Characters whose power still remains a mystery

Berserk is considered one of the best manga of all time. The series is filled with incredibly detailed art and has an engaging story. The combination of these two things makes Berserk an extremely interesting read. The manga went on hiatus after the death of its creator, Kentaro Miura.

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However, Kouji Mori, one of Miura’s friends, decided to bring the story to its meaningful ending. This means that many of the mysteries surrounding the characters would finally be revealed. There are many characters in the series, whose abilities have not been shown, but fans hope to see these characters use their powers to the fullest.


seven entrails

Guts is the main character of the series and he is one of the strongest fighters. Guts is an expert swordsman, who has trained with his sword for hundreds of hours. His training has helped him beat many strong fighters.

After losing his left arm, Guts attached a fake arm, which doubles as a cannon. Guts’ greatest source of power is the Berserker Armor, which turns him into an incredibly powerful monster, but the armor has its downsides, so he can’t use it for long periods of time. Guts absolutely needs to get stronger if he is to have any chance of defeating Griffith, so it’s possible that Guts has some kind of unknown power that he has yet to tap into.

6 boy in the moonlight

The Moonlight Boy is a great enigma, and there are many things about him that remain unknown. The Moonlight Boy looks like an ordinary human, with no special features, but according to Schierke, his body is different from other humans.

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The Moonlight Boy also seems to have some control over astral creatures. He can also appear in Guts’ consciousness and free him from the Berserker Armor’s grip. On another occasion, the Moonlight Boy helped Guts out of the dying Sea God. Obviously, the Moonlight Boy is important to the story, and it looks like he has some special powers.

5 Skull Knight

The Skull Knight is the sworn enemy of the Hand of God and the Apostles, and has been fighting them for ages. The Skull Knight holds a lot of power, and so far hasn’t suffered any major issues against his opponents.

His past remains shrouded in mystery and there is very little information available about him. The true extent of Skull Knight’s power remains unknown, but considering his rivalry with Zodd and the Hand of God, he unquestionably has a lot of power.

4 God’s hand

The God Hand is arguably the strongest band in the entire series. Before the eclipse, there were four members of the Hand of God – Void, Slan, Ubik, and Conrad. All four possess extraordinary powers, and no ordinary human is capable of causing them any harm.

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They have the power to turn others into apostles and for this reason the apostles fear them. Each member of God’s Hand seems to have a unique power, but there haven’t been many instances where they’ve had a chance to show it off.

3 Zodd

Zodd is a strong Apostle, who appeared before Guts during the Golden Age arc. When Zodd confronted Guts, the latter was amazed by Zodd’s power. He rose to fame after killing tons of people in different wars. Zodd wandered from battlefield to battlefield in order to quench his thirst for war.

In his fight against Guts, Zodd thought he would be the winner without any problem, but Guts managed to block his attacks with his huge sword. Zodd also fought against the Skull Knight, which shows that he is no ordinary Apostle. Zodd hasn’t given his all in a fight so far, and when he does, it would give a better understanding of his power.

2 Venue

Locus has been called a legendary figure, and during his lifetime his exploits made him famous all over the world. After being reborn as an Apostle, Locus’ physical attributes increased several folds, however, unlike most Apostles, Locus is well mannered and calm. Because of his personality, Griffith appointed Locus as his aide in politics.

Locus’ record as a fighter is nearly immaculate and he remained undefeated until his death. His weapon of choice is the spear and it goes without saying that he can use it masterfully. While Locus’ past definitely makes him an interesting character, his current power level is hard to calculate, and that’s mostly due to his lack of screen time.

1 Flowerstorm Monarch

She is the ruler of Elfhelm, which is located on Skellig. His magical power is considered unprecedented, which has earned him great fame. The Flower Storm Monarch is mostly calm and collected, and does not fight unnecessarily.

The Flower Storm Monarch is considered to have the ability to repair the minds of people who have suffered a lot of trauma, and this was highlighted by the Skull Knight. As the ruler of the Elfhelm, there’s no doubt that she’s one of the strongest characters in the series, but she’s yet to show her full power.

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