10 Sailor Moon Characters Who Are LGBTQ+

For an anime series and a set of films about magical girls from the 1990s, Sailor Moon gave its viewers a variety of LGBTQ+ inclusive characters to fall in love with and be inspired by. Unfortunately for the United States, much of this homosexuality was censored, for example, Michiru and Haruka being reframed as cousins, Zoisite being a girl, and the final season never even being adapted.

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Despite this, fans can still enjoy what the subtitled anime has to offer: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and even non-binary characters with magical powers and amazing personalities. While some queer characters are more apparent in the show, some are more vague and even theorized by fans.

ten Usagi Tsukino is bi or pansexual

Usagi Tsukino is the series’ main female protagonist who leads her team of guardian sailors to battle the villains trying to take over Tokyo. Often, she is seen staring at both men and women throughout the series. However, about half of his crushes throughout the show weren’t cisgender men (Haruka and Seiya).

Viewers have also often seen Usagi comment on how pretty the other girls look. But, in the end, Usagi chose Mamoru Chiba, which doesn’t make her any less bi or pansexual.

9 Fish Eye is non-binary and gay

Fish Eye is part of the Dead Moon Circus Amazon Trio. The other two of the group are looking for female victims, while Fish Eye is looking for male like-minded people. Additionally, Fish Eye prefers more feminine clothing and is sometimes referred to as a woman (such as when he meets Usagi).

Apart from certain occasions, he uses he/him pronouns. So in some sense, Fish Eye is definitely somewhere on the non-binary spectrum for its presentation, gender identity, and use of pronouns.

8 Haruka Tenoh is a non-binary lesbianHaruka about to participate in a video game race from Sailor Moon

Haruka Tenoh, also known as Sailor Uranus, was considered a handsome boy by most of the main characters. However, Haruka repeatedly states on the show that she is “both male and female” while dressing in female and male clothing. At his side is Michiru, his girlfriend in the series.

While it’s up to fans to interpret what she means by “both male and female,” Haruka is non-binary when it comes to her presentation, gender identity, and use of pronouns. Fans think she might be intersex, while others claim she might be bigender or genderfluid.

seven Michiru Kaoi is a lesbian

Michiru Kaoi, also known as Sailor Neptune, is the lesbian partner usually seen next to Haruka Tenoh. These two make a dynamic duo as regular guards and sailors.

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Viewers can see how much these two characters love each other through their sacrifices throughout the series, such as Sailor Uranus ending her own life once she sees Sailor Neptune killed by the talisman as it is removed. of the latter’s body. The other instance is in the series finale arc when the two join forces to trick Sailor Galaxia in hopes of helping Sailor Moon.

6 Zoisite is gay individual and non-binaryZoisite from Sailor Moon

In the case of Zoisite, a henchman of Queen Beryl and Queen Metalia, his manga form was not depicted as gay and in a relationship with Kunzite. He was considered one of the Princes of Heaven, a Knight of Prince Endymion, and destined to be with one of the Inner Sea Guardians.

However, in 90s anime, Zoisite was often seen paired with Kunzite. On top of that, this villain was known to disguise himself as a woman in order to defeat Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Guardians. Whether it’s a cross-dressing man or a non-binary person, Zoisite is still definitely LGBTQ+.

5 Kunzite is a gay man and with ZoisiteKunzite from Sailor Moon

In the 90s anime, Kunzite was almost always seen alongside Zoisite in the presence of Queen Beryl. There was even a moment when one of them said he’d rather die in each other’s arms than face a worse fate.

Like Zoisite, in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, Kunzite was yet another knight for Prince Endymion and wanted to be with one of the Guardian Sailors instead. Although its weird portrayal is different from the original manga, fans still love the inclusion.

4 Fiore’s obsession with Mamoru is canonically gayFiore and Mamoru Chiba in Sailor Moon R The Movie

Fiore was an antagonist in the Sailor Moon R: The Movie. As an alien child, Fiore found himself on planet Earth and formed a great friendship with young Mamoru. He received a red rose from her as a gift, causing him to search the entire universe for the perfect flower to give Mamoru in return.

Although the character never officially comes out as gay in the film, fans considered him canonically LGBTQ+ due to his strong desire and love for Mamoru.

3 Seiya Kou is most likely non-binary and lesbianKunzite from Sailor Moon

Seiya Kou, also known as Sailor Star Fighter, ends up on planet Earth trying to find Princess Kakyuu after their planet is destroyed. In her human disguise, she introduces herself as a man and in the boy band Three Lights. Upon her arrival, she takes an interest in Usagi and they grow closer as the final arc of the series progresses.

Although Usagi still has love for Mamoru (and doesn’t even know that Mamoru was once killed by Sailor Galaxia), she also expresses interest in Seiya in some way.

2 Taiki Kou is non-binary and canonically queersailor star maker

Taiki Kou, also known as Sailor Star Maker, accompanies her leader, Sailor Star Fighter AKA Seiya Kou. In her human disguise, just like Seiya, she introduces herself as a man, letting everyone know that she is a guy and part of the boy band Three Lights.

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Unfortunately for Taiki, she never gets a true love interest on the show. Yet, due to his interactions with Ami Mizuno, aka Sailor Mercury, they’ve been known to be shipped off together by fans.

1 Yaten Kou is non-binary

Yaten Kou, also known as Sailor Star Healer, also accompanies Taiki and Seiya as Sailor Starlight. Much like the other two, she introduces herself as a man, declares that she is a guy, and performs as part of the Three Lights.

As a Taiki, Yaten never had a genuine love interest in the series either. However, that didn’t stop fans from sending her other characters, like Minako Aino, aka Sailor Venus. They formed a strong bond in the series’ final arc, but it was described more as just a friendship.

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