10 Kuroko No Basket Characters That Would Make A Great All-Star Team

Kuroko no basket is a sports anime about basketball. The series is about Tetsuya Kuroko, Taiga Kagami, and the rest of the Seirin High basketball team as they challenge the formidable Generation Of Miracles to win the Winter Cup. Several teams are featured throughout the series, but some of the best players all belong to separate teams.

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Although the concept of an all-star team was introduced in the film, Last match, a few characters were not included. Besides seeing such strong players on the same team, it would also be fun to see how they all interact.

ten Atsushi Murasakibara’s height gives him an edge

Atsushi Murasakibara plays for Yosen High School, although he played for Teiko’s team in middle school as a member of Generation Of Miracles. He is the second tallest player in the series, standing 6’10. Due to his size, he has a natural edge, despite his disinterest in basketball which he claims to be.

Due to his attitude towards sports, he prefers to stay in defense so as not to burn himself out too much, but at the end of the day, Murasakibara is a monster in attack. Murasakibara once scored over 100 points in a single game and controlled the ball only at both ends of the field.

9 Shoichi Imayoshi seems to be able to read minds

Shoichi Imayoshi from Kuroko No Basket/Kuroko's Basketball.

Prior to graduating from high school, Shoichi Imayoshi was the captain and leader of Tōō Academy. Opponents fear Imayoshi because he seems to guess what they are thinking based on their expressions and the actions they take.

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Imayoshi is one of the strongest players in the series because of this and his unpredictability on the court. His speed is unmatched and he can perform the toughest attacks from random spots on the field. Imayoshi has also scored countless buzzer-beaters. He would be a valuable asset to this hypothetical all-star team.

8 Tetsuya Kuroko’s lack of presence is his greatest strength

Image of Kuroko's basketball feature

As the sixth ghost man of the Generation of Miracles, Tetsuya Kuroko’s expertise in basketball is misdirected. Although he lacks stamina and size, Kuroko is very talented in basketball. Although he doesn’t play aggressively like other players do, his specialty is misdirection, especially passing. He is the master of illusion on the pitch.

He’s so fast that his passes seem to teleport from Kuroko to another player. Eventually, his misdirection extended beyond the pass to shoot the ball, creating the infamous Phantom Shot. Kuroko’s lack of presence is his greatest strength.

7 Seijuro Akashi has the Emperor’s Eye

Seijuro Akashi is the leader and captain of Rakuzan High. He was also the leader of the Generation of Miracles when playing for Teiko. Akashi is strategic and he always observes a situation before deciding what his next move will be. Despite the significant height difference, his skill allowed him to take on even Murasakibara and win easily. Akashi has beaten some of the most talented players in the series one-on-one.

His Emperor Eye skill allows him to carefully observe his opponent’s every move. When he concentrates enough, he can even hear their heartbeats and see the sweat running down their faces. Akashi’s ability to predict his opponents’ future moves would make him a valuable asset to an all-star team.

6 Junpei Hyuga would be a great captain for an all-star team

Junpei Hyuga is the captain and guard of Seirin High School. He excels when the tension of the game is at its peak. Hyuga is at his best when clutch time comes, unlike some players who crumble under the pressure. Hyuga excels at shooting and scores almost every three point he aims for. Hyuga is also skilled in defense.

Perhaps what makes him a valuable asset to a potential all-star team isn’t just his skills. On the contrary, it is also his personality. As captain, he was able to bring the rest of his team along and provide encouraging words when it seemed all hope was lost. Skills are key, but how a captain handles a crisis is arguably the most crucial part of building a team.

5 Shintaro Midorima’s three points are ridiculous

Midorima shoots a three in Last Game

Shintaro Midorima used to play for Teiko as a member of Generation Of Miracles, but now he plays for Shutoku High. Midorima is a monster on the ground. Due to his behavior, he is excellent at simulating his shots and deceiving the opponent. Midorima became infamous for his three point shots. These are no ordinary three-point shots at all.

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He can shoot from anywhere outside the three-point line, creating a high arc even at the other end of the field. In the end, he lands every shot. The most impressive part of his three-pointer is that he goes there like a standard jump shot, while other players display a lot of stamina to get the ball into the net.

4 Taiga Kagami’s jump power is invincible

Taiga Kagami is Seirin High’s ace. His skills are so exceptional that Aomine recognized his potential to be a member of the Generation of Miracles, calling Kagami “The Miracle that never was”. Kagami’s skills are undeniable and he seems to be a sports prodigy. Kagami has immense strength, impressive reflexes, and quick reaction times.

Kagami’s dexterity and unwavering strength allow him to leap to breathtaking heights, stunning his tallest opponents. His jumping power also allows him to land a dunk from the free throw line. Kagami’s jump is a versatile weapon, as it is powerful both in attack and defense.

3 Daiki Aomine is a force to be reckoned with

Aomine in the area of ​​the last game

Although currently playing for Tōō Academy, Daiki Aomine was the ace of the Generation of Miracles while playing for Teiko. He’s a terrifying opponent and he can get the ball through the net from any position on the basketball court. He can run at breakneck speeds, then quickly prepare to perform a difficult move, like his formless shot. For some opponents, it moves so fast their eyes can’t keep up.

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Perhaps he is a formidable opponent because he relies solely on his animal instincts – in particular, he is compared to a panther. He focuses on his five senses and relies on his sensations to ensure his success during a match. Consequently, his reflexes are quick and he becomes even more unpredictable.

2 Teppei Kiyoshi is unpredictable and versatile

Before Kagami came to Seirin High, the title of ace belonged to Teppei Kiyoshi. As one of the Uncrowned Kings, Teppei’s abilities should never be underestimated. He has the second largest hand size in the series, allowing him to pull off the infamous Vice Claw move. While most people would take advantage of this ability to dunk, Teppei excels at bouncing the ball.

The size of his hand also allows him to perform the right carry, a move that allows him to keep the ball steady in one hand. This move gives him more options and also makes it difficult for opponents to read his next move. Not only is Teppei a powerful player, he’s also incredibly versatile.

1 Ryouta Kise is truly a monster on the pitch

Kise Ryouta

Ryouta Kise once played for Teiko as a member of the Generation of Miracles. Now he plays for Kaijo High. Kise is arguably the most formidable player in the anime due to his ability to perfectly copy every strong technique he sees. He’s a quick learner who can pick up on these moves after only seeing them once in the middle of a match.

Ryouta copied some of the toughest moves in the series perfectly. For example, he could copy Akashi’s Emperor Eye and Midorima’s full court shot. He was even able to copy Kuroko’s misdirection. However, the scariest part of this skill is that Kise can combine all of these powerful moves, using several at once. If there were to be another all-star team, Kise would guarantee their success.

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