10 TV shows to watch if you love the Matrix


Science fiction has never been the same since The matrix (1999), a cinematic tour de force that blew the lid off the 90s and established the cyberpunk genre in mainstream consciousness. While less popular than the first film, the sequels continued the Wachowski legacy with a respectable amount of sophistication.

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In addition to its undeniable impact on cinema, The matrix is directly responsible for creating a plethora of TV shows that follow (and expand upon) the formula for the trilogy – representing human voices through their interactions with technology, biology, and society. While almost all of these series fall under the sci-fi category, they are best known for analyzing the new forms of relationship that inevitably develop between its characters.

ten Devs is worth watching for its captivating vibe

Dev is the brainchild of director Alex Garland for Ex Machina (2014) renamed. The series mixes the science fiction of quantum computing with the murder mystery, exploring various philosophical concepts ranging from self-determination to moral responsibility.

That said, a few reviews have found Dev “more concerned with their own intelligence … than the burden of surveillance,” suggesting the show’s compelling premise fell short of its own expectations. Dev definitely worth a visit, especially for its captivating ambience.

9 Sense8 explores the intersections between sexuality and gender

The Wachowskis’ attempt on television led to Sens8, a richly detailed world that contains a new human species, Homo sensorium – similar to Homo sapiens in all ways except telepathically linked by small groups of people.

Sens8The main characters come from all over the world, thus avoiding the common sci-fi pitfall of focusing entirely on the Western Hemisphere. More importantly, the series explores the intersections between sexuality and gender with a considerable amount of tact, a truly rare achievement.

8 Omniscient has been favorably compared to Psycho-Pass

Omniscient has been favorably compared to Psycho-Pass, the critically acclaimed cyberpunk anime. This Portuguese-language show deals with the dangers of allowing digital businesses to take over society, whether in terms of social media or under the guise of security.

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Like Neo, Nina is trapped in a world she desperately wants to escape from; she is one of the few people who suspects that the system is not all it is supposed to be. Omniscient lacks the robust vision of Psycho-Pass, but is satisfying in its own way.

7 Dark’s strength lies in the hearts of his many characters.

DarkAll three seasons follow the same storyline, but they are each incredibly different from each other. It transforms, with great rigor, from the horror of time travel to a delicate analysis of the human condition (and everything we stand for).

Lying with subtext oars, Dark forces the audience’s brain cells to work at full capacity, which might leave a few viewers confused. However, the strength of the series lies not in its sci-fi roots, but in the hearts of its many characters.

6 Travelers is one of the best shows on time travel

The Travelers the concept isn’t exactly unprecedented, but its plot, characters, and overall narrative make it one of the best shows about time travel.

The future decides to fire small teams into the 2010s, which is seen as the decade in which everything (from the environment to political stability) started to deteriorate. Interestingly, the main driver of most events in Travelers isn’t even human but still manages to be infinitely more empathetic than everyone else.

5 Black Mirror examines technology through a socio-political lens

Black mirror is rare in that its legacy is already evident despite its recent entry into popular consciousness. The show examines technology through a socio-political lens, delivering terrifying results that no longer seem truly implausible.

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Its disturbing episodes are stand-alone stories, but each one paints a different picture. Black mirror It’s not all pessimistic, however, given that “San Junipero” ends on a surprisingly heartwarming note.

4 Better Than Us unboxes with precision and artistry

Better than us, or as it is known in its original Russian, Luchshe Chem Lyudi, revolves around a company of androids specially designed to replace human workers at virtually any job.

One of the main characters, Arisa is a robot programmed according to Asimov’s famous laws of robotics, at least until she reveals that they don’t quite apply to her. When he met Georgy, a small medical examiner, is when Better than us is really starting to reveal itself to the public.

3 Downloading is an interesting approach to transferring consciousness

To download is an interesting approach to the transfer of consciousness – people on the verge of death are allowed to move their consciousness into a sort of “virtual life after death”, albeit at great expense.

Nathan’s experiences at Lake View blend in almost perfectly with his relationship with Nora, his customer service manager (who is still alive). To download has been praised by critics for its “witty writing and appealing cast”, although a few issues were noted regarding the “tonal overload” of the series.

2 Mr. Robot praised for his intriguing and evocative premise

Rami Malek and Christian Slater are the two focal points of Mr. Robot, a show that pits ambiguous notions like anarchism and hacktivism against the forces of American companies.

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Almost every aspect of this series has been praised by critics (and viewers), from its “intriguing and provocative premise” to its “nihilistic pessimism about the internet, capitalism and income inequality.” Mr. Robot refuses to simplify his narrative, going forward with the assumption that anyone who wants to understand him will find a way to do so.

1 Orphan Black strengthens its position as a classic sci-fi TV series

Black orphan is an exploration of the blurred line between what is real and what is not, represented by cloning technology. The series is both popular and cult (known as #CloneClub), explaining its multiple nominations and victories at the Primetime Emmys, Golden Globes and several other illustrious awards.

In reality, Black orphanThe fifth and “final season” reinforces its position as a classic science fiction television show, firmly establishing the show in the annals of television history.

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