Finesse Group Launches Exclusive Podcast Maximizer Content Package

Podcast guest could be the perfect low-effort, high-impact, high-value content and PR strategy for your business.

Jo Caruana is the founder and CEO of Finesse Group, a global company specializing in content and public relations strategy for growing businesses, authors, entrepreneurs, artists and speakers.

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New low-effort, high-impact product delivers a month’s worth of content from a single podcast appearance

Business owners need to build authority and create content consistently, even on a tight budget. This product delivers both, month after month, with minimal effort and tangible results.

—Jo Caruana

NEW YORK, USA, Sept. 28, 2022 / — Finesse Group has launched its latest media exposure tool – the complete Podcast Maximizer package – which turns podcast guest into a month of branded content always green.

The package includes a written transcript of the podcast, a 600-word article for LinkedIn, a 1,500-word long SEO blog post, and 4 LinkedIn articles (also available for Instagram and Facebook), all for $1,199, which allows customers save an average of at least $1,800. per month on content strategy and PR implementation.

“We are excited to launch this product as we see a strong need in the market for small and medium business owners to build authority and create content consistently even on a tight budget,” says Jo Caruana, Founder and founder of Finesse Group. CEO. “This product delivers both, month after month, with minimal effort and tangible results.”

Since 54% of podcast consumers are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts, this medium is considered one of the most impactful around. As a result, Finesse’s Podcast Maximizer package leverages the broad geographic and demographic reach of podcasts to maximize brand exposure and increase audience awareness while promoting thought leadership in any industry.

Finesse also coordinates guest podcasting opportunities for clients without existing or planned podcast appearances. This service can be combined with the Podcast Maximizer if booked for a minimum of 4 months, which includes a free onboarding advice call, interview coaching, one-page podcast and mini media kit, the all for $1400 a month.

The unique product combines PR with cross-amplification content, creating a valuable low-cost, stress-free solution for monthly strategies. The Podcast Maximizer is optimized for long-lasting impact and enables brands to authentically connect with potential customers.

“The future of public relations is human. Our goal is to humanize brands by building deep-rooted trust, credibility and relationships for our customers,” says Ms. Caruana. “We want to make every customer – and their content – timeless through the power of human connection.”

For more information about the Podcast Maximizer, schedule a call with Jo today.

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