Braves fans will have a hard time digesting John Smoltz’s big take on the Mets in the middle of the NL East race

John Smoltz is a legend, especially in the eyes of Atlanta Braves fans, but the Hall of Famer was quick to call the New York Mets ‘the team to beat’ in the National League in a recent appearance on the FLippin’ Bats. Podcast. That’s despite the role the Braves have recently had.

Smoltz acknowledged the Braves’ kind of scorching stretch, but he also cautioned against getting too excited about the team’s recent winning streak, saying baseball has a way of toppling teams in a moment. At the time of his guest on said podcast, the Braves had a six-game winning streak. It’s now been seven games since the Braves beat the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday night on the road, 7-3.

For Smoltz, the schedule will play a big role in determining who, between the Braves and the Mets, will win when all is said and done in the regular season. He noted that the Mets have a favorable schedule ahead, while Atlanta has two more West Coast series pending after dealing with the A’s. The Braves will face the Seattle Mariners for a series at T-Mobile Park and the San Francisco Giants right after that at Oracle Arena.

The Braves will have a three-game end-of-season series with the Mets beginning on September 30 – a game that could very well determine the winner of the division.

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