All the main characters in the video game, ranked by combat ability

the Unexplored The series is based on an action-adventure theme that sees Nathan Drake travel the world in search of lost treasures and hidden cities. He always encounters problems along the way that force him and his allies to fight against enemy forces that vary depending on the level of threat they pose.

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With Tom Holland Unexplored feature film coming, it’s worth watching the combat prowess of the characters in the original material. These are based on the heroes and villains that have been seen fighting, meaning some characters like Zoran Lazarevic, Atoq Navarro, and Katherine Marlowe don’t qualify because they’ve never fought Nathan or the other protagonists in hand-to-hand combat. .

ten Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher looks worried in a jungle in Uncharted 4

Elena is among the smartest Unexplored characters but she is the one with the least combat experience or ability. Elena is surprisingly proficient in the use of firearms despite being a journalist, which is how she survived the events of the series.

When it comes to fighting, Elena has always been captured or outmatched because she faced stronger mercenaries. To her credit, Elena rarely found herself in situations where she had to fight because she was so good at stealth and using guns.

9 Rafe Adler

Rafe Adler at an auction in Uncharted 4

fans of Unexplored have made numerous memes at Rafe’s expense for his habit of losing his temper as a teenage brat. He had an empowered mindset where he used his henchmen to fight for him, being of the hands-off variety of villains who didn’t prefer to get involved.

However, he showed great skill with a sword in the conclusion of the fourth game, where he nearly defeated Nate until the latter outmaneuvered him. Outside of those skills, however, Rafe was easily among the weakest when it came to combat and would have been overpowered if anyone wanted him to.


8 Charlie Cutter

Charlie Cutter looks scared in Uncharted 3

Charlie was unfortunately only present in the third game when he was one of the most popular characters. He pretended to be an enemy of the heroes in the opening of the story, where he took his character a bit too far by legitimately fighting Nate a few times.

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It was clear that Charlie could be a formidable enemy if he really wanted to, even overpowering Nate at one point while under the influence of a scary drug. He wasn’t shown as much in close combat for his abilities to be fully assessed, but there’s enough to be sure he was pretty good.

seven Samuel Drake

Sam Drake in Uncharted 4

Those who came up with fan theories about the Unexplored The movie about Sam’s possible presence turned out to be right because he adapted it from the games. He was also similar in the way Sam preferred to sneak up on people rather than fight them head-on.

Sam was by no means a bad fighter, as he took on many enemies at once, just like Nate. He was also shown to do quite well in prison where he survived many fights against the inmates. Sam wasn’t as much of a threat in The lost legacywhich takes his skills down a notch.

6 Victor Sullivan

Sully has always been older during the series’ main timeline and is generally known for his memorable quotes in the Unexplored Games. Still, he hung on to Nate’s side and survived, even defeating several mercenaries in a bar fight all by himself.

Young Sully would have been much more of a threat as seen in the flashback to the third entry, which is a shame fans didn’t get to see him in his prime. His strategy was mostly about unleashing powerful moves at his enemies, so there wasn’t as much combat skill as raw strength.

5 Chloe Frazer

Chloe Frazer Uncharted 2

Chloe wouldn’t have landed this high if she hadn’t played in her own game by The lost legacy, where she left behind any idea that she wasn’t really a fighter. Chloe evaded combat throughout the first two games, despite being very skilled with firearms, and survived.

In her own title, Chloe proved capable of taking on multiple goons at the same time, all of whom were out to kill. She even stood up to Asav, who was a beast when it came to fighting. Chloe’s combat skills are also tied to her sneaky nature, as she was known to use the environment to her advantage.

4 nathan drake

Nathan Drake holds a coin in Uncharted 4

Nate never had any real fighting skills and his style was that of a brawler who threw punches at bad guys. And yet, this strategy worked wonders for him as he defeated every type of mercenary that came his way, to the point where Lazarevic claimed he was a ruthless killer.

Nate was good in combat because he knew when to rely on strong moves and when to use his agility, as stronger opponents tended to be dispatched when Nate combined his escape skills with his fighting ability. Of course, he was exposed when he fought someone who really could fight when he faced Nadine and easily lost.

3 Talbot

Talbot in costume in Uncharted 3

Talbot is an interesting case because he is the most mysterious character in the series. Sometimes he proved to be stronger than Nate in every way, only to then run away when he didn’t need to. Additionally, Talbot relied on sleight of hand and had the ability to appear and seemingly disappear at will.

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He ended up being defeated in the final fight to establish that he wasn’t unbeatable, but Talbot’s earlier exploits, where he nearly won, confirm that he was a threat. His skills came from his slippery attitude which still included many fighting styles.

2 Nadine Ross

The Unexplored Lost Legacy Nadine Ross

Many fans dislike Nadine for being a relatively poorly written character in the fourth game, where her extreme skill didn’t make sense. Still, there’s no arguing against the canonical evidence that showed Nadine absolutely mopping the floor with Nate and Sam.

At one point, she faced the two at the same time and only lost because Sam pointed a gun at her. His uneven writing came into play in The lost legacy where she wasn’t as strong, but she was still hers against multiple foes. Chloe also seemed to recognize Nadine’s commanding presence, so Nadine might be holding herself back.

1 Asav

Asav with his henchmen in Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Asav easily wins since he casually defeated Nadine while Chloe was also on Nadine’s side. The fact that Nadine did the same to the Drake brothers means that Asav is miles above everyone else. His appearance seemed unassuming until the moment of battle, when the heroes were hopeless against him.

Asav seemed to have superhuman levels of strength that allowed him to break through walls, but he also had superb fighting skills as he outmatched Chloe and Nadine with his agility and a mix of fighting styles. Asav was beaten in The lost legacybut that’s when Chloe and Nadine attacked him at the same time on a high-speed train.

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