10 Marvel Characters Whose Powers Made Them Worse

Many Marvel origin stories revolve around when a person gains powers. For many characters, this is the defining moment in their lives. For many, it’s a time when they become better people, the kind of heroes everyone looks up to. Other characters go exactly the opposite way. Their powers make them worse in many ways, setting their lives on completely new paths.

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Powers that make people worse are usually how villains are born, but there are also cases of heroes gaining powers and also becoming worse people in a myriad of ways. Marvel’s creators have always taken warts and looked at all the superpowers, which is one of the many things that makes their comics so great.

ten The leader completely changed after being irradiated with gamma rays

Samuel Sterns was a slow-witted person, always in the shadow of his older brother. He got a night job at a chemical plant and was exposed to gamma rays. Unlike others, it enhanced his intelligence. He was getting smarter and smarter, his skin turning green and his brain distended his head. The leader was born.

Since that day, the leader has tried to conquer the world on several occasions. Without his super-intelligence, he would have lived a pretty normal life. With this, he became obsessed with power and used his newfound abilities for domination.

9 Emplate’s vampiric abilities manifested when her powers manifested

Every mutant’s power kicks in at puberty, and some mutants get tricked by mother nature. Marius Sainte-Croix was one of them. His mutant vampiric abilities kicked in that day, setting him on a terrible road. He would enslave his sister Monet, draining her of her life essence, and study nercomantic magic, becoming the mutant villain Emplate.

Marius St. Croix wasn’t exactly a good person to begin with, but his powers made things worse. He became a monster, hunting other mutants and drying them out. All the while, he kept Monet trapped in her penance form, draining her energy when he couldn’t find anyone else.

8 Morbius became a killer when his powers manifested

Dr. Michael Morbius suffered from a rare blood disease. He spent years trying to find a cure, eventually turning to a serum made after studying vampire bats. It worked, but it had serious consequences. Michael Morbius became a living vampire and began hunting the streets of New York to sate his bloodlust.

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Morbius and Spider-Man clashed for years, and although he eventually reformed, Morbius still had no problem slaying his enemies. Before becoming a living vampire, he would never have killed anyone, but once it was Morbin’s time, he couldn’t help it. Many have fallen under its bite.

seven Dr. Curt Connors turns into a monstrous lizard

Spider-Man faces many terrifying enemies. The Lizard is one of them, a frightening monster who nearly killed Spider-Man several times. Before his transformation, however, Lizard was Dr. Curt Connors, a mild-mannered scientist who just wants to help people. Connors lost an arm while serving in the military, so he studied reptiles to create a serum that would allow humans to regrow their limbs.

The good doctor just wanted to find a way to help himself and others. Unfortunately, Connors got way more than he bargained for. As a Lizard, he is a feral creature that terrorizes people he would otherwise want to help. He does a full one hundred and eighty, endangering everyone around him.

6 Hulk’s gamma mutation has made him an unstoppable engine of destruction

Hulk is a complicated person. His abusive childhood scarred him in a way that would only become fully apparent when he was exposed to gamma rays. Bruce Banner was able to control his demons until he became the Hulk. Afterwards, he was known to let off steam on everything around him. Hulk saved the world, but he also did terrible things.

Gamma radiation affects both the mind and the body. Banner developed entirely new personalities because of this, ones that put his rage on the world around him. The good the Hulk was able to do is far outweighed by the destruction he caused.

5 Scarlet Witch’s powers have made her a monster multiple times

Scarlet Witch is both a great hero and an irredeemable monster. It all stems from his powers. Wanda Maximoff has suffered many traumas in her life, but her divine powers to manipulate reality have led her down terrible paths. She repeatedly lost control of it, attacked her friends, and brought unspeakable horror to the world.

The Scarlet Witch’s powers are the source of all her misfortunes. They made him do terrible things, and there’s a lot of blood on his hands. She never really has to deal with the repercussions of her actions, but the damage she caused destroyed millions of lives.

4 Doctor Octopus’ arms merging with him led him to Villany

Doctor Octopus is a science jerk, but he’s undeniably dangerous. He proved to be a deadly villain, even managing to kill Spider-Man and take control of his body for a time. The genesis of it all was the day a lab accident fused his arms to his body. Dr. Otto Octavius ​​created the interface that allowed him to control his arms with his mind, but when damaged, it backfired.

With his inhibitions gone, Doc Ock became a criminal. He robbed banks, tried to create even more dangerous technology, and went into battle with every hero he encountered. Without this accident, he would never have become a villain.

3 Sabretooth’s powers allowed him to make the world suffer the way he did

Victor Creed accidentally killed his brother when his powers manifested. His father chained him up in the basement, pulling his teeth out in order to purge him of the “devil” inside him. This only made things worse and Creed ended up chewing off his arm to escape. That day, Creed decided to take the pain inflicted on him onto the world.

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Sabretooth is a brutal man. He has spent decades killing and abusing anyone weaker than himself. None of this would have been possible without his mutant powers, which made him an efficient killing machine capable of surviving almost anything.

2 Carnage got even more dangerous with his Symbiote

Cletus Kasady was in prison for murder when he met Eddie Brock. Brock’s Venom symbiote broke Eddie out of prison, leaving behind a piece of himself. This piece bonded with Kasady and Carnage was born. Cletus was already a serial killer when he became Carnage. With the power of the symbiote, he became an unstoppable killing machine.

Carnage revels in his evil like few other villains. Cletus was never a good person, but the symbiote made him worse. Before, he had limits; thereafter, he became the perfect predator and could continue killing long after he ceased to be an ordinary human.

1 The goblin formula drove the green goblin mad

The Green Goblin has changed a lot over the years, but Norman Osborn’s biggest change came when he took on the Goblin Formula that gave him his superhuman powers. Osborn wasn’t the most moral initially, but the formula escalated the situation and only Spider-Man could stand in his way.

Green Goblin’s powers have taken him to terrible places. His super strength, durability, healing factor, and agility made him quite dangerous, but the loss of his good judgment caused him to become mortal. Without the goblin formula, he would simply have been a ruthless businessman. With this, he almost destroyed New York several times.

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