7 Anime Characters Who Never Said a Word

In anime, dialogue is an extremely powerful tool. It is used to convey personality, exposition, character relationships, and even motivation – simultaneously showcasing their personality and traits. All in all, it is indispensable to any given story. However, there are a number of characters who never uttered a word.

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Therefore, others need to talk around them in order to help explain their rationality and decisions. By identifying these silent individuals, it becomes easier to understand the role their silence plays in the plot and how it has impacted their lives for better or worse.

seven I am the dark leader of the world government (One Piece)

Im the head of the world government and presumably the man responsible for the empty century. Dark and mysterious, he observes the high seas from the darkest corners of Mary Geoise.

Considering the massive amount of organizational skill required to command the Gorosei and marines, it’s likely that Im spoke at some point in history. However, he has never said anything until now, remaining so anonymous that even his gender is not a certainty.

6 The statue of Gedo mindlessly obeyed his master (Naruto)

The Gedo Statue was a gigantic monument constructed from the bark of the World Tree. Unlike Tailed Beasts, he didn’t speak although he clearly had a mind of his own. Throughout the Fourth Shinobi War, the Gedo Statue periodically screamed and raged at its attackers.

While it’s possible that Madara simply forbade him to speak, he probably never had the dialogue ability to begin with due to his raw and primitive nature. Either way, the Gedo Statue is at least somewhat intelligent since it can attack hundreds of shinobi with its offspring.

5 Ymir’s silence indicates his oppression (Attack On Titan)

Since his youth, it seemed that Ymir’s decisions were never his own. Whether manipulated by a treacherous Eldian king or commanded by his descendants, she remained utterly silent. His lack of dialogue is indicative of his servitude and therefore says more about his character than talking ever could.

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Even after Eren freed Ymir and acquired the Founder for himself, Ymir remained silent. It is possible that she has gone so long without expressing herself that she is no longer able to.

4 Prime Nomu didn’t say a word to All Might (My Hero Academia)

The Prime Nomu didn’t say anything to All Might during their long battle at UA High. Superficially, one could attribute this to his monstrous nature and general unintelligence. After all, no one seemed surprised that the creature had nothing to say.

However, based on what the public now knows about Kurogiri, it was possible Nomu was even speaking back then. This is further supported by Endeavor’s fight with High-End, where the latter taunted his fiery opponent until he was reduced to smoldering ashes.

3 The Chopman lets Kaiba speak for him (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

The Chopman was a serial killer that Kaiba procured to fight Yugi. During the challenge’s introduction, he ordered the monster to hold a screen of him so he could explain the nature of the game.

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Despite being a grown man allegedly able to speak, Chopman had nothing to say to Joey Wheeler when they met. However, his gleefully murderous intent was evident throughout the fight, culminating in his unprecedented and gruesome demise. Ultimately, Chopman’s lack of speaking was likely due to his inspiration from Leatherface.

2 Carne was an obsessive Stand user who died almost instantly (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Unlike previous opponents, Carne had no flashy gadgets to harangue and terrorize Giorno’s crew. He simply charged the second he found it, ignoring Mista’s warnings and getting shot in the head.

Carne’s Stand, Notorious BIG, survived after his death in order to haunt the JoBros. Unlike most Stands, it didn’t speak and couldn’t even be destroyed. Luckily, the heroes threw him into the ocean before he got out of hand.

1 The evangelist has his own means of communication (fire force)

The Evangelist was the leader of the White-Clad, a mysterious entity that wanted to destroy the world. Despite having a supernaturally high level of intelligence and power, she did not speak in the traditional sense. Instead, the evangelist communicated telepathically and in a way his subjects could sense.

This made her a terrifying figure, especially since she existed in a reality separate from the mortal world. Overall, the Evangelist’s sobriety and elusiveness make it one of the most compelling cult villains to date.

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