Caravan says it’s none of your business


Progressive rock legends Caravan continue to create new music with their new album It’s not your business CD release on the 8the October 2021 and on vinyl LP on November 8, via Madfish Music.

It’s not your business is Caravanthe first album since 2013 Paradise filter and features nine new songs plus an instrumental track influenced, to some extent, by events and restrictions placed on society over the past 18 months.

Not only one of the deans of progressive rock, Caravan is most affectionately known as part of the Canterbury scene. Formed in 1968, the group mixes rock, jazz, folk and classical influences in a warm and distinctive sound.

Founding member Pye Hastings (guitar / vocals) remains on Caravan‘s flagship and main songwriter. Geoffrey Richardson (viola, mandolin, guitar) first played with Caravan between 1972 and 1981 and returned to the fold in 1995. Their previous 14 studio albums and numerous live recordings saw them attracting a large and loyal following and Caravan touring regularly up to the restrictions of the covid pandemic.

Their long career is celebrated in a sumptuous 37-disc box set, entitled Who do you think we are, which just came out on Madfish.

New registration It’s not your business was recorded, as restrictions permitted, “old-fashioned” between 24e and June 4e July 2021 at Rimshot Studio, Bredgar near Sittingbourne. “Sitting in a circle and in eye contact, a large sound room was needed,” Pye Hastings remarked.

“I much prefer this method because you can exchange ideas about each other as they happen and express encouragement when it all starts to click. phone line or email. This is something we are all very experienced in, trust me!

Alongside Hastings and Richardson are Jan Schelhaas (keyboards) and Mark Walker (drums), with Lee Pomeroy (ELO, Rick Wakeman and Take that) guest as bassist, following the departure of Jim Leverton, while longtime contributor Jimmy Hastings has also been guest on flute.

A unit characterizes It’s not your business with the warmth and humor that characterize Caravan and, also, a sensitivity reflecting the times in which we live. Sitting among Caravan‘s typically fanciful tales’Down in London ‘ and ‘If I had to fly ‘ sit the sincere and poignant ‘Save a thought ‘ and ”Every precious little thing, songs that eagerly await a return to normalcy.

“Save a thought” is a song that I hope will make people remember those unfortunate people caught up in the pandemic, ”Hastings said. “’All those people who denied’ refer to the idiots who don’t follow scientific advice. I get mad about it and the line “Sure times are interesting” refers to an old Chinese saying: “May you live in interesting times.”

“The lyrics can sometimes be my Achilles heel, trying to find something meaningful to write. But sitting in front of a blank screen with a pandemic raging all around, it was hard not to be swayed by the terrible events in Locking certainly focused the mind when it came to writing the lyrics. “

With a cover and illustrations created by a renowned illustrator Bob venables, It’s not your business the full list of tracks is: Down From London ‘,’ Wishing You Were Here ‘,’ None of your business’, ‘Ready or not’, ‘Prepare a thought’, ‘Every precious little thing’, ‘If I had to steal’, ‘I’ I will reach out to you ‘,’ There is You ‘and’ Luna’s tuna ‘. The album was produced, designed and mastered by Julian Hastings with assistant engineer Mike Thorne.

Caravan‘s It’s not your business can be pre-ordered by by clicking here.

The group has a UK tour slated for October 2021 and overseas tours, with overseas tours to Japan, Canada and South America are currently being negotiated as regulatory covid exchange. UK tour dates are listed below.


Wednesday October 6 – Basingstoke, The Haymarket

Thursday October 7 – Islington, The Union Chapel

Friday October 8 – Gloucester, Gloucester Guildhall

saturday 9e October – Brighton / Hove, the old market

Thursday October 14 – Chester, The Live Rooms

Friday October 15 – Leeds, The Bridenwell

Saturday October 16 – Bury, The Met

Sunday October 17 – Wolverhampton, The Robin 2 (Bilston)

Thursday October 21 – Bury St Edmunds, The Apex

Friday October 22 – Newcastle, Le Cluny

Saturday 23 October – Glasgow, Òran Mór

Wednesday October 27 – Bristol, The Fleece

Thursday October 28 – Exeter, Le Phénix

Friday October 29 – Dover, The Booking Hall

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