Best Characters for Raiden Shogun Team Comps

Raiden Shogun is a versatile unit that works well with just about any character. There are a few who do their best with the Electro Archon on their side, so let’s take a look at the five best characters for your Raiden Shogun team compositions.

Genshin Impact 2.5: 5 Best Characters For Raiden Shogun Team Comps

Raiden is the first drum support character. Her kit generates tons of energy to power up your team’s elemental blasts, but she can also deal massive damage with her own elemental blast.

5- Anemo (Viridescent Plating)

Raiden consistently deals electro damage both on and off the field, so it’s easy to set up a Viridescent Venerer debuff. Simply have Raiden activate his elemental skill, switch to the Anemo character to whirl, and switch back for Raiden to attack.

4- Kaeya

Kaeya’s Elemental Skill is Cryo Rapid Fire, which can easily trigger Overdrive with Raiden’s Elemental Skill to reduce enemies’ physical resistance. This allows for a powerful physical Kaeya build, but the two can be used together as supports for another DPS.

3- Razor

As a battery support, Raiden empowers characters who rely on their bursts for damage. Razor has its own ways to recover energy, but Raiden lets you prioritize attack and damage stats when building Razor.

2- Yae Miko

In the story, Yae Miko is Raiden’s best friend. On the battlefield, it’s no different. Yae and Raiden cover each other’s timeouts, allowing you to rotate before moving on to the other.

In this pairing, Yae drops her flowers, uses her Burst, and redeploys the flowers before switching to Raiden. From there, Raiden regenerates energy for Yae Miko to repeat the spin.


Like Yae Miko, Eula has downtime that Raiden fits right into. On top of that, Eula is a physical attacker who gets stronger when Raiden’s coordinated attack triggers Superconduct with her own elemental skill. Raiden’s Elemental Burst damage buff also scales nicely with Eula’s high energy cost Burst.

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