9 Most Memorable Majora’s Mask Characters

Although a bit of an outlier in the Legend of Zelda series, Majora’s Mask left a lasting mark on the game, in part because of its hugely memorable characters. While many designs were taken directly from Ocarina of Time, none of the Majora’s Mask characters are a copycat. Instead, they are rich creations in their own right, designed to fit the game’s unique world.

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While the whole world is memorable, these characters stand out more than most. Whether it’s their heartbreaking character arcs or their quirky demeanor, meeting them is more than enough to make you want to save Termina from her terrible fate.


9 Princess Mojo

You need to save Princess Deku from the Woodfall Temple to progress, but that doesn’t mean she’s a piece of cake. When you bring her back to her father’s palace, you will realize that she is the real power behind the throne. Intelligent, capable, and blessed with a fiery temper, Princess Deku controls her father with her wits and conviction.

If that wasn’t enough, Princess Deku is the only instance of a female Deku in the series. She can also fit in a glass bottle somehow, which is very handy in a pinch. It’s the scene where she attacks her father and demands the release of the falsely imprisoned monkey that really sets her apart. It makes you wonder why she didn’t eliminate Odolwa herself.

8 Jim

Unlike parents today, Termina’s parents seem content to let their children do whatever they want. Sometimes these children choose to play with their toys or their cows. Others, however, use the freedom to form secret societies, with a huge hiding place and complex initiation rituals. Jim, the gifted little boy that he is, is the leader of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice, a group of little street kids with a noble goal.

While Jim is nearly identical to the other Bombers, he has an attitude that sets him apart. Add to that the fact that playing hide and seek with the little fool is the only way to enter the Astral Observatory before the end of the world, and you have a character that will be in your mind forever.

seven ???

Ah, the legend of Zelda. A stark, majestic series filled with noble characters, grand action, and people living inside toilets. At least, that’s what you would assume ‘???’ is. You see nothing of them except their pale hand sticking out of the Stock Pot Inn toilet between midnight and 6am, begging you for toilet paper. If you get it from them, they’ll give you a piece of heart, which is a pretty good trade.

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Like all embossed comic characters in Majora’s Mask, however, ‘???’ comes across as funny, tragic and downright scary. Why are they in the toilet? How long have they been there? And, more importantly, do you have to wash that piece of heart before using it?

6 Anju and Kafei

The Legend of Zelda series has several gripping love stories, but none have the same kick as Anju and Kafei. These star-crossed lovers have more in their way than just family rivalry. Instead, thief Sakon stole Kafei’s marital mask and wants to sell it for a profit. Also, The Skull Kid turned Kafei into a child, which chilled the whole marriage a bit.

Although you don’t have to complete Anju and Kafei’s questline, which is one of the most involved side quests in the game, Anju’s longing for her lover and Kafei’s shame make them difficult to complete. ignore. The beauty of their reunion only illustrates the tragedy of the game’s circular time mechanics.

5 Tingling

The Majora’s Mask devs could have just implemented a normal map provider. You could have just waltzed into a cartographer’s shop, handed over your rupees, and that would be it. Instead, they gave us a thirty-five-year-old, fairy-obsessed man in a green bodysuit who floats above Clock Town, suspended from a balloon, and throws confetti in the air after each purchase. It may not be the most durable business model, but you have to give it points for its flair.

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Now a staple of Zelda games and one of the few characters to star in his own spin-off, it’s hard to say how much of an impact Tingle makes when he first appears. It makes you laugh, but also evokes deep sadness. He’s not quite himself here yet. He’s just a guy, someone who seems as lost as you would be without his cards.

4 Happy mask seller

The Happy Mask Salesman has a menacing side when you first meet him in Ocarina of Time, with a permanent smile plastered on his face and a laugh always on his lips. In Majora’s Mask, however, he’s downright terrifying and drives Link’s mission to Termina. His mood is erratic and he is obsessed with collecting rare masks, each of which holds enormous powers. He also appears to have inherent power and can reverse a curse placed on Link by the eldritch entity housed in Majora’s Mask.

You never learn much about the Happy Mask Salesman, but it’s his mystery that makes him memorable more than anything else. He’s the puppeteer pulling the strings behind everything in the game, the one you’re not quite comfortable with. What does he plan to do with all those masks, anyway?

3 Tatl

Ocarina of Time was a fantastic game, but it’s a wonder Link did anything with Navi talking. She was helpful, sure, but she didn’t have much of a character and only existed to give an in-game explanation for targeting Z. Tatl, on the other hand, has a serious attitude and doesn’t even want you helping with parts of the game. She can be obnoxious at times, but as Skull Kid’s former friend, she’s hugely important to the game’s plot, and her character arc has some serious depth.

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By the time you finally face the Skull Kid, Tatl is more than just a useful tool. She’s a friend, and her quest to save both her brother and the Kid is one you’ll find yourself invested in. Although she looks almost identical to your old fairy friend, her cum makes her anything but a clone.

2 four giants

Termina’s mysterious creator deities, The Four Giants, don’t get much screen time. Instead, it’s their presence that weighs heavily on the game. Although Link may be the hero here, awakening these mysterious creatures is the only way to save the earth and free Termina from the threat of death-based destruction. moon.

You’re in for a treat when you finally summon them. One of the final cutscenes, when they rush from all four corners of Termina to stop the grim-faced moon, is truly legendary. Their weird voices and even weirder designs make them some of the most mysterious characters in gaming, which is really saying a lot.

1 The Skull Child

In a series full of compelling villains, the Skull Kid is by far the most developed character-wise. A lovable trickster turned into a vicious creature of power by Majora’s Mask, the Skull Kid is simply lonely. His good friends, the Four Giants, left him alone, and in his pain at their departure, he begins to believe that they never really loved him in the first place. Loneliness turned into anger, and the mask allowed him to vent his anger on the world.

Majora’s Mask has many themes, but one of its biggest is isolation, both from yourself and the people you care about. The Skull Kid paints this theme in relief, and his arc – from petulant child to redeemed friend – sums up the whole game. Although you have to defeat him, you can’t help but feel for him, even after seeing all the destruction he caused.

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