De La Soul now owns the masters of their classic albums


Although he has yet to release an album, 2021 has proven to be a pivotal year for De La Soul. The legendary Hip-Hop trio spent over two years in battle with their former label, Tommy Boy Records. The sometimes bitter dispute was over compensation, ownership and alleged mismanagement of De La’s first six albums and other music. The two sides were unable to come to an agreement, which included Posdnuos, Dave and Maseo and many members of the Hip-Hop community calling for a boycott of the nearly 40-year-old label. After plans failed during the dispute, Tommy Boy never added his De La catalog to digital streaming platforms. This discography includes the years 1989 3 feet tall and rising start, 1991 De La Soul is dead, and 1996 The stakes are high, among other acclaimed titles.

This summer, however, there has been some progress. Tommy Boy sold his entire catalog to Reservoir for a advertised price of $ 100 million. This purchase included releases from Digital Underground, Naughty By Nature, House Of Pain, Coolio, Queen Latifah, Prince Paul and others, as well as De La’s catalog. including Ambrosia for heads (in one What is the title podcast episode embedded below), predicted that new ownership and negotiations with the band could speed up De La Soul’s first six albums arriving on DSPs.

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Now news has arrived that shows even more progress for De La. According to Talib Kweli, the Legends of Long Island now have their first masters. “THELadies and Gentlemen, I spoke to Maseo about the legendary De La Soul today and it’s official… control of the amazing music they’ve created. Let’s salute Plugs 1, 2 and 3 for sticking to their guns and showing us that we can all beat the system if we come together as a community. Let’s hear it for the black ownership of black art! Congratulations guys, ”Kweli wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday August 7th.

After leaving Tommy Boy in the early 2000s, De La Soul worked with other labels, including Sanctuary Music. The trio started their own companies for releases from 2004 The date of grinding, working independently. 2016 and the anonymous No one… Topped the rap charts and earned the group a Grammy nomination. Presumably De La now owns his entire album catalog.

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Talib and De La Soul have years of studio and road collaborations. The trio appeared on Reflection Eternal’s “Rebel souls” in 2000, with Kweli guest on De La 2020’s political single, “Delete 45”. For a time, the two groups were led by Corey Smyth and appeared together on the Spitkicker Tour, alongside Common and late Biz Markie.

The confirmation means that De La Soul can decide if and when they want their catalog to go digital. In addition, the trio controls licensing and other crucial decisions surrounding a discography, including a first platinum record and a follow-up of 5 certified gold microphones. Previously, in 2014, the group offered their catalog as a free download for 25 hours to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

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De La Soul has not yet addressed the news on social networks. For years, they suggested they had an upcoming album produced by DJ Premier and Pete Rock.

Kweli remains active as an artist. He and producer / MC Diamond D teamed up as Gotham for an eponymous project earlier this year. However, he followed Joe Budden, NORE, DJ EFN, Roxanne Shanté, Torae and others into the media space with his Popular festival with Talib Kweli series of interviews.

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#BonusBeat: De La Soul’s new music, including their collaboration with Soul Council producer Khrysis, is currently appearing on the official website AFH playlist:

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