10 Evil TV Show Items That Have Corrupted Their Users


Objects and artefacts that lead their wearer to evil have a recurring presence in fiction. They can allow a character to be corrupted and become mean for a short period of time, giving the actor a chance to put a new spin on his portrayal and inviting conflict between characters who wouldn’t normally have it. , without the long term consequences it would come from the character himself turning to meanness.

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As a result, these objects have reappeared time and time again in all types of fiction. Television is no exception, with the threat of an artifact corrupting a secondary or even primary character serving as a common plot device for a single episode.

ten Thirty pieces of silver demand revenge (Sleepy Hollow)

The thirty silver coins given to Judas at Sleepy Hollow

A common tendency in evil items is that they do not replace the user’s personality, or that they simply make them arbitrarily evil. Instead, they amplify existing movements or take inspiration from feelings already present in a person.

In Sleeping Hollow, one of the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus of Nazareth appears, forcing whoever takes possession of it to take revenge for even the most minor of transgressions. Among other things, it prompts a woman to shoot at his workplace, a man to kill his father for pressuring him into the family business, and even the betrayal of Benedict Arnold.

9 Mark of Cain turns Dean into a demon (Supernatural)

Dean examines Cain's mark in Supernatural

The plot of Supernatural The ninth season revolves around the Winchester brothers who attempt to stop Abaddon, a knight of hell and an almost unstoppable demon. She is much more physically powerful than almost any enemy they had fought so far, and immune to all of their weapons.

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The only way to get the power to defeat her is for Dean to absorb the Mark of Cain, the First Murderer, and use the First Blade. The two corrupt him, but it is the Mark that prompts him to seek more and more violence. When Dean is killed, Mark resurrects him as his worst nightmare, a demon.

8 Snake’s Hair Makes Homer’s Murder (The Simpsons)

Homer is possessed by Bart by Snake's hair in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

The simpsons puts a comedic twist on the trope in the “Treehouse of Horror IX” segment “Hell Toupee”. In this segment, criminal Snake is executed for smoking outside of the Kwik-E Mart, attended by Apu, Bart, and Moe. After Snake’s death, Homer has his hair transplanted to his head.

Hair ends up possessing Homer with Snake’s personality and forces him to murder Apu and Moe for serving as witnesses. It even forces Homer to attack his son, until Homer is able to tear him off once Bart begs for his life.

7 The Book of Pure Evil does not hide its intentions (Todd and the Book of Pure Evil)

Todd's Book of Pure Evil and the Book of Pure Evil

The titular object of the Canadian series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil appears to people in desperate need and promises to help them meet it. If they agree, it distorts their wishes in an evil way, sometimes possessing them to ensure the spread of misery.

In the series’ very first episode, the Book of Pure Evil gives Todd supernatural guitar skills, but it also makes him evil. At the episode’s climax, Todd almost uses his newfound rock powers to kill his entire school, and the book continues to distort the wishes of others at school throughout the series.

6 Sarcophagus Raises the Dead at a Cost (Stargate SG-1)

The Goa'uld Sacrophagus resurrecting the dead in Stargate SG-1

One of the most notable pieces of Goa’uld technology in Stargate SG-1 is the sarcophagus, a device that can extend the life of the wearer, heal wounds and even raise the deceased from the dead.

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However, it is said to steal the soul and is credited with being the reason for the great evil of the Goa’uld, making those who use it selfish and callous. It even negatively affects the main character Daniel Jackson when he repeatedly uses it, causing him to care about no one other than himself.

5 Bone of contention makes a person worse (librarians)

Cassandra Cillian holding and corrupted by the apple of contention in librarians

In Librarians, one of the many artifacts characters face is the Apple of Discord. Rather than outright turning people into more evil versions of themselves, Apple very specifically turns a person into the worst possible version of themselves.

It tends to be more harmless than other evil items, just making people unpleasant. One character berates museum staff, another darkens into megalomania, and a narcissist holding him just doesn’t change, already being the worst possible version of himself. The only major threat it causes is that of Cassandra Cillian, who plots to devastate Europe’s power supply for fun.

4 Zakynthos coins tend towards megalomania (Grimm)

Grimm's Zakynthos coins

In Grimm, Zakynthos coins twist the minds of those who own them, forcing them to experience illusions of greatness and great power. When Sean Renard takes hold of them, he begins to believe that he deserves mass worship for everything he does.

In itself, this is more unpleasant than actively dangerous. However, the coins also instill in those who own them a murderous urge to keep them, which leads the possessor to violence against those who try to take them, or even those they fear tempting.

3 The power of the Nightosphere amulet comes at a price (Adventure Time)

Finn uses the Nightosphere Amulet Adventure Time

In Adventure time, one of the many artifacts that Jake and Finn encounter is the Nightosphere Amulet, an item which, if its power is used, transforms the wearer into a terribly powerful demon with magical powers.

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However, this comes at the very explicit cost of turning a character into evil, specifically changing his alignment to that of Chaotic Evil from Dungeons & Dragonseven the pure-hearted Finn.

2 Azrael’s blade is bad for angels, worse for mortals (Lucifer)

Lucifer wielding the blade of Azrael in Lucifer

When the archangel Uriel seeks to kill the goddess in Lucifer, he collects the Blade of Azrael to do so, a third of the greatest weapon in the universe. He is regarded as odious by the angels simply for his ability to destroy the soul of anything he kills.

In the hands of humans, it is even worse. In addition to its soul-destroying properties, it also increases the aggressiveness and murderous urges of those who pick it up, turning even peaceful and harmless people into murderers ready and willing to the slightest provocation.

1 The Shroud of Rahmon incites conflict all around (Angel)

Angel and Gunn prepare to fight for the Shroud of Rahmon Angel

The focus of the angel Episode of the same name, the Shroud of Rahmon corrupts not only whoever holds it, but everyone around them in aggression, indiscriminate violence and ultimately madness. Demons who try to steal it end up turning into infighting, and even main characters like Angel, Gunn, and Kate fall prey to it.

In particular, in the presence of the Shroud, Angel bites Kate, drinking warm human blood for the first time in decades. While this is part of another plan, it’s an unusually aggressive move for Angel, and he clearly wants to do it again afterwards.

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