All Unlockable Characters in Tuanul Village in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Developer Traveller’s Tales has included tons of secrets and collectibles in its previous Lego games, and The Skywalker Saga is no different. They revamped the core gameplay, which affects every aspect of the game. The Skywalker saga offers many secrets to locate and activate. Characters are back as secrets to unlock, with each planet and location containing several. This guide will tell you which characters you can unlock in Tuanul Village.

All of these characters are located in the village of Tuanul. This slot is unlocked during the Episode VII – The Force Awakens campaign.


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Teedo, not to be confused with Teebo, is a character found on the planet Jakku. They are scavenger class characters and can be used to unearth secrets throughout the galaxy.

  • Progress through Episode VII – The Force Awakens Campaign.
  • Complete the Luggabeast of Burden side quest.
  • Go to Niima Outpost and talk to Teedo.

Sidon Ithano

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Sidon is an evil villain class character who is quick with the blaster. Sidon Ithano also has a visually striking appearance. Here’s how to find and unlock this character.

  • Progress in Episode VII – The Force Awakens
  • Complete the Cunning Manifesto side quest in Tuanul Village.
  • Complete the Dodgy Dwellings side quest in Tuanul Village
  • Journey to Maz Castle
  • Talk to the Stormtrooper to complete the quest chain.

The Sandtrooper

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The Sandtrooper is an iconic redesign of the Stormtrooper intended for desert planets such as Jakku and Tatooine. The Sandtrooper is the last unlockable character in Tuanul Village.

  • Progress through Episode VII – The Force Awakens.
  • Travel to Naboo – Paonga Lake area.
  • Complete the Seeking Seeds side quest.

These characters are a solid collection of villainous characters to add to your Skywalker Saga party. You do not need to complete Episode VII to unlock these characters; progress until you can freely access Jakku.

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