10 TV Characters Who Should Never Be Recast For The Latest Versions

The return of Black Bolt, Daredevil, and Kingpin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a clear indication that Marvel Studios is happy to revisit some previous TV shows that fans have come to love. Among the releases are the likes of Cloak and dagger, runaways, The saga of the defenders, Agents of SHIELD, Inhumans, and Agent Carter. This does not take into account FOX shows such as Legion and the gifted who has built a strong fan base.

With some of the shows easily fitting into the broader MCU canon and others surely part of the multiverse, it seems to be a question of if rather than when many of these faces will appear. The casting process was so flawless in many cases that it would be hard to imagine anyone else taking on the roles.


Cloak and Dagger

Ty Johnson and Tandy Bowen, played by Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt respectively, are the heroes known as Cloak and Dagger. Their fates have intertwined, as not only do they become significant love interests, but their very powers sync perfectly.

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The series introduced audiences to these characters onscreen for the first time and concluded a narrative that saw them truly explore their relationship with their newfound abilities and partnership together. If Cloak and Dagger were to be brought to the MCU, the duo are already iconic in the roles, with viewers immediately buying into their portrayal of these teenage heroes. There cannot be one without the other.

The Punisher

While other characters from Frank Castle’s surrounding life were perfectly represented, with the likes of Jigsaw and Micro worthy of another screen shot, it was Jon Bernthal’s titular Punisher who stole the show in each scene. The gritty portrayal of the violent vigilante was absolutely mastered by the veteran actor.

While any reappearance of the actor deserves to be in an R-Rated movie, there’s no denying there’s a real challenge to portraying the complex character and Bernthal more than lived up to expectations. It somehow balances the sweetness and humanity of Frank with the bloody revenge of his alter ego.


David Haller’s journey began and ended in Legion, which followed the mutant’s struggles with the Shadow King, which had such a huge impact on his hold on reality. As the son of Professor Xavier, Legion is one of the most powerful mutants in the universe, but he’s also very fragile.

The fantastic Dan Stevens managed to bring this duality to life, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else making this lesser-known character as important as him. There are many ways to bring the mutant to the MCU, and the recognizable Stevens would bring such a creative touch to the piece.

Sister Grimm

The group known as runaways was perfectly cast. There’s a case to be made for each of the main cast to be brought into the MCU. However, there was one standout on the show whose power and portrayal make him a strong contender for future roles.

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Nico Minoru doubled as the hero Sister Grimm, who lived in the darkest magics of the MCU. Lyrica Okano really made the character her own and added layers that even comic book fans might not have expected. Sher apparently has great chemistry with everyone she works with and could be brilliant alongside Wong and Doctor Strange.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones’ allies and antagonists, Hellcat and Purple Man, respectively, would really benefit from keeping the same cast seen throughout the Netflix shows. However, no one can bring as much depth to Jessica Jones as Kristen Ritter.

Although the actor continued to make his screen presence felt with additional roles that only added to his stardom, just like with other high-profile defenders, nothing replaces Ritter. Fans are looking forward to opportunities where the character could reappear in the near future, as Ritter’s popularity as Jones is undeniable.


the gifted is perhaps the most underrated series ever produced under the Marvel name. It ran for a few seasons and tackled huge storylines with notable characters like Warpath and Blink. These players should be taken into account in the future, especially since there are easy ways to integrate the group through the multiverse.

If mutants are going to happen, Polaris should be among them, played by Emma Dumont. As Magneto’s daughter, Lorna Dane has many of the same abilities as her father. Her relationship with Scarlet Witch would be fascinating to explore, but the control and authority Dumont brings to the role is vital. The way she contrasts this with surprising vulnerability makes her an expert like Polaris.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is another prominent member of The Defenders and has formed a great relationship with the rest of the cast. It would be unimaginable to see anyone else play the role, as Mile Colter brought such enthusiasm, intensity, charisma and humility to the role.

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He was set to take the role in a new direction, as the frontman of a club in Harlem, and there are other avenues like Heroes for Hire that have yet to be explored. Colter would be such an easy choice for the rest of the MCU, with his talents really speaking for themselves.


Although there are always rumors of the main cast being replaced, Elodie Yung has proven herself time and time again as an Elektra assassin. She was an important part of the Defenders saga and brought real fire to both the character’s physics in combat and the chemistry with Daredevil himself.

Yung was the comic character who came to life and although she was apparently killed, that didn’t stop her before. Elektra would be a prime candidate for the Thunderbolts and if Marvel Studios were to make that choice, they would be hard pressed to find a replacement who possesses Elodie Yung’s emotional range.

Daughters of the Dragon

It might sound like cheating, but much like Cloak and Dagger, it’s not really Daughters of the Dragon without Colleen Wing and Misty Knight teaming up. Jessica Henwick is a rising star and is often said to be the high point of Iron fist. The character was given the power of the Immortal Iron Fist; a believable event due to the incredible Henwick in the role.

Misty Knight is an iconic comic book character and demanded that the right person take what was on the page while making it their own. From the way she performed against Luke Cage and Colleen Wing, to the way she navigated the cop sequences so well, Simone Missick is an unstoppable force that has earned her multiple appearances. Neither needs to be replaced.


If the team that made up the remnants of SHIELD were to get a second chance, it’s impossible to imagine them without all the heavy hitters. The cast was superb with the likes of Mack, Yo-Yo, Coulson, The Cavalry and FitzSimmons all deserving of future guest appearances.

Even the extended cast like Ghost Rider deserves more screen time, but the heart and soul of the show was Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson or the hero Quake. The gifted actress became a superstar because of the show and would be a valuable asset to the MCU at large, bringing a unique set of skills to the table.

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