Chiefs movie review: Mike Remmers starts right tackle against Washington


For Sunday’s 31-13 victory over the Washington soccer team, Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Mike Remmers was in the starting lineup for the first time since Super Bowl LV. In the first five games of the season, rookie Lucas Niang had started in right tackle – but was reportedly substituted for Week 6 due to a hamstring issue.

Remmers is expected to start again on Sunday when the Chiefs face the Tennessee Titans. How did he fare against Washington?

It’s not a good game, but it’s not typical of the Remmers throughout the game.

Chase Young gets Remmers here – but the most important thing we notice is that the veteran offensive lineman knows not to give up or panic. Remmers has the help of full-back Michael Burton, which allows him to make up for his initial blunder by stopping the pressure so quarterback Patrick Mahomes can remove the ball at the last second.

It could have been a lot worse, but the coaches had some help planned for Remmers.

Here we see Remmers working against Young in the racing game. He gets some width on his swing as he uses a club motion to leverage the star edge rusher. You can see that moving Young is not easy, but Remmers keeps working and finally wins in position.

Throughout the game, Remmers did a good job with second level blocking – but here he is responsible for blocking the line of scrimmage. If the ball comes out of Mahomes’ hands faster, it neutralizes the pass rush – but play takes too long, allowing Young to get there for the sack.

These repetitions cannot occur consistently. Ideally, you keep Mahomes 100% clean – but when you go up against Young (and others like him), you’ll end up seeing pieces like this.

As the game progressed, Remmers started to look more comfortable.

He’s a good representative where he’s clearly locked up. The fundamental principles are fully exposed; you can see the pop effort on the film. Remmers’ kick-slide is on point as he stays active with his hands to keep Young at bay.

On this coin we see Remmers resisting a rotational movement. You can see him grabbing, but he lets go in time to avoid a penalty. Right before releasing the ball, Mahomes drifts to the right side – so on this game, Remmers’ block is key.

Here is a rare case where Remmers has a negative snap as a run blocker. The defensive tackle throws him easily – sending him to the ground – then stuffs the runner.

If Remmers had been able to stay on his block and repel the tackle, this game would have lasted a few more yards; even if you lose a bit of influence, you just can’t go out on the pitch.

On this play, Remmers clears a way for running back Darrel Williams, staying upright until he gains influence and then continuing to get his man out of the game.

While Remmers isn’t the Chiefs’ most athletically gifted offensive lineman, for the most part he’s still a fundamentally solid blocker. And he looks a lot more natural on the right than on the left during the Super Bowl.

The bottom line

For a first return match, it was a solid day for Remmers. Although it showed a few imperfections, overall it was a great outing.

Looking ahead to Sunday’s game, Remmers needs to clean up some of the things we’ve seen against Washington. After week 7 the starter on the right tackle is not set in stone, but for now it is Remmers’ job to lose. Against the Titans, he will seek to strengthen his position.

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