5 best things about the movie (& 5 that didn’t work)

Encanto is a Disney film released in 2021. Based in Colombia, it follows an overpowered family with relevant themes. Instead of a crime-fighting superhero arc, the story centers on family dynamics and the expectations that come with having amazing gifts.

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Encanto has been positively received by the public. This is in part due to the large number of unique elements that many previous Disney films do not have. And while there are several reasons to love the film, it does have a few flaws that particularly stand out on a second viewing. Some plot points, while minor, are not developed enough or make logical sense within the context of the story.

ten Best: The family fixed the house by hand

Mirabel and Luisa stand in front of their house

After losing their home, the Madrigal family finally made amends. And although they realized they didn’t need their powers, the fact that they used them to help others meant that the townspeople were ready to lend a hand in rebuilding their own. House.

Doing the whole renovation without their powers underlines the strength of the bonds they have forged. Although they did not have magic, they were still able to accomplish great things.

9 It didn’t work: some townspeople didn’t know Mirabel had no powers

Mirabel holds festive decorations

Some people, especially children, did not know that Mirabel did not have powers. Considering Alma made a point of making each child’s power acquisition a huge spectacle, it’s highly unlikely that anyone in town would know that Mirabel didn’t have one.

While this fact was a source of shame for her family for most of the film, it was not a well-kept secret as she and other members of the Mirabel family awkwardly revealed the truth to the children who Mirabel followed.

8 Best: the characters and their issues were relatable

Julieta comforts Mirabel

For many viewers, the characters and their issues were painfully relatable. It is not uncommon for some people to feel pressured to meet their family’s expectations, which can often be overwhelming.

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Those with siblings also understand what it’s like to be compared to each other, and many fans have commented on how they understand what it is like to love a family member while still being. constantly bumping into them – like Mirabel and Isabela.

seven Didn’t work: Bruno was insane for his powers

Mirabel and Bruno watch

Bruno received one of the most useful powers. He could see the future. And although he didn’t fully master his talent (probably because people hated his predictions), people believed he was responsible for the misfortunes he predicted. However, this assumption did not help them avoid the futures he warned them about. And it wasn’t as if Bruno had only predicted bad things: one of his predictions gave Mirabel hope.

6 Best: There’s a frame and no villains, but the story still works

Antonio enters his room for the first time

The entire film takes place in and around Madrigal’s magical house. However, there is no feeling of confinement. After all, many rooms lead to large and spacious magical worlds, which helps the viewer to forget that Mirabel is still in the house.

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There is also no villain in the film. However, there is no need to be since the main conflict is rooted in family dynamics. For those who are fed up with Disney villains, this movie is a nice change of pace.

5 Didn’t work: The magic of keeping people away is barely addressed

Mirabel thinks out loud next to an animal

While the One Frame works, the film doesn’t touch on the family’s plans for the future. The magic not only gave the Madrigal family members powers, but it also kept people from outside out.

Although no one wanted to leave, rather than being a safe haven, it was briefly explained how the house looked like a prison. Alma mentioned that she was never able to return to where she lost her husband until the end of the film.

4 Best: The main cast gets their fair share of screen time

The Madrigal family is united

Viewers of the film learned a lot about the cast – not only from the introductory song that explained their powers, but because the film was able to divide time between family members.

Some characters enjoyed more screen and development time than others; however, fans have gained a good sense of their relationship with Mirabel, including their struggles and fears.

3 Didn’t work: everyone got their powers back

Luisa is lifting something heavy

Since Encanto was a Disney movie, and Disney animated movies generally have happy endings, most people expected the family to regain their powers. However, they didn’t feel like they needed their powers or a fancy house in the end. The main issue with their family issues has been resolved, and Alma and Mirabel even said they felt like the house they had built was right for them because it was as flawed as they were, but still functional and Full of love.

2 Best: The visuals and music are amazing

Mirabel sings about how she feels like a stranger as her family celebrates without her

The visuals and music for the film stand out as some of Disney’s best. Each song has a purpose, and the visuals that accompany it are large, colorful, and most of all, memorable. Speaking of the movie, many people pointed out that these two things were some of the best parts of the movie. Therefore, it makes the movie similar to Frozen, who uses similar magical powers and powerful voices to impress the audience.

1 Didn’t work: Bruno’s song doesn’t age well

Bruno tries to stay hidden from the family

Bruno’s song is actually one of the best-written, catchiest songs in the whole movie. Looking back the song is terribly sad after the first time Encanto the fans hear it. The family sings about how Bruno was a terrible person who used his gift in a malicious and cruel way, but the person being sung is in the same house, possibly listening to their harsh words. Even the other townspeople are joining us, which makes the fans even more sorry for poor Bruno.

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