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Final fantasy 7 has characters that are difficult to cosplay, but a few have relatively easy looks to achieve. Some of them are so simple that fans might already have the needed pieces in their wardrobe without realizing it. Cloud Strife and Sephiroth are some of the most popular characters in FF7 (if not the entire series), but they’re notoriously difficult to cosplay, thanks to their giant swords, hard-to-manage hair, and skin-tight leather outfits.

FF7 was the first entry in the series to use a real-world-like setting, with many characters wearing ordinary clothing. Yet her characters and monsters were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, who gained a reputation for creating weird outfits overloaded with accessories. It meant a lot FF7 the cast members sport all kinds of frills in their outfits. There have been decades of admirable attempts to FF7 cosplay, but it can be hard to really hit the mark.

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FF7 Remake featured updated designs for all of the characters that appeared in the Midgar section of the original game, as well as a few cameos, like Yuffie in the Intermission DLC. Since FF7 Remake came out at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, few people had the chance to cosplay his characters at live events. Once these come back to full force, cosplayers on a budget will have several options available to them, such as a few FF7 the characters are easier to dress than the others.

Easy FF7 Cosplay: Biggs

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Biggs

Biggs is in the process of being put in place for a larger role in the FF7 Remake series, as it survives this time around and is free to appear in future games. As such, it will likely be a more popular choice for cosplayers. the FF7 Remake Biggs’s version wears a red bandana around his head, a green t-shirt, light green denim shorts, and what appear to be black leggings or knee pads under his calves. Biggs also carries a handgun, a pistol belt with pockets around his waist, and two belts around his shoulders that carry ammo.

The hardest part of Biggs are the boots, with their white plates and straps. Fortunately, as with belts, the specifics of boots are something few fans will likely remember, so regular brown boots and belts should work just fine. Of FF7 RemakeMembers of Avalanche, Biggs has the simplest costume, as Jessie and Wedge wear armor plates on their outfits.

Easy FF7 Cosplay: Professor Hojo

Professor Hojo analyzes his work

Hojo may not be the strongest Final fantasy villainous in terms of combat abilities, but he’s still one of the most despicable and manipulative in the series. He has a sort of dastardly charisma about him, which makes him a somewhat popular villain. Hojo is also incredibly easy to cosplay, especially for people with long, dark hair. He wears a white blouse, black sunglasses, a black collared shirt, slightly loose dark blue jeans and black shoes. the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Hojo’s version dresses a little differently, wearing a white shirt, slightly baggy brown pants, and a light blue tie.

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Easy FF7 Cosplay: Cid Highwind (Advent Children)

Final Fantasy VII Cid

Cid is perhaps the easiest member of the main cast to cosplay, especially in his Advent children incarnation. In Advent children, he wears a pair of aviator glasses, a silver ID tag around his neck, a light blue t-shirt, a pink ribbon around his left bicep, green cargo pants, a brown coat tied around the waist, brown leather gloves, and dark brown or black boots – all simple purchases. Creating one of Cid’s spears can be tricky, but it will still be relatively little work compared to crafting Cloud’s Buster Sword. A broomstick with white tape and a spearhead made from garlands or cardboard might even suffice.

Easy FF7 cosplay: Marlene

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Marlene Mom Barret Tifa

Aside from Elena (below), most women FF7 the characters have complicated or very specific outfits. Marlene is one of the few characters who avoids this, mainly due to the fact that she is a child and doesn’t have much of a role after the Midgar section of the game. FF7 Remake, Marlene’s outfit consists of a pink dress with a yellow ribbon, white socks and small brown boots. Even his haircut is pretty normal for a Final fantasy character. Marlene’s Advent children the outfit is also quite simple, with a gray sleeveless turtleneck, a gray striped skirt and a pink bow in the hair.

Easy FF7 Cosplay: The Turks

Final Fantasy 7 Turks

Those looking to cosplay as FF7 the character does not need to bother to make a custom Red XIII fursuit or glue tentacles to play Jenova; there are very good Turkish outfits in closets all over the world. Turks all wear black suits, white shirts, black ties (if any) and brown shoes. However, each Turk has their own quirks. Elena and Tseng have the most conventional looks. Elena has blonde hair longer on one side, while Tseng has long, well-groomed brown or black hair. Tseng also has a dark point resembling a tilaka on his forehead.

Of the Turks, Reno is the least conventional, as he doesn’t wear a tie, preferring to keep his white shirt open just below his chest. He wears a pair of glasses on his forehead and sports a black and white foldable staff. Reno also has two red tattoos just below his eyes, which would be easy to duplicate with face paint. But by far the easiest member of the Turks to pull off is Rude: he’s a bald guy with sunglasses and a pair of black gloves. Turks’ outfits are so simple that they are probably best for group cosplays, to make sure people know they are meant to be Final fantasy 7 costumes, not agents of The matrix or Men in black.

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