10 Most Disturbing Morrowind Characters

Weird is the norm in Morrowind, and some of the people you meet are truly unsettling. From naked Nords to millionaire merchants of mud crabs, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is a game full of the unusual. As soon as you step off the boat and are greeted with views of primordial swamps and mammoth bug taxis, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

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But it’s the people who live in the world of Morrowind that make the game one of the best in The Elder Scrolls series. Some characters are useful, while many others give you the impression that all is not well on the island of Vardenfell.


ten Caius Cosades: The Man Without a Shirt

When you first meet Caius, you discover that he tends to walk around shirtless. He clearly tells you that he is a secret agent of the Empire. Then, rather than showing some kind of proof, it proceeds to send you on a series of quests.

As you learn about the bizarre world of Morrowind, you realize that Caius is probably a drug addict. Moreover, he seems to work entirely alone. This leads us to wonder if your boss is really an Imperial agent or just a shirtless skooma junkie with delusions of grandeur.

9 Therena: Delusion of power

When you encounter Therena on your quest to be recognized as a Hortator, you find her in a room decorated with Rotten Kwama Eggs. It soon becomes clear that while Therena may have been a fearsome matriarch, she’s now a delusional old mage who holds far too much power over your fate.

She seems to have no material consciousness and will reward you generously for trivial tasks. Don’t forget to listen to it unless you want to get stuck in the “basement with the spiders”. You quickly realize that it might be best to limit your contact with Therena as much as possible. Try to run away when she falls asleep mid-sentence.

8 Yagrum Bagarn: Last of the Dwemer

Bagarn is a Dwemer – the last of his race and one of the oldest people you meet in the game. He is a somewhat round figure with mechanical spider legs on the underside of his body. He also lives underground in the Bowels of the Corprusarium.

Although Bagarn is here to help you find a Corprus cure, you get the feeling he has a dark side. This is underscored when he says “Don’t hurt me, or you’ll be so sorry.”

Overall, Bagarn is a more tragic figure, desperately trying to find out what happened to the Dwemer with little success.

seven Crassius Curio: “You can call me uncle Crassius.”

Crassius Curio is probably one of the most disturbing characters in all of video games. He is an advisor to House Hlaalu and a writer of questionable adult fiction.

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When you encounter him on your quest to be recognized as a Hortator, he will regularly call you his “dumpling” or “pudding.” After you get to know him, he will ask you to call him “Uncle Crassius”. As if all that wasn’t disturbing enough, to get the Curio nomination, you might have to strip naked.

6 Drarayne Thelas: “You like pillows, don’t you, stranger?”

Drarayne is a dark elf lady with an all-consuming obsession for a certain comfortable item. You can meet her in two quests. One for the Fighters Guild where you have to stop pesky rats from eating all of his pillows, and the other when you scavenge his shipment of pillows from an abandoned shipwreck.

She’ll even reward you with an extra-comfy pillow for your efforts. All it does is give you a message each time you rest saying, “Your sleep is very restful on your extra-comfortable pillow.” Drarayne isn’t outwardly dangerous, but you can only imagine her reaction if one of her pillows were stolen.

5 Dagoth Ur: The God Who Hates You

The game’s main villain, Dagoth Ur, is a powerful god with a personal dislike for you. As if that wasn’t calamitous enough, he has an army of Dreamers out to assassinate you at every turn. When you finally meet him under Red Mountain, his words are terrifying:

“What a fool you are. I’m a god, how can you kill a god? What great, intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive?

Dagoth Ur cannot be killed by physical or magical attacks. It can only be destroyed by stabbing the Heart of Lorkhan.

4 Vivec: The Bored God With The Power To Kill Everyone

Vivec was once mortal but is now a god who holds vital equipment you need to defeat Dagoth Ur. The city named after him has many xenophobic guards and a rather ominously named “Ministry of Truth.” It is also eclipsed by a floating asteroid.

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This ominous asteroid is locked in midair, and Vivec is the one keeping it still. If he dies or decides he doesn’t like Vardenfell, he can just release his spell and let him destroy half the island.

3 Dagoth Gares: a walking plague-bringer

Anyone with a trunk for a face is inherently unsettling. Dagoth Gares is a high-ranking servant of Dagoth Ur. You confront him at Ilunibi Shrine and discover that he is a devoted servant, too willing to serve his “God”.

Gares is also obsessed with the flesh, his last words a chilling curse:

“As my Master wishes, you will come to him, in his flesh and from his flesh.”

His final act is to infect you with the deadly Corprus disease which slowly breaks down your flesh and turns you into a mindless zombie.

2 Tarhiel’s Corpse: A Failed Theft

You never talk to Tarhiel (because he’s dead). But while there are plenty of corpses and skeletons in Morrowind, those that fall from the sky with a bloodcurdling scream as you approach them are rarer.

Although, at least you can steal Tarhiel’s Icarian Scroll of Flight. If only you could put it to better use than poor Tarhiel.

It’s actually possible to save Tarhiel by casting slow down under him. If you do that, his only line of dialogue is “I don’t want to talk about it”.

1 Rabinna: The Seedy Underworld of Morrowind

Rabinna is a tragic character with a deadly secret. It is a Khajit slave that you are responsible for escorting to Balmora. However, if you talk to him along the way, you quickly uncover one of the game’s most gruesome conspiracies.

Things take a chilling turn when Rabinna reveals she’s a drug mule who’s been forced to swallow bags of moon sugar. If you’re on Rabinna’s side, you can take her to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. If you are in a vigilant mood, then you can break the smuggling ring by demanding justice against the perpetrators.

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