10 Exciting TV Shows Coming To Disney + In November


November 12 marks Disney + Day and there will be plenty of festivities to celebrate the streaming platform’s two-year anniversary. Several expected films will be screened in preview and at no cost to subscribers. This includes Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, jungle cruise, and Under the helmet: The legacy of Boba Fett. Several short films will also be released on Disney + day. For example, short films on Frozen and The simpsons. It’s possible that Disney + will drop previews of upcoming content that doesn’t have a release date.

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There are several shows to look forward to coming out throughout November on Disney +. Marvel fans have been lucky with the number of Marvel-themed TV shows released this year, and the luck keeps coming.

ten Hawkeye to be Marvel’s new show on Disney +

Hawk Eye joins the growing range of shows available to watch on Disney + relating to characters in the Marvel Universe. Hawk eyes the first two episodes will be released on November 22. New episodes will be released every Wednesday through December 22 for a total of six episodes for the series.

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Hawk Eye will feature a cast familiar to many, including Jeremy Renner reprising his role as Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld from Kate Bishop and Florence Pugh from Yelena Belova. The next Marvel TV series scheduled to appear on Disney + is Ms. Marvel somewhere in 2022.

9 Storm Rising for fanatics of all time

Storm Rising, a new storm chaser show on Disney +

Storm rising is the latest National Geographic show to be featured on Disney +. The first season will be released on November 3. The cast includes Mike Theiss, a National Geographic photographer, and Reed Timmer, a meteorologist and storm chaser. Each season of the show will consist of a year of storms that the cast will follow.

The show will feature devastating natural disasters like hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes. One episode features the team chasing Hurricane Sally.

8 Photo Ark takes animal photos for the second time

Photo Ark returns for season 2 on disney +

Arch photo, another National Geographic show, will return for a second season also on November 3. Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer stars on the show and details his quest to photograph threatened or endangered species in the wild, zoos or wildlife sanctuaries.

Sartore captures beautiful images of animals around the world before they become extinct. Sartore spent 25 years on this voyage and documented over 11,926 different species. Those who wish to view the images or donate to the effort to save endangered species can check it out. here.

7 The latest baking contest craze: Disney’s Magic Bake-Off

The magic of Disney’s Bake-Off is the latest baking contest that Disney fans will want to binge-watch. The show is hosted by Disney stars Dara Reneé and Isaac Ryan Brown. Young bakers will compete for the chance to be crowned “Disney Baking Champions” by baking Disney-inspired cakes.

Each episode will have a different theme to create a cake around. Some episode themes revolve around The Lion King, frozen, and Star wars. The first eight episodes have already been released on Disney + in September, but episodes nine through eleven will be released on November 17.

6 Entrelazados is a new Argentinian television series

Entrelazados actors, a new Disney Plus show

Entrelazados is another title that premieres on November 12, Disney + Day. At the time of its release, it will be available in 18 different languages. Entrelazados is an Argentinian television series and is the first Disney + series to be produced in Latin America. The show is about a 16-year-old girl named Allegra and her dream of becoming famous in the musical theater industry.

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When Allegra encounters a suspicious bracelet, she is transported back in time to 1994, the year her mother was the same age as her. Allegra’s mother, Caterina, is a rising star of Eleven O’Clock, a music hall company. However, Caterina’s mother, Coco, outshines her in this category.

5 Secrets of the Zoo’s Return to Tampa

The secrets of the zoo return to Disney +

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa is a National Geographic WILD series that will return for a second season on Disney + on November 24. The show takes place at ZooTampa in Lowry Park and follows a team of vets and animal care experts. In addition to its cast of humans, the show features a cast of adorable animals.

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa details the struggles of the medical care of animals, in particular endangered species. Fans of the show can even visit ZooTampa and purchase a special package for a behind-the-scenes tour and meet the stars of Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa. The third season is currently in production with an unknown release date.

4 The world according to Jeff Goldblum returns for a second season

Jeff Goldblum returns for a second season on Disney +

The world according to Jeff Goldblum will return for a second season on November 12. However, the first will be divided into two parts. The first five episodes will be released on November 12, and the other five at an unknown date in early 2022.

The first season was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special category. The basis of the show is that Jeff Goldblum draws on his own life experience to talk about a different topic in each episode. One of the topics for Season 2 is magic and will even have a guest appearance for Magicians Penn & Teller.

3 Port Protection Alaska returns for a fourth season

Port Protection returns for a fourth season

Protection of Alaskan Ports, another National Geographic show, returns for a fourth season on November 24. The same producers of Life below zero produce this series. Port Protection is a remote community on Prince Wales Island, in remote Alaska, with a population of just over 100.

Protecting Alaska’s Ports details the struggles for survival of its citizens, some of whom have chosen to leave their normal lives to take a life in the protection of the port.

2 Olaf Presents is Olaf’s new series

Olaf Presents, a new Disney + show

Josh Gad will reprise his voiceover role as Disney’s favorite cuddly snowman, Olaf. Olaf has been the superstar of recent movie, TV series, and even video game releases. Olaf makes an appearance in the main films, Frozen and Frozen II, but it also appears in Frozen fever, Olaf’s frozen adventure, an episode of Sofia the First, At home with Olaf, He was a snowman, and is a non-playable character in Kingdom Hearts III.

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Olaf’s newest side-hustle is Olaf presents, which will be released on Disney + on November 12, Disney + Day. Olaf presents will consist of Olaf briefly summarizing the Disney films. The films announced that will be included in the show are The Little Mermaid, Moana, The Lion King, Aladdin, and Tangled.

1 The Beatles: Get Back offers a peek inside

Beatles fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest docuseries on the guys: The Beatles: Come back. This is the second time that a Beatles docusery has aired on Disney +. The first is McCartney 3, 2, 1. The Beatles: Come Back consists of three parts. The first part will be released on November 25, the second on November 26, and the third and final part on November 27.

Peter Jackson worked his magic and created this project using 55 hours of old Beatles footage while rehearsing for their new album, So be it. This docuserie was created with the help of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison. A full 41-minute rooftop concert will also be presented.

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