10 movies and TV shows to watch the cast in the future

After seven seasons, Grace and Frankie left the beach at sunset for the last time when the last episode aired on April 29, 2022. Gone but not forgotten, now that the show is over, it’s time to look forward to what the magnificent ensemble has in future cards. Those worried about never seeing Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin working together again shouldn’t worry, as they have two new joint projects in the works.

As for the other great actors like Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen, Lindsey Kraft, Ethan Embry, Baron Vaughn, and many more, many of them have gotten several exciting movies and TV projects which are currently in various stages of production.


Jane Fonda – Moving On (TBD)

Grace and Frankie look at each other in the kitchen in Grace and Frankie

It’s heartening to hear that two-time Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda isn’t slowing down and breaking up with longtime partner Lily Tomlin. The two have a pair of films in the works, with the comedy Move on currently in post-production.

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Written and directed by Paul Weitz, who previously worked with Tomlin on the terrific film Grandma, move on follows two longtime friends who reunite at a funeral after many years apart and decide to mount a campaign of revenge against the grieving widow who they believe ruined their lives years before. Tailor-made for their brand of biting humour, the film will also star Malcolm McDowell, Catherine Dent and Richard Roundtree.

Lily Tomlin – Eighty for Brady (TBD)

Tom Brady poses with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin for Eighty for Brady

Once fans caught Fonda and Tomlin in Move onstay tuned for football comedy on the go Eighty for Bradywhich combines the two Grace and Frankie plays with Sally Field and Rita Moreno. Currently filming, the story follows a group of rabid NFL fans who make it their mission to see Tom Brady play in the Super Bowl. Hopefully it will rival some of the best football movies ever made.

With a hilarious supporting cast that includes Ron Funches, Jimmy O. Yang, Sara Gilbert, and Bob Balaban, fans of Fonda and Tomlin should be in endless delight that the two have a pair of comedy movies in the works. Fonda will also play a role in the upcoming animated film Luck for Apple and Skydance.

Sam Waterston – Law & Order Season 21 (May 19, 2022)

Jack stands by a white wall in Law & Order

After playing the charming Sol Bergstein for seven seasons on Grace and Frankieveteran actor Sam Waterston fits right into his best-known TV role as an old suit, playing DA Jack McCoy for the first time in 12 years during Law and order21st season.

With two episodes remaining in the season, the finale will see McCoy but head on with Price (Hugh Dancy) on how to prosecute an indicted felon, once again highlighting the glaring generational differences between the two lawmen. In a career-defining role, Waterston played the role for 378 episodes and counting.

Martin Sheen – Ramble On (TBD)

Robert leans forward on the sofa in Grace and Frankie

In one of his leading roles, Martin Sheen played a charming role as Robert Hanson in Grace and Frankie, Grace’s ex and Sol’s loving domestic and legal partner. Going forward, fans can watch Sheen take part in stroll, the new television series created by Surroundingsis Doug Ellin. Martin will co-star with his son, Charlie.

Also featuring Surroundingsby Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connelly, Emmanuelle Chriqui, as well as Jamie-Lynn Sigler, John McGinley, and many others, Hiking On follows a slew of Hollywood celebrities trying to recapture past glory while new emerging stars threaten to take their place. Not only will it be great to see Martin and Charlie Sheen work together again, but Ellen aiming for Hollywood again is too good to miss.

Ethan Embry – Rites & Wrongs (TBD)

Coyote sits and wears a blue t-shirt in Grace and Frankie

Ethan Embry played fan-favorite Coyote Bergstein on Grace and Frankie, the amiable son of the latter with a heart of gold. The veteran actor will bring his acting skills to the upcoming feature film Rites and Wrongsa dark comedy written and directed by Krystyna Loboda.

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Also starring Loretta Divine and Dean Winters, Rites and Wrongs concerns a man on his deathbed. When the man’s house is about to be donated to the local church, his family hastily forges his last will and testament so they can keep their house intact. The film marks the feature debut of Loboda, who spent the first 10 years of her career as a production designer.

Baron Vaughn – Time Scroll Wheel (TBD)

Bud wears a green and white shirt in Grace and Frankie's living room

As Frankie and Sol’s adopted son, Bud, Baron Vaughn stood out a bit in the hit Netflix original series. In addition to starring in the next Weather Capsule movie, Vaughn can be seen in the trippy hip-hop sci-fi comedy series Time scroll wheel. Indeed, timing is everything.

The upcoming digital series Eko follows a pair of budding Atlanta rappers who discover that an old iPod is truly a strange time travel device. Each song they play sends them back in time to meet the musical artist who created it. Vaughn will play a character named Bill Robinson, though details are hazy beyond that.

Lindsey Kraft – Pretty (TBD)

Allison smiles in the living room in Grace and Frankie

After playing Bud’s romantic partner Allison for 27 episodes of Grace and Frankie, actress Lindsey Kraft is set to write and produce her next starring role. According to DeadlineKraft to star in upcoming CBS TV series Prettydoing so alongside her real-life friend Santina Muha.

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Pretty will follow a bold and passionate woman (played by Muha) who moves from New Jersey to Los Angeles to find romance and pursue her dream of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. Partly inspired by Muha’s life story, the project is personal to her and Kraft.

Peter Gallagher – Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 (May 19-26)

Merediyh and David chat in the hallway of Grey's Anatomy

As Grace’s boyfriend/husband Nick, one of the best characters added after Season 1, Peter Gallagher made a lasting impression on Grace and Frankie. In the future, he’ll likely do the same as Dr. David Hamilton in the hit medical drama’s 18th season. Grey’s Anatomy.

Dr. Hamilton is Minnesota’s surgeon general who briefly woos Meredith after inviting her to work on a special treatment for Parkinson’s disease. However, it’s when Hamilton works with Meredith’s mother, Ellis, in 2003 that really gives insight into her character.

Michael McKean – Jerry and Marge Get Big (June 17, 2022)

Jack confronts Frankie in Grace and Frankie

The ubiquitous Michael McKean gave a hilarious spin on Jack Ayres in Grace and Frankie, the fierce rival of the latter. Never out of work, McKean can be seen in upcoming comedy biopic Jerry and Marge are getting big as well as the Hulu original series To restart.

Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening star as Jerry and Marge Selbee, a married couple from Massachusetts who find a loophole in the lottery system and use their huge winnings to renovate their small town. McKean will play a character named Howard, though details are unknown. The film will be broadcast on Paramount+ from June 17, 2002.

Scott Evans – Barbie (July 21, 2023)

Oliver talks to Robert in Grace and Frankie's living room

Chris Evans’ brother Scott has appeared in several seasons of Grace and Frankie as the new young neighbor of Oliver, Sol and Robert. Up next on Scott’s role is a small film titled Barbiecurrently filming under the direction of Greta Gerwig.

Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, respectively, Barbie has one of the most star-studded ensembles in recent memory, including Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Emma Mackey and more. . Plot details were kept under wraps, as was Evans’ role in the film.

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