Avril Lavigne joins Olivia Rodrigo for the cover of “Complicated”

Olivia Rodrigo has included Avril Lavigne’s song “Complicated” in her sets throughout her latest trek which kicked off in Portland last month, and over the weekend Grammy-winning Best New Artist was finally able to share the stage with Lavigne during a Friday (April 29) show at Massey Hall in Toronto.

Rodrigo performed “Complicated” right after her single “Driver’s License” at numerous shows, and with the crowd still pumping, the singer began revealing her special guest. “She’s from Canada,” the singer exclaimed, adding, “I’m so so lucky because she came here tonight to sing with me,” before introducing Lavigne to the audience.

After a hug amid roaring cheers from the crowd, Rodrigo’s band played the vigorous opener with Lavigne taking the lead to the delight of the audience and Rodrigo bouncing back with the beat. Rodrigo then stepped up for the second verse, and the pair reunited with Rodrigo draping an arm around Lavigne as they both sang the rest of the song to its end.

“I don’t know what to do for an encore,” exclaimed Rodrigo, still excited after sharing the stage with Lavigne on the song that launched her career.

Although much of his success so far has been in the pop world, Rodrigo has also shown his penchant for rock with not only “Complicated”, but also “Seether”, the alternative hit from the 90s. by Veruca Salt, regularly played in his setlists. Rodrigo’s sold-out “Sour” tour continues for most of May. View remaining stops here.

Lavigne, meanwhile, enjoyed a career resurgence in 2022 thanks to her Love Sux album, which saw the singer revisit her pop-punk roots with the help of label head Travis Barker. The singer also has her own tour underway, spending most of May in Canada before heading to the United States in June and July. See his tour dates here.

Avril Lavigne joins Olivia Rodrigo on stage for “Complicated”

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