10 Naruto Characters Who Died Young

naruto is a mega-popular fantasy action shonen series where ninja and their amazing ninja arts dominate the combat system. It’s not a peaceful world – nations big and small all send elite ninjas to the battlefield to fight and die for the cause, and many of those ninjas are quite young. Some of them are not even in their twenties yet.

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In this world, children as young as 12 are deemed fit for service, including Team 7’s own members, and Naruto has been risking his life since he was a child. Naruto may have survived countless battles, but many more naruto the characters died quite young, and most of them died in their teens, which is young for any fictional character.

ten Haku died at age 15 against Naruto

Haku using ice jutsu

Haku is the bearer of an ice-based kekkei genkai, or bloodline trait. He can create an array of ice crystals and quickly teleport between them while bombarding his opponent with needles to wear them down. He fought Naruto and Sasuke on the incomplete Tazuna Bridge early in the series.

Haku was a deadly yet tragic character who never had an easy or happy life, but he faithfully served his master, Zabuza Momochi. He perished at the hands of Naruto Uzumaki, who used his fox chakra in battle for the first time.

9 Rin Nohara died at Kakashi’s Lightning Blade

Rin smiling

In a previous generation, Rin Nohara was a kind and enthusiastic kunoichi in a young Kakashi Hatake’s team, along with Obito Uchiha. At the time, everything seemed fine, with Rin trying to mediate between Kakashi and Obito, but then things went wrong. Madara had insidious plans for the innocent Rin.

Rin had placed the Three-Tailed Beast within her, and she was destined to be a living weapon against the Leaf Village. Rin couldn’t kill herself, so she intentionally ran into Kakashi’s lightning blade and died to protect her village. Kakashi was devastated, but this sacrifice was necessary.

8 Kimimaro succumbed to his illness

Kimimaro frowning up close

Kimimaro also wielded a kekkei gankai, which allowed him to manipulate his bones as weapons, from bone spears to spine whipping and more. However, he was also suffering from a terminal illness and he knew his time was running out. But he was determined to serve his boss, Orochimaru, to the end.

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Kimimaro dragged himself out of bed and fled to confront Orochimaru’s enemies, such as Naruto, Gaara, and Rock Lee, the taijutsu expert. Kimimaro fought well and might have won the fight, but his illness cost him his life at the last second and he perished at age 15.

7 Neji Hyuga gave his life for Hinata

Naruto carrying Neji

One of narutoThe most heroic yet tragic deaths of Neji Hyuga, who perished at the climax of the Fourth Great Shinobi War against Madara. Neji had been a cynical determinist until then, believing that everyone’s fate was set in stone. Now he knows that anyone’s fate can be changed in an instant.

Neji knew Hinata and Naruto could be spared, so he stepped in when the Ten-Tails attacked and took a serious hit to protect them. Neji died in Naruto’s arms when he was around 16 or 17, and Hinata had to go on without him. We will miss him.

6 Gaara temporarily died at age 15

Chiyo sacrifices herself

Gaara du Sable was a villain at first, until he met Naruto Uzumaki and was convinced to finally redeem himself. Gaara became a hero during Sasuke’s Retrieval story arc, and at the start of Shippuden, he had become the Young Hokage of the Sand Village, a truly remarkable achievement. Then the Akatsuki struck.

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The Akatsuki member managed to extract Gaara’s One-Tailed Shukaku, a process that cost Gaara his life. Naruto was too late to get it, but miraculously, old kunoichi Chiyo performed a forbidden life transfer jutsu to restore Gaara’s life at the cost of her own. Gaara is do not ready to die right away.

5 Shisui Uchiha was prepared for an untimely death

Shisui Uchiha died before the main events of naruto, but if he had survived, he would have been in his early twenties by the time Naruto became a genin. In flashbacks, Shisui was introduced as one of the most talented Uchihas to ever live, and he was known for his body twinkle technique. But he was ultimately doomed.

Shisui, like his good friend Itachi, didn’t want to participate in Uchiha’s planned coup, but he was also powerless to stop it and protect the Leaf Village. He ended up committing suicide when he was around 16 and entrusted his eye to Itachi to do the job. Shisui may have died young, but he finally got his wish.

4 Deidara is almost 20 years old

deidara smiling naruto

Deidara is an explosive ninja who says the real art is an explosion, and he’s proven to be one of Akatsuki’s deadliest members. He first appeared when he captured Gaara in Shippudenand he later fought Sasuke Uchiha before losing his life in this fight.

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Deidara may look much older than the members of Konoha 11, but he was only 19 when he perished, meaning that in the real world he would be a freshman. In the naruto world, even the toughest villains can die before they’ve fully grown up, let alone brave heroes.

3 Dosu Kinuta was sacrificed by Orochimaru

Naruto Dosu

The mysterious Dosu Kinuta was a member of the “Sound genin” team that participated in the Chunin Exam story, but he was just a pawn from the beginning, just like his teammates Zaku and Kin. All three were only meant to test Sasuke Uchiha’s abilities in battle, and they would probably end up dying sooner or later.

Sure enough, Dosu only got so far before Orochimaru sacrificed him off-screen, ending Dosu’s life at 14, a youngster by most standards. Zaku and Kin died at the same time, an anticlimactic and gruesome ending for this villainous team.

2 Yahiko died at age 15

yahiko in the rain naruto

In a previous generation, the idealistic and daring Yahiko was like the Naruto Uzumaki of his time, a student of Jiraiya the wise toad who dreamed of world peace. After Jiraiya left, Yahiko and his friends formed the Akatsuki to bring real change to the world, but Hanzo wouldn’t allow it.

Hanzo got the better of Yahiko’s team, and he pressured Nagato into killing Yahiko with a kunai knife. Nagato didn’t want to do it, but Yahiko impaled himself on the knife anyway and perished at the age of 15. Much later, as Pain, he would appear to be a grown man.

1 Hayate Gekko died at the hands of Baki

Naruto Hayat

Hayate Gekko lived a bit longer than most ninjas who died young, but he still died before he even reached the age of 25. During the chunin exam, Hayate suspected something was up and he investigated the ninja from Sand Village. It sounded the death knell.

Hayate confronted Baki and attacked him, but it was no good. Baki easily blocked Hayate’s attack, then retaliated with a wind-based ninjutsu that took Hayate’s life with a single blow. Few people realized that Hayate was dead, but his admirer, Yugao, swore to avenge him.

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