All confirmed characters for Mario Strikers: Battle League

A new overview trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League has confirmed that the game will only include a small roster of 10 playable characters.

The long-awaited third installment of Nintendo’s brawl-filled football series is on the way with Mario Strikers: Battle League, and a new teaser trailer has confirmed which of the iconic Mushroom Kingdom characters will enter the grounds. When battle league it’s been 15 years since Mario Strikers loaded has landed on the Wii, but the basic premise remains the same – two teams of five compete in a no-holds-barred, power-up-filled contest. Now, just over a month after Nintendo’s hectic 2022 launch schedule released, an initial roster of just 10 characters has been revealed for battle league.


When building a team, Mario Strikers: Battle League allows players to choose four of the 10 available characters, with the goalkeeper being a Boom Boom Koopa. The 10 playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League are Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosalina, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario and Waluigi. Each has slightly different base stats, but different gear can be equipped to hone each team member.

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These confirmed characters go through Nintendo Mario Strikers: Battle League introductory trailer, which has so far only been posted on YouTube in Japanese. The same characters were shown in the game’s trailer, which was revealed during Nintendo’s February 2022 Live, but this new video apparently confirms the lineup. The team structure is an evolution from the previous one Mario Strikers games, where a captain was chosen from a similar roster, but the rest of the team was filled with generic Mushroom Kingdom denizens like Koopa Troopas or Shy Guys.

Can Battle League’s variety make up for the small roster?

Will Mario Strikers: Battle League's new gear system offer enough variety to make up for its relatively small roster of characters?

Including only 10 characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League feels rather restrictive, especially since eight will be on the field at the same time. Daisy’s omission is the most obvious, but there are many more. mario missing characters that are frequently included, or even recently started their stint as playable, like Pauline from donkey kong and Super Mario Odyssey Fame. Yes battle league follows the example of other recent mario sports titles – Mario The Aces of Tennis and Mario Golf: Super Rush – then the list will probably expand. super rush was missing some crucial characters, for example, some of whom entered the game via free content updates.

While the relatively small composition is disappointing, it may end up not being an issue when it comes to gameplay. The gear system will allow each team member to have different gear on their head, arms, body, and legs. Each will have an effect on that player’s strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technical stats. With multiple items for each of the body parts of the 10 characters, there can be an exceptionally high number of unique team compositions. Mario Strikers: Battle League has been a long time coming and its roster is initially underwhelming, but it has the potential to take the series’ gameplay to new depths.

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