10 Pokemon Character Fans Want To See More

The last series of Pokemon lively, Pokemon Journeys, took a different format. He steps away from the usual gym badges to enter the Pokémon League tournament. With a refreshing new system, Ash challenges all sorts of different trainers in an effort to climb the ranks, providing plenty of intriguing possibilities.

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Pokemon Journeys gives the show a reason to bring back some familiar faces from the anime’s previous series. While there are some obvious characters who should make a return – like Ash’s close friends and traveling companions – there are plenty of other characters fans want to see again.

ten AJ’s undefeated streak must end on screen

AJ may not have been the best character ever introduced in the Pokémon anime, but the concept of his undefeated streak still intrigues fans. He appeared near the start of Ash’s long Pokémon journey and quickly humbled Ash with just his Sandshrew, continuing his undefeated record.

This mark on Ash’s Pokémon journey will always remain unresolved if Ash ever has a chance at redemption. It would also be interesting to see if and how AJ has changed, and what other Pokemon he can use now.

9 Gible is one of many Pokemon that needs more skins

Trainers aren’t the only characters fans want to see more of. There are plenty of Ash’s Pokemon that were never used to their full potential before they got lost in the shuffle. A prime example is Ash’s Gible. When Ash captured Gible during the Diamond & Pearl series, fans were excited at the prospect of Ash finally owning a Garchomp.

However, Gible was limited to defeating Conway’s Shuckle and Dusknoir, before being on the wrong side of the mutilation provided by Tobias’ Darkrai. A return at some point could see a Gabite or even a Garchomp join Ash’s already formidable lineup.

8 Katie pushed Ash to the limit but was never heard from again

Katie received very little preparation before her Ever Grand Conference battle with Ash. Yet, she was featured anyway in a later round which saw their 6-on-6 fight shown in full. She used clever strategies and tactics like the ones Conway and Paul would use a generation later.

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Katie pushed Ash to the limit but never appeared again. A return to the front of the stage after all the time that has elapsed since the Ruby & Sapphire series would be rather random, but it’s still an intriguing prospect to consider.

7 Roxie deserves a rocking comeback

It’s not often that a Gym Leader gives themselves a severe handicap against a challenger, but Roxie did just that against Ash. There are rules that prevent Gym Leaders from switching Pokemon, but Roxie went with a real handicap – picking three Pokemon over Ash’s six.

Roxie may have ultimately lost the battle, but it was by the narrowest of margins. Fans believe some form of rematch should take place outside of the Gym challenge. This would allow the two to fight on equal footing and determine who is the better coach. Roxie appearing in Pokemon Journeys would also make perfect sense as she could add the Gen VIII Toxtricity to her team.

6 Tobias should return and become a main rival for Ash

Opinions on Tobias will always be divisive. There are those who think his beating against Ash was a waste of time after the thrilling battle between Ash and Paul, while others were excited about Tobias’ Pokemon selection. In a 6v6 battle with Ash, Tobias only used two Pokémon – the legendary Latios and the mythical Darkrai – but no clues were given about the other members of his party.

This suspense and level of intrigue has led to speculation for years about what other Pokémon Tobias might have. Whether it appears in Travels or not, a trainer of his caliber who uses Legendary Pokemon should feature more often.

5 Ash’s Incineroar has not been used in combat since evolving

Ash’s Alola campaign was a huge success. Not only did he win the Manalo Conference Tournament, but he also defeated Professor Kukui and Tapu Koko in an exhibition match. During this exhibition match, Ash’s Torracat finally defeated his rival, Kukui’s Incineroar, and even evolved into one immediately after.

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However, Ash’s Incineroar instantly passed out from exhaustion and hasn’t been used in a combat ability since. Fans are desperate to see Ash utilize the formidable Incineroar in some way, and a return would bolster any team he has at the time.

4 Giovanni in a more active role would make Team Rocket a threat, finally

The Team Rocket leader has made his fair share of appearances in the anime, but fans generally want more. Giovanni appearing in a more active capacity might be the perfect solution to keep the Team Rocket trio from becoming stale.

Giovanni was limited to phone conversations for many seasons of the show, but was much more active in the original series and Black White. His appearances in Pokemon Origins were intense and entertaining, and further reinforced the need for additional appearances in the main anime.

3 Casey is another coach whose return is long overdue

Casey was the rookie coach introduced at the start of Ash’s journey through the Johto area. She had an ambitious and overconfident personality, quickly challenging Ash to a battle. She lost dramatically, but that was expected considering Ash used his powerful Charizard.

Casey had an infectious personality, underscored by her hopeful optimism as a supporter of the Electabuzz baseball team. A return of Casey would be welcomed by fans with open arms, and there would be plenty of additional Pokémon based on the black and yellow colors that could join his team.

2 Holly never returned as Brock’s worthy partner

Brock’s trick of confessing his love to every girl he meets isn’t appreciated by everyone, but on the rare occasion that someone loves him back, fans can’t help but want it. better for them. During the Hearthome City Tag Battle competition, Brock was paired with a girl named Holly who – despite initially rejecting his advances – gradually fell in love with him.

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When Brock and Holly lost to Paul and Ash, she felt responsible and left. Brock later discovered that Holly left with the goal of becoming stronger and a better partner for him. However, Holly never returned, and while Brock is no longer an anime regular, fans still want to see them reunited.

1 Appearances by Delia Ketchum and Mimey are always welcome

Ash’s mother, Delia Ketchum, is one of the nicest characters in anime, but doesn’t appear that often. She’s supportive of her son, but never overbearing – allowing Ash to embark on adventures around the world.

Whenever Delia appears, she is accompanied by the family’s Mr. Mime, Mimey, who is also a welcome addition. Mimey essentially fills the role left by Ash’s mysteriously absent father, and is a hilarious sight with his exotic shirts and human demeanor. Mimey was left with Ash around the start of Pokemon Journeysbut fans wanted more.

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