10 Marvel Characters We’re Sad Tony Stark Never Met

Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is one of the greatest heroes the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen. After his noble sacrifice at the end of the Battle of Earth, Tony passed away, leaving behind a noble legacy for the superheroes who would fight in his memory.

As the MCU moves forward in the multiverse saga, exciting new characters are added to the franchise’s roster with each new project. Even so, fans are continually reminded of Tony Stark, whose name appears in numerous MCU movies and series, including She-Hulk: Lawyerreminding fans of the many new Marvel characters they’ll never see Tony interact with.


Riri Williams

Much to the excitement of fans, Riri Williams should be introduced before the end of the MCU’s Phase 4. Dominique Thorne’s Booming Superhero Will Debut In The Next Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverwhich will allow him to take on the role of eponymous superhero in the original Disney + series, Stone heart.

Riri Williams is one of many heroes who will follow in Tony Stark’s footsteps, donning her own armor the same way as his. As Iron Man’s legacy replacement in the MCU, Tony could have been a suitable mentor for young Williams, who will find it necessary to fill his shoes without ever having met the Avenger.

Kamala Khan

Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan is one of the most exciting additions to the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making her debut in the recently concluded Disney+ series. Ms. Marvel. The character already has a bright future ahead of her in the franchise, which is set to make her next appearance next year. Wonders alongside Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and Teyonah Parris’ Photon.

While fans would certainly have enjoyed a meeting between Kamala Khan and Tony Stark, more interesting would be one between Iman Vellani and Robert Downey Jr. Vellani is a self-proclaimed Downey superfan, which would have inevitably created some electrifying chemistry. between the two characters had ever shared a screen.

Jennifer Walters

Jennifer Walters is the latest heroine to join the ever-growing ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The savage She-Hulk, played by Tatiana Maslany, is currently appearing in her own nine-episode Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Lawyerin which she will learn to harness her new Hulk powers and use them to protect those in need.

Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner, one of Tony Stark’s closest friends. Although Jenn had heard a lot about Tony from her cousin, she would unfortunately never meet the Avenger herself. This turns out to be a particular shame given Jennifer’s apparent fascination with the original Avengers’ personal lives.

Xu Shang Chi

Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi is one of the next top Stage 4 leaders, debuting last year in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. After inheriting the Ten Powerful Rings from his father, Shang-Chi is now officially a member of the Avengers, helping the team track down the origin of his powerful weapons.

Shang-Chi seems destined to take on a leadership role in the future of the Avengers, filling a position once held by the core Avengers like Steve Rogers or Tony Stark himself. The martial arts master could have learned many lessons from Tony on this subject if the two paths had crossed in Tony’s lifetime.

matt murdock

After years of uncertainty about the character’s future, Matt Murdock is finally returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Charlie Cox made a surprise appearance in Spider-Man: No Coming Home at the end of last year and has since been confirmed to feature in She-Hulk and Echo before receiving his own Disney + company in the eighteen episodes Daredevil: Born Again.

There was a time when Tony Stark knew and kept tabs on every new hero emerging in the MCU. Because Matt Murdock was operating as Daredevil long before Tony’s death in the Battle of Earth, it’s certainly possible that Stark was aware of The Man Without Fear’s vigilante activity, though fans continue to argue. lament that the Avenger never recruited Murdock to the team.

Xu Wenwu

by Tony Leung Shang Chi the villain, Xu Wenwu, was the MCU’s second attempt to adapt the iconic supervillain, the Mandarin, from the comics. After groping the ball iron man 3the studio has finally brought justice to one of Iron Man’s greatest enemies of all time, who harnessed the power of the Ten Rings to build his centuries-long criminal empire.

While fans were certainly pleased with the MCU’s superiority to the Mandarin, they were also likely somewhat disappointed that the true take on the classic supervillain never went hand in hand with Tony Stark. With both characters now deceased in the MCU, such a battle seems impossible.

Elena Belova

Florence Pugh made her MCU debut as Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff’s foster sister, in the first Phase 4 film, Black Widow. The beloved character has since been confirmed to have a major role in the franchise’s future, most likely as a member of the Thunderbolts, who are set to get their own team movie at the end of Phase 5.

Yelena Belova possesses a common trait found among the Avengers in that she is incredibly witty and sarcastic. Known for his jokes and one-liners, Tony Stark would no doubt have made his way to Yelena pretty quickly, making a conversation between the two quite interesting, if such an event had ever happened in the MCU.

Namor the submarine

After months of fan speculation, Tenoch Huerta has finally been confirmed to play Atlantean king Namor the Undersea in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The water-based hero is a major Marvel Comics character, and his introduction is sure to have ripple effects for the future of the MCU.

Tony, like most other heroes in the Marvel Universe, doesn’t exactly get along with Namor in the comics. However, the two manage to have a certain level of mutual respect with each other, both serving together in the Illuminati. MCU fans can’t help but wish they could see an Illuminati lineup featuring these two heroes, no doubt feeling robbed that they’ll never be able to hear Tony’s witty banter about his aquatic knowledge. .

Reed Richards

The Fantastic Four are on their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ready to receive their own movie that will serve as the first installment of Phase 6. When Marvel’s First Family finally arrives, they’ll almost certainly be led by Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic, who was portrayed by John Krasinski in a cameo during the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In Marvel Comics, Tony Stark and Reed Richards were close associates who often confided in each other. The two found themselves on the same side in several conflicts and even served together on the Illuminati council. While the MCU’s Reed will inevitably join the underground group

whenever the Illuminati show up on Earth-616, the lineup and Mister Fantastic himself will feel somewhat incomplete without Tony.

Professor Charles Xavier

With the first mention of mutants in the MCU still leaving Marvel fans frantic, viewers know the X-Men are on their way. Although there has been no confirmation as to which characters will appear, the introduction of Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, seems inevitable.

Comic book fans know that Iron Man and Professor X had an intriguing relationship, mostly through their joint involvement in the Illuminati. The two important figures helped shape Earth’s future together and were therefore close allies even if they didn’t always see eye to eye. As the mutant era of the MCU begins to unfold, fans can’t help but wish they could have seen Tony interact with the fearless leader of the X-Men.

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