5 Dragon Ball Characters Immune To Hakai (And 5 Who Could Eventually Conquer Him)

When Dragon Ball Super introduced us to the Gods of Destruction, we were shown a new technique called Hakai. This power was unlike anything we had ever seen before, capable of wiping out anything and everyone it touched. Not only that, the spirit and entire existence of the affected being would cease to exist.

It’s a terrifying ability that’s nearly impossible to survive. But there are certain characters on the show who are immune to it, either by their own nature or by wish. So, this list will talk about five characters who are not affected by a Hakai, and five more who will become immune to it in the future.

Disclaimer: This list will contain the opinion of the author and will not be in any order. It will contain spoilers from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

Which 5 Dragon Ball characters are immune to Hakai?

1) Garlic Jr.

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Garlic Jr. is one of the only characters in any dragonball never realize their dream of immortality. In the universe, immortality does not mean eternal life or youth, they are different concepts. There, immortality is the ability to never die.

We have learned during Dragon Ball Super that the Gods of Destruction cannot destroy immortal beings, because of their wish never to die. So even though Garlic Jr. isn’t one of the strongest characters in the series, he’s one of the only beings completely unaffected by Hakai.

2) Janemba

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Janemba is Dragon Ball’s Incarnation of Evil, he is therefore unable to die as long as evil exists. The Hakai is only capable of destroying physical objects, ghosts included, but there is no indication that it can destroy concepts in their entirety.

Thus, Janemba would not be affected by the Hakai, or at least he would not be completely destroyed by it. Maybe his current physical form will be erased, but he will keep coming back. Evil can never be truly eradicated.

3) Whistles

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It’s unlikely that any of the angels would be affected by Hakai, as they were never threatened with being obliterated by their respective gods, even when they annoyed them. Whis is the best example of this fact.

He constantly argues with Beerus over food, even going so far as to almost start a fight. And yet Beerus never used Hakai as a threat against his Angel, as he normally does with beings who annoy or contradict him.

4) The High Priest

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To be one of the strongest beings of all dragonball multiverse, the High Priest never risks a Hakai obliterating him. The gods and angels hold him in high esteem due to his enormous power, and there is no God among the universes who is not afraid of this mighty being.

If the gods are afraid of him, they are unlikely to be able to defeat him, even with an ability capable of wiping out anything he touches. And we’ve seen mortals survive the technique, so a being as powerful as the High Priest probably wouldn’t even feel it.

5) Zeno

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The Omni-King of all dragonball multiverse, if there is one being who can survive this technique it is Zeno. His power is feared in all universes and he possesses power even greater than that of the Hakai, the ability to erase anything he desires from existence.

Unlike Hakai, this power is not something a being can avoid or deflect. Those things that Zeno wants to erase will be. Without warning, they will simply cease to exist. No Hakai could ever compare to such power, so there’s no reason it could affect the Omni-King

Who among the characters of Dragon Ball will end up conquering it?

1) Goku

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Goku survived the Hakai once, but barely and with the help of Beerus, who arrived just in time to save him from being overwhelmed by the technique. After being hit, Goku looked like he could barely go on, but he was still far from destroyed.

We have to keep in mind that Goku was hit with the Hakai while in his base form and Frieza used it against him when he wasn’t expecting it. It’s very likely that Goku would be able to survive the technique without issue if he were to transform into another form.

2) Vegeta

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Unlike Goku, we’ve already seen Vegeta deviate and even cross Hakais. During his fight with Topo, after the Pride Trooper decided to use his God of Destruction abilities, Vegeta was able to overpower this power and even eliminate his opponent without issue.

Now that he is able to use this power for himself in his Ultra Ego form, the chances of him being affected by the Hakai have become increasingly slim. If someone in dragonball will be able to control and defeat the power of destruction, that’s Vegeta.

3) Frieza

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Frieza was the first mortal we saw on screen who survived a Hakai. During an ambush, Universe 9 was planning to get rid of the last member of Universe 7’s team, Frieza was directly hit by the technique and was able to stop her run for a while, until she swallows it whole.

But even then Frieza was not fazed at all and was able to contain the destructive power in his hands. However, we have to remember that he was out of breath afterwards and was in his Golden Frieza form. Her final form probably wouldn’t survive this destructive power, but she might in the future.

4) Broly

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When talking about raw power, even in its base form, Broly is the character that comes to mind. This Saiyan has just been introduced in Dragon Ball Superand we don’t know much about his limitations or his full power, but it’s pretty clear that he’s much stronger in his base form than Goku and Vegeta.

Goku and Vegeta had to merge to face him when he entered his Legendary Super Saiyan form. And even when he wasn’t able to do much against the Fusion, the fact that two of the strongest fighters had to merge to defeat him says a lot about his power.

5) Jiren

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Jiren is not only the strongest fighter in Universe 11, but he is also the only confirmed mortal in dragonball having surpassed his God of Destruction. His title cannot be discussed after seeing him display such strength and power in the Tournament of Power.

Jiren is the only mortal being above a God of Destruction, which means it’s nearly impossible for the Hakai to affect him. His unfazed reaction during Topo’s fight against Vegeta might indicate that he was unimpressed with the destructive capabilities of such a technique.

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