Bad for solo characters, bad for multiples


There’s just over a month left in this Destiny 2 season, and it’s time to pick up on one of the controversial additions to the game. That would be the transmog system, something everyone wanted in Destiny 2, but the way it was implemented seemed to be designed to be another way to primarily generate microtransaction buys.

The “big” of Season of the Splicer is over, as most seasons tend to get pretty busy ahead. We still have some sort of epilogue quest coming up, but the story missions, the seasonal activity grinding, are mostly completed if you’ve worked hard in that first half. I have pretty much all of the Override weapon throws that I’m interested in and things like raiding you can not closes repeatedly for great effect, then here we are.

What I discovered is that the current capped and cranky transmog system is bad both for players with a primary focus on one character, and also bad for players with several like me. But for different reasons.

For single player character players, if you’ve played as much as I have, or even half of it, there’s a good chance you’ve actually met Bungie’s transmog cap of ten bounties per season. On a single character, with a moderate amount of play, you’ll likely earn enough Synthstrand and complete enough bounties to hit that cap with relative ease.

The problem here? Everything that follows is essentially a wasted effort. You can only save 750 Synthstrand once you hit the bounty cap, then spending them later will go towards the cap. following season. So basically any playtime you put in after that is “wasted” in terms of the transmog system. Here the cap is really a problem, as many had predicted. And we also have to assume that we won’t get a bunch of free transmogs next season like we did with this intro. The capped system will therefore be this one. Maximum of two sets of armor per season.

For people performing multiple characters like me, I have the opposite problem. I have more total Transmog earned only a single character player, but now I’m hitting a different kind of wall. I can’t earn enough Synthstrand in a reasonable way to keep buying bounties through my characters now that the bulk of this season’s grinding is behind me.

Here is where my three characters are at the moment:

  • Warlock – 6/10 bounties
  • Titan – 5/10 bounties
  • Hunter – 4/10 bounties

So that’s 15 transmogrifies in total, more than the cap of 10 on a character, and yet I “lose” 15 additional transmogrifies if I can’t keep grinding, because they don’t renew.

But there is no easy remote way to do it. The premiums themselves are good. Four strikes, eight Crucible games, whatever. But Synthstrand’s work to buy these bounties, as we’ve already discovered, is timed. Since no matter how many enemies you kill, you can only get 1 Synthstrand every 2-3 minutes or so, and that’s something like 5 hours of combat to gain enough Synthstrand for a only one transmog, and that’s if you’re doing an “optimal” activity like a Strike or Override, and not Expunge or Crucible or raids or dungeons which can have long segments without a fight.

So, single character players lose out because they’ve already hit the cap, and any extra playtime spent that just eats away at following cap of the season, or will get lost if you hit the 750 Synthstrand cap. For multi-character players like me, I lose 15 free transmogs unless I care about Synthstrand where it will take something like 75 extra hours of play over the next month and a half to get enough Synthstrand to hit caps. on the three characters.

It’s a bad system for both types of players, and it’s clearly intended to push transmog buys where it costs around $ 10 to transmogrify a full set of armor you already own. This is in addition to the fact that Bungie sells multiple sets of armor adornments per season for around $ 15 through Eververse, and one that must be purchased with the $ 10 Season Pass.

It’s a bad system, I’m sorry. If you don’t care about transmog and think the goodies and little you get from regular grinding is enough, fine, but for me and other fashion-oriented Guardians it’s pretty much a system. as bad transmog as I’ve seen implemented in any game, and it needs to change ASAP.

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