Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez on Hotel Transylvania 4 and the new characters

Directed by Derek drymon and Jennifer kluska and written by the creator of the franchise Genndy Tartakovsky, the animated feature film Hotel Transylvania: Transformania follows Drac (this time voiced by Brian hull, taking over for Adam sandler) and his monster buddies like Van Helsing’s “Monsterification Ray” turns them all into humans and Johnny (voiced by Andy Samberg) as a monster. Travel the world for a cure that will bring them back to what they are meant to be, Mavis (voiced by Selena gomez, who is also an executive producer) tries to help them sort everything out before their transformations become permanent, altering them forever.


During this press conference to promote what is billed as the final chapter in the Hotel Transylvania film series, co-stars Samberg and Gomez spoke about Johnny’s unique transformation, approaching real things in a crazy way. , the thrill of playing the characters they learned over ten years, the surprise of seeing this franchise last so long, and what they will miss the most playing these characters and working with each other.

Question: Andy, how familiar were you with what your new character design would look like and what was your reaction when you saw your new design?

ANDY SAMBERG: Love the new design. Johnny is getting monstrous, I think that’s the correct word. Basically he goes all the way into the Burning Man backpacker and meets Godzilla, which I dreamed of being, anyway, as a kid. It was a dream come true for me.

Selena, we loved watching Mavis grow and mature over the last three movies. What can fans expect from her this time around?

SELENA GOMEZ: It has been such a pleasure to play this character and to grow up. It was so long ago when it started and I was in a different phase of my life, so it’s wonderful to be able to grow up with this character. She’s always worrying, and that fits my personality very well. I just want things to be okay. In fact, I understand what it is like to have differences between family members. It’s good that we touch on such a real thing, but in such a crazy way. It’s funny.

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You’ve been bringing this outward character to life for quite some time now. What advice would you give to those who, in real life, have a hard time fitting in and being like everyone else?

GOMEZ: That’s a loaded question. I could give you the “believe in yourself” kind of response, but that’s a challenge. Every day you wake up and sometimes you can’t sit down and make a choice. Sometimes you get those feelings, and I think it’s important to take moments and breaks from social media, personally. I think it’s just nice to be around and be with yourself a bit. You don’t need a lot of friends and a lot of people around you to be cool. I have four friends and I think we’re the coolest. We’re definitely not, but that’s how it is when we’re together.

Andy, what are the challenges in trying to bring comedic timing to an animation role?

SAMBERG: It’s not particularly difficult. We are on the fourth. You’ve seen the style of animation they do, which in my opinion is one of the best things about these movies. It’s so fun and over the top, and obviously kids love it, but when I watch it, it just makes me laugh at the expressions and posturing they give to all of the characters. This time around, by doing the recording, you pretty much know that they want you to get huge and crazy, and then they’re going to take that even further with the way they bring it to life. It’s very liberating. You’re not going to get a note like “Come on, mate, that was too much.”

GOMEZ: It’s never too much.

SAMBERG: Yeah, you never drop it.

Andy, did you ever think this franchise would last that long and lead to three sequels, like it does?

SAMBERG: No, but I’m happy. I’m really glad this is the case. The reason is that children love them so much. This is the real result of these films, which makes it such an easy call. They are so imbued with joy and positivity. Everyone grew up loving these classic monsters. It’s a new version and it’s really fun for families. That is why he is endured.

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If this is the final Hotel Transylvania movie, what will you miss the most?

SAMBERG: I hate to admit it’s over. If we say it’s done, we just give in to Sony. I do not know. I will miss everything. It’s such a fun thing to do. I will miss the junkets.

GOMEZ: I didn’t like working with Andy at all, actually. No. I remember I was really excited to meet Andy because I had watched everything SNL to grow. The first time, being able to sit with him, he made it so fun and easy. On the contrary, it helped me relax more and feel a little more normal. He also supported me when they asked me about dating at a junket. I don’t and Andy answered for me which was good.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is available to stream on Prime Video on January 14.

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