6 Marvel Characters Natasha Lyonne Would Be Perfect To Play

After making a name for himself in the 1990s as one of the strongest talents of his generation with films like But I’m a cheerleader or his role in American pie Portrayed by Jessica, Natasha Lyonne seemed to fade into oblivion in the early 2000s. However, she would later return to Hollywood with her Emmy-nominated role on Netflix. Orange is the new black cast as Nicky Nichols, and as the star and co-creator of another acclaimed Netflix series, Russian doll. It’s a comeback I’d consider on par with someone like Robert Downey Jr., which begs the question: When will she land a role in any new Marvel movies?

Now, to be perfectly honest, the New York native is actually no stranger to the comic book movie genre and Marvel Comics adaptations in particular (more on that later). However, I think Kevin Feige and co. would be proud if a unique and widely celebrated actor like her was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, especially considering the fact that Chris Evans was already a veteran of Marvel and DC movies before he was cast as Steve Rogers. That being said, if Natasha Lyonne’s next big Marvel moment is upon us, I have a few Marvel characters in mind for her to play, starting with the one her most famous characters would likely be envious of.

Quickfire from Marvel Comics

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

rapid fire

On Russian doll, which began its second season on Netflix in April 2022, Natasha Lyonne stars as Nadia Vulvokuv – a woman who, on the night of her 36th birthday, finds herself trapped in a time loop from which she is increasingly desperate to escape. Seems like what she needs is the power of a chronokinetic – someone who has the ability to slow the flow of time, speed things up, or stop everything altogether – much like Barbara McDevitt .

Better known as Quickfire, this former secret agent (who was later transformed into a strange and contagious monster by his Beyond Corporation employers) is also an Inhuman, which is also a property that could use a second chance in the world. MCU after the indecent response to Marvel Studios’ 2017 series adaptation.

Marvel Comics Dead Girl

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dead girl

Which makes Russian doll such an intriguing and humorously dark treat is how Nadia Vulvokuv’s time loop is reset each time she suffers a grisly death, almost as if it was one of her superpowers that unlocked at the end of her life . Someone who can definitely relate to this is Moonbeam, who discovered her previously dormant mutant abilities – such as communicating with spirits, regenerating lost body parts and phasing through solid objects – after his assassination, hence the name Dead Girl.

Outside of the fairly slight similarities to the character in her Netflix series, a more crucial reason I’d like to see Natasha Lyonne in the role is that she’s also a member of the X-Force, which would lead to a wonderful opportunity for she. to reunite with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to share the screen and engage in what I imagine will be an epic and hilarious word fight.

Marvel Comics Raccoon Shocket

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Raccoon Shocket

On that note, another Marvel character whose evil sense of humor and evil sense of humor is on par with Natasha Lyonne and the roles she tends to play is Rocket Raccoon, who has been premiered in the MCU with Sean Gunn’s motion capture performance. and Bradley Cooper’s hilariously faked Brooklynite accent in 2014′ guardians of the galaxy.

Due to her comedic sensibility and New York nationality, I think Lyonne would be a perfect choice to provide the voice of Shocket Raccoon – originally portrayed in the comics as a female Rocket clone created by The Collector, that Benicio del Toro played. in Guardians. I think instead of a clone, I’d cast her as a love interest for the hairy, gun-toting outlaw in their own spin-off, after the recently packaged movie came out Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023.

Marvel Comics' Jean DeWolff

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John DeWolff

Natasha Lyonne’s New York origins might even make her a better candidate to be the first actor to give a live-action cinematic portrayal of Jean DeWolff. Essentially James Gordon to Peter Parker’s Bruce Wayne, she was a tough and dedicated Manhattan detective who became a close and trusted confidant of Spider-Man, until his tragic death at the hands of the evil Sin Eater. Given what happens at the end of Spider-Man: No Coming Homeit looks like Tom Holland’s webslinger could use someone to call an ally in any next Spider Man movies and I think he and DeWolff would make for the MCU’s next big duo.

Salia Petrie from Marvel Comics

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Salia Petrie

Another relatively lesser-known character from the Marvel Comics Universe who I think could make a worthwhile addition to the MCU is Salia Petrie – an ace pilot and NASA astronaut who trained with Carol Danvers, with whom she became friend. The woman who came to be known as Captain Marvel (but was still referred to as Ms. Marvel at the time) was later to battle her friend after being brainwashed by a cosmic creature called the Faceless One.

It might take some creative liberties, but I wish Natasha Lyonne was the one to bring Petrie to the big (or small) screen opposite Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, mostly to make up for her very short screen time in the Space Saga 2019. , Ad Astra.

Natasha Lyonne in Blade: Trinity

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However, of all the great characters she would be perfect to play, I think it might be the most interesting and especially fun to see Natasha Lyonne reprise her role from 2003. Blade Trinity. In the third installment of the Wesley Snipes-directed action-horror franchise, she played Sommerfield – a cell researcher in Hannibal King’s (Ryan Reynolds) vampire-hunting team, the Nightsalkers, who develops a virus capable of to kill the bloodsuckers. While the character didn’t survive the film, that doesn’t mean she can’t return when Marvel reboots the half-man, half-vampire for her own rendition, played by Mahershala Ali.

It wouldn’t be the first time an actor has revived his Marvel movie character in the MCU, like Evan Peters on Wanda Vision as Quicksilver (sort of) or, Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness more recently. I’m curious to see what other pre-MCU movie roles we might bring back and I think Natasha Lyonne’s Sommerfield is one that would be cool to try. Otherwise, the possibilities for her are still pretty endless.

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