princess, a show that is also about a warrior and directed by a strong female protagonist.

8 Lex luthor

Lex Luthor makes deal with Deathstroke in Zack Snyder's Justice League

One thing the DCEU did wrong was to get fans excited by setting up all of these rivalries and introducing some iconic characters, only so that it didn’t get anywhere. Lex Luthor is another character the DCEU ditched, but what made it worse was that he was brought back at the end of Zack Snyder Justice League in such an exciting way.

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Luthor had just escaped from prison, sitting on a yacht like some sort of Bond villain, and doing business with Deathstroke. While there is no word that the character will not return, it seems unlikely, as Superman is in the process of rebooting. An HBO Max series could pick up exactly where ZSJL left and follow the billionaire villain getting back to his old tricks.

7 Shazam

Djimon Hounsou sorcerer shazam

Shazam would make a great lead for a DCEU HBO Max show. But not Billy Batson’s Shazam. It should be the Shazam recruiting Billy – the only surviving member of the Council of Wizards.

The series could go in several different directions, as it could span centuries, following Shazam using his powers to fight evil. But he could also see the sorcerer summoning into his lair all the different people who he thinks could take on the role and all the trials and tribulations that ensue. And, since the character is wacky and unpredictable by nature, it would make him an exciting character to follow for a limited series.

6 Beaten down

Deadshot and Harley Quinn kiss in Suicide Squad

Will Smith is one of the best things about 2016 Suicide Squad, and he pretty much carried the film on his shoulders with Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. The actor unfortunately hasn’t returned for the much better sequel, but there are other ways the character can be used in the DCEU.

Since Deadshot is a mercenary, an HBO Max show might focus on his profession and even describe his ongoing feud with Batman. The show might even see Harley appear there, as their chemistry in Suicide Squad was electric, and it’s something fans wanted to see more of.

5 Alfred Pennyworth

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth in The Batcave in Batman v Superman

Alfred Pennyworth wasn’t always Bruce Wayne’s sobbing babysitter. Not many people know this, but Pennyworth is actually a former member of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so he has a lot of ingenuity and combat skills. This has never been portrayed in the movies except in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League.

The movie saw The Butler being more than just a comedic flick for the Caped Crusader, as he actually worked on Batman gadgets and supported Batman and the rest of the League in battles. A Pennyworth-based series could be a prequel and follow the character through his spy time.

4 Katana

Katana has been criminally underused in Suicide Squad, as it was introduced with a brief line of exposure and virtually disappeared afterwards. But even for non-comic book fans who don’t know who she is, the character seemed unique.

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Given that she’s a samurai warrior, a Katana-based show could be one of the most exciting and action-packed DC series. The show could incorporate a gun-fu and be a samurai epic, and it could also detail her tragic story as her late husband’s soul is trapped in his sword.

3 Commissioner Gordon

JK Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon in Justice League

There was once a show based on Commissioner Gordon, but Gotham had nowhere near the production value that Peacemaker will have. And there is currently another show about the character in development, which is a spin-off of The batman which will focus on the Gotham City Police Department.

However, this show is not part of the DCEU, but JK Simmons’ portrayal of Gordon is part of the DCEU, and being such a high caliber actor, the franchise has left so much talent unused. Simmons is expected to helm his own show, especially since the actor has proven he can be as good as he can be hot-tempered and intimidating. Sadly, fans haven’t seen any of this, but a TV show could make a difference.

2 Learned

Savant gets his chance in The Suicide Squad.

This should still be a prequel given that Savant had one of the more surprising character deaths when he and the other characters stormed Corto Maltese beach. It wasn’t so much the character that would make the show great, but the fact that he was played by Michael Rooker that brought so much seriousness to the silent character.

Just Rooker’s stoic face alone in prison shows just how sordid a past he has. On top of that, the character looked a lot like Batman, as he had a huge fortune and moved to Gotham to become a vigilante.

1 Death blow

Deathstroke meets Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Between Bloodsport, Deadshot, and Deathstroke, there are so many characters in the DCEU who not only have similar names, but are very similar characters as well. Deathstroke is a mercenary to hire, but unlike the other characters, he had the most potential in the future of the DCEU.

The character is desperate to get his hands on Batman, so much so that he is willing to do Lex Luther’s dirty work for free. His vendetta against the bat has been hinted at, but the reason remains a mystery, and it would be great to see a cat-and-mouse-like thriller where, for once, Batman is the hunted.

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