Cross Cebu 600 shines the spotlight on Cebu’s 3 great cyclists

THREE GRANDS OF CEBU CYCLING: These are Jonel Carcueva (from left to right), Jhunvie Pagnanawon and Junreck Carcueva. | Photos from Jbmclickers and Facebook

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Cebu has found its last three great cyclists after the Cross Cebu 600, which was held around Cebu from November 12-14.

The big three are made up of Pro Cross Cebu 600 champion Jonel Carcueva, second place Jhunvie Pagnanawon and third place Junreck Carcueva.

During their guest with the CDN Digital Sports Talk on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Pagnanawon said that the three of them worked as a team during the entire race, so no one outside Cebu will win the title.

“Akong gisulti sa akong kaugalingon walay pa championon taga laing lugar. Mao at sige na mi og liaison kaming tulo. Nagkasinabot mi nga magtinabangay mi. Walay pachampionion taga Manila ug taga Mindanao, ato ra gyud, ”Pagnanawon said.

(I figured I wouldn’t allow other places to be the champion. That’s why we spent a lot of time bonding. We agreed that we would help each other out. We won’t allow cyclists. from Manila and Mindanao (to be champions) – Cebu only.)

In the end, Carcueva finished the race at 3 p.m. 34 minutes 03.51 seconds, while Pagnanawon took second place with 15: 34.05.17.

Carcueva’s brother Junreck completed the top three in the overall standings with a time of 15: 34.29.30.

Two other Cebuanos, Elmer Navarro and Joland Olmilla took fourth and fifth places respectively.

Through their teamwork, the trio of brothers Carcueva and Pagnanawon pocketed a combined cash prize of P175,000.

Jonel, being the best place, got the biggest purse of 100,000P while Jhunvie walked away with 50,000P and the youngest Carcueva, Junreck receiving 25,000P.

“Nindot kaayo to nga lumba kay para unta to his preparation nako sa Tour of Thailand, pero wala man madayon kay apiki na sa adlaw,” said Jonel.

(It was a good race because it’s for my preparation for the Tour of Thailand, but it didn’t grow because it was already too close.)

For the young Carcueva it was a fitting comeback for him in long distance races. The last time Junreck competed in a long distance cycling event was in 2018.

“Excited ko kay ang lisud road, excited sad ko ani kay last ko nakajoin og ing-ani nga race 2018 pa. Mao to Akong first. Kani mao ni akong second karon. Naa sad pressure gamay nga lisud ang route, pero excited mi moduwa, ”said Junreck.

(I was excited because the course was difficult, I was also excited because the last time I competed in a similar race was in 2018. It was my first time. It was my second times. There is a little pressure because the course was difficult but I was happy to compete.)

On the other hand, Jhunvie, the son of 1986 Marlboro Tour champion Rolando Pagnanawon, said he could have performed better if he hadn’t injured himself during training.

He said a few weeks before the race he was sidelined after suffering a minor crash which resulted in an injury.

“Dugay na namo gipangandaman ni nga race. Sige lang ug ka reporter, na timingan na disgrasya ko. Lugi ko ato nga preparation kay two weeks ko ato nagtraining. The veterans of the fighting spirit na lang ug move na lang gyud ko, ”said Jhunvie.

(I had been preparing for it for a long time. It was postponed many times and it was the wrong time when I encountered an accident and the race was scheduled. Two weeks of training wasted. Only my was left. fighting spirit and veterans move.)

The three much-vaunted cyclists are gearing up for next year’s Ronda Pilipinas, which was postponed to last September due to the sudden upward trend in the Delta variant of COVID-19.

The three riders may represent different teams, but they all have one thing in common: representing the Cebuanos on the big stage.


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