10 most over-the-top TV dramas, ranked

Everyone loves a good TV series to watch and watch, and the best part about drama series is that the bigger and grander they are, the more enjoyable they become. Whether it’s fantastic sets, outrageous characters, long-running storylines, or unexpected twists and turns, some TV shows can get really over the top and audiences love it.

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Over the past few decades, some truly magnificent TV series have graced our screens, while others are recent hits that take things to the next level. Watching the OTT-ness unfold in these shows is very exciting for the audience.

ten Sherlock

Sherlock the empty hearse

Created by English pillars Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat, Sherlock was big on everything – cats, sets, cinematography and twists. With huge names like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on the roster, the performances were precise and incredible, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes was excitable and unpredictable, especially with his mind palace antics.

No one can forget the absolutely incredulous mystery of how Sherlock survived the fall of Reichenbach (one of the Sherlock’s best scenes), and the elaborate, wacky explanation for it. Nobody really knows when Sherlock will return, but the amount of action packed into just three or four episodes made this series quite brilliant.

9 Downton abbey

Split image of Downton Abbey herself alongside an image of most of the main cast reunited

The beloved Downton abbey was successful due to a few things, namely the beautiful location and costumes, as well as the series’ shocking twists and turns and deaths. Characters like Mary, Edith, Robert and the downstairs crew always made questionable life choices about Downton abbey with scandalous results (think of the death of Kemal Pamuk by intimacy).

The magnificent costumes of all the great ladies and men made it an extravagant affair, and the area where it was shot was just overkill.


8 Gossip Girl

Blair dancing and Dan and Serena at a party

The irreplaceable original series was designed to elicit illicit “OMG” reactions from its viewers, and the gratuitous portrayal of teen sex in itself was quite over the top. Add lewd amounts of wealth and decadence with uncontrollable teenagers, and one has a controversial yet addicting television drama.

So many twists and turns in Gossip Girl are unforgettable, not limited to Serena “murdering” a man, a royal wedding, Bart and Chuck’s mother dying and coming back to life, Georgina convincing Dan that she had her baby and more. Few shows can compare to the self-indulgence of the show and its outfits ahead of its time.

7 Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Abby Redding

The longest-running scripted prime-time show in television history, the Ellen Pompeo star is known as a phenomenon rather than just another show, and viewers love the incredible amalgamation of medical emergencies. , life and death situations, heartbreaking love stories. , and a tragic loss.

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Grey’s Anatomy is a heavily dramatized version of what a hospital looks and functions like, with Izzie cutting Denny’s LVAD wire to get him a heart, and Casey dying from negligent exams due to social drama. These storylines are grossly overdone, but fans keep coming back.

6 Supernatural

Another drama that has a lasting appeal, it was originally only meant to last for five seasons. By popular demand, the story of two brothers who started out as ghost hunters and eventually got involved in the biblical events between Heaven and Hell.

The fight against the deranged spirits and ghouls has been replaced by the war between angels and demons, with Lucifer and God making appearances and staying for the main plots. Sam and Dean have also come back from the dead a few times which makes this show really amazing sometimes.

5 Pretty little Liars

Split Image of Hanna, Aria, Emily in Orange Jumpsuits and Ice Ball Liars on Pretty Little Liars

What started out as a very intriguing show about a bunch of best friends who receive threats in the form of texts from a deceased member quickly turned into a territory of confusion and several confusing storylines working together, or being completely forgotten. .

The number of twists and turns was hard to keep up with, as was the number of As’s targeting girls. Add to that a life-size spooky dollhouse for the girls, an A-team intimidating them, shocking deaths, more than an evil twin, and trusted teachers who turned the girls on and the audience on have one show filled with too many. of mystery and surprises to follow.

4 Squid game

Squid Game Season 2

The newest addition to TV series history, Netflix Squid game was a mix of tough games, deaths around every corner, a wake-up call about class disparity, the distribution of wealth, and the shocking apathy of rich men who viewed the game as a sport.

It’s easily one of the most violent and scary shows on streaming channels, without being a full-fledged horror show. The games and their aftermath were definitely overkill, but most shocking was the extra bloody and gruesome acts of the staff that were stacked on an already heavy premise.

3 Shameless

The story of an impoverished Chicago neighborhood family, their alcoholic father, and their struggles to survive sounds like a sad premise, but Showtime’s Shameless was anything but that. The Gallagher family really looked into “survival of the fittest” and used their lowest instincts and the most elaborate scams and ploys to get out of it.

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Drug trafficking, overthrow of an ex, pretending to love a terminally ill patient, people smuggling across the border, selling old ladies for their laundromats … by being the most shameless themselves.

2 Game Of Thrones

Daenerys and Drogo hold their newborn baby in Game of Thrones.

Based on the opulent novels of George RR Martin, Game Of Thrones is one of the most recognizable shows in the world, and its sheer scale makes it one of the lavish dramas of all time. The sprawling locations are unlike anything seen on a TV show, and the great wars waged between the Houses for the Iron Throne were captivating.

The show spared no expense for the visuals, and the rivalries and history between the houses, combined with supernatural elements like White Walkers made it an unforgettable memory.

1 Riverdale

What Happened To Riverdale Characters During Betty Jughead Veronica Archie Ep 4 Time Jump

Nothing beats absolute unpredictability and the shock factor of Riverdale. In fact, the show often and intentionally veers into absurd territory, but it seems to have leaned into it and turned it from a teenage mystery show to a supernatural horror show with all kinds of weirdos going on. ‘produce there.

Cults, returning dead characters, UFOs, new serial killers every other day, and teenage killers are generously sprinkled over the script, and added musical elements that the writers just can’t seem to let go of add to the script. chaos and more – the top nature of this teen drama.

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