Annapolis Olympian + Dog Bar: Anne Arundel’s best news for 2021

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MD – This year has been full of crazy news and scary headlines, but Anne Arundel County has also had its fair share of heartwarming stories. Let’s go back to all those happy moments.

Maryland cheered on an Annapolis native at the Summer Olympics. The windsurfer finished in the top 15 of her event. Residents also smiled when they learned that the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore Washington had donated hundreds of Christmas gifts to children in need.

Those smiles continued when a dog-friendly bar opened in Millersville. Other great business stories include a lighthouse that has reopened, an ice cream parlor that has expanded, and a pizzeria that has been launched.

Locals turned on the TV to see the residents of Anne Arundel County on baking, dating and antique shows. A music festival also debuted at the fairgrounds over the summer.

Families have hosted several educational achievements this year. Anne Arundel Community College has been named one of the best preparatory schools in the United States. The institution also cut the ribbon for a high-tech building in health and life sciences. In addition, officials celebrated Teacher of the Year.

Residents have also weathered a flood and tornado in recent months. The community then mobilized to support the victims with grants and fundraising.

Here are the 15 best stories in the county in 2021:

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