10 ways Batman Beyond Comics has nothing to do with the show


January 1999 saw the start of Batman beyond, a spin-off animated by Batman: The Animated Series. The TV series quickly became a fan favorite for exploring many aspects of the Batman mythos in ways never seen before. This new 21st century Batman was not a billionaire with riches and resources, and a body honed to physical perfection. This Batman was a teenager who became the protector of Neo-Gotham.

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Since the television show’s inception, DC has released numerous Batman beyond comics, some fitting into the canon of the series, some not. In 2014, the comedy event, “Future’s End,” brought Terry McGinnis and Batman Beyond into the main comedic universe and the line-wide sweet revival, titled “Rebirth,” which solidified Batman’s place. Beyond in the main continuity. Naturally, this new comic book series would come with storylines and characters that would stray from their original TV counterparts.

ten Entering DC Comic Continuity

The Batman beyond The TV show was not a standalone series. He followed the tradition established in The New Adventures of Batman and Batman: The Animated Series before that. The Batman beyond mythos is no stranger to following the rules of continuity.

The main comic continuity, however, is just a bit heavier than the DCAU. The new comic book series loosely follows the history of the comic book universe, but slight differences can be attributed to the series being “a potential future” and not a future set in stone.

9 Dana knows the secret

Dana Tan from Batman Beyond comics

Dana Tan was Terry’s longtime girlfriend on the TV series. Some episodes were heavily focused on her, like “Rats,” which saw Dana avoid a dangerous secret admirer. Whenever an episode followed a more school-centric story for Terry, she was almost always there, but her role on the show rarely went beyond love interest or the damsel in distress.

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His role in the comics, however, was much bigger and more involved after Terry revealed his identity to him, which the animated series never touched upon before the start. Unlimited Justice League.

8 Terry Dons a new comic book costume

As the comic book series progressed, Terry’s costume would revert to something closely resembling what readers would be familiar with from the series. However, when Batman beyond debuted in the “Rebirth” line, Terry wore a suit with a large red badge, with red lines running all over the suit and, most striking of all, bright red eyes.

The original design of Bruce Timm’s costumes for the TV show was so iconic that it’s no surprise that the new redder design from the comics has finally found its way back to something closer to the original look.

7 The beginnings of Batwoman Beyond

Batwoman's debut in Batman Beyond

The Bat-Family is synonymous with Batman himself. As iconic as The Dark Knight is as a solo vigilante, he’s just as iconically associated with his charges or other crime-fighting heroes who have embraced his badge. The Batman beyond The TV show never created a “Bat-Family Beyond,” but the comics certainly haven’t escaped it.

Batwoman Beyond debuted in issue 25 and entered the show’s protagonist spotlight at a time when Terry was off duty. Her costume is visually striking, combining the classic Beyond design with a sleek cape and flowing red hair.

6 Robin Beyond joins Batman’s long list of sidekicks

The concept of a “Robin Beyond” never entered the TV show, possibly due to the fact that Terry himself was still a teenager (although Terry’s friend Max refers in joking to put on the Robin costume).

In the new comic book series, Terry’s younger brother Matt, a tertiary character in the series, stands out as Robin from Neo-Gotham, fighting alongside his brother. What was previously a rarely seen comic relief character on the show, has officially joined the long history of Batman’s sidekicks.

5 Blight’s comeback in the comics

Derek Powers served as Batman beyondthe main villain of the first season. He is believed to have died at the end of the first season and never resurfaced. Blight was a fan favorite villain. His striking, skeletal appearance and radioactive powers made him unique, not just in Batman beyond, but in all the tradition of Batman.

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The comic book series brought the villain back in issue 38. Blight first fought Batwoman Beyond, but would later have a rematch with Terry. Due to Blight’s popularity, it was surprising that he never returned to the TV show, but luckily the comic had other plans.

4 Dick Grayson plays a bigger role in the comics

Of all the animated members of the Bat-Family, Dick Grayson was the least present in Batman beyond. In fact, he had virtually no presence. He was only briefly mentioned by others a few times on the TV show, and was mentioned by name once in the animated film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

As this new comic book series tends to do, it shines a light on characters the series has ignored or sidelined. Dick Grayson now appears frequently in comics alongside his daughter, Elainna.

3 Damian Wayne meets Batman Beyond

Damian Wayne confronts Batman

The biggest connection to the main comedic continuity came with the inclusion of Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son. The original TV show can’t be faulted for not including Damian, as the character didn’t exist in 1999. This Damian isn’t quite the same character fans may have read in Super son Where Teen Titans.

This Damian is the one who left Gotham and ultimately became the new Demon’s Head after the death of Ra’s Al Ghul. The comic book series has taken full advantage of Damian, portraying him as an antagonistic force for Terry, as he attempts to claim the title of Batman, citing him as his birthright.

2 Tim Drake becomes Batman Beyond


One of the most radical changes between the Batman beyond animated show and the new comic book series is Tim Drake. The fate of Tim’s TV show is ultimately tragic and more like that of Jason Todd. Tim’s animated story is explored in the film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, in which he is experienced and transformed into Joker Jr.

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The Tim Drake of the comic universe dons the costume of Batman Beyond in the storyline “Future’s End” after Terry’s death. He is one of the main characters in this story, but has remained absent from the current series due to the events of the relaunch of the “Rebirth” line.

1 The return of the Joker in the comics and on the TV show

Sadly, the Joker is just a villain who can’t seem to be killed. And if he’s killed, he always has one last trick up his sleeve, whether it’s coding his DNA in one of Batman’s proteges, returning years later as he does in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, or being cryogenically frozen and medically stabilized by a future member of the Jokerz gang, occurring in the new Batman beyond comic series.

The television and comedic versions of the Joker return with vengeance. The Joker in the stream Batman beyond the comic returns with the intention of recreating its most heinous acts against the Bat-Family. Those plans involve trying to shoot Barbara Gordon, as well as recreating what he did to Jason Todd to this new Robin.

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