Fortnite: 10 best Marvel character skins, ranked


Guest characters have become the most anticipated content for each season of Fortnite, especially when it comes to comic book characters. Whether through a purchasable DLC or the Battle Pass, comic book characters end up becoming some of the most used skins in the game.

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Marvel walked through with Fortnite multiple times, even devoting an entire season to having only Marvel heroes in the Battle Pass. From heroes to villains, there have been plenty of great skins for Marvel fans while playing Battle Royale mode.

ten Groot

Split image of Groot tilting his head and Groot greeting Rocket Raccoon in Fortnite

Technically this counts as two characters in one: Groot was unlocked at level 38 of the Battle Pass but if the player completed Groot’s special quests, a pet was unlocked. This turned out to be Rocket Raccoon and the two translated pretty well as Fortnitecartoonish art style.

Groot also sported a bling back in the form of a dancing Baby Groot with branch-shaped harvesting tools, making this one of the few times a harvesting tool fits one character at a time in its concept and its visual style.

9 dead Pool

Split image of Deadpool and his alternate skins in Fortnite

Everyone’s favorite fourth wallbreaker was the featured guest character in Fortnitefrom Season 2 of Chapter 2. From his wacky hiding place in the main menu to his comedic quests, Deadpool caused a stir upon his arrival. He was another character where his rear awning and harvesting tool matched the character perfectly.

The Merc With A Mouth sported his classic red outfit, his famous gray and black alternate skin of his X-Force comics and an alternate skin featuring a maskless Wade Wilson. The only flaw was that like all characters in Fortnite, he couldn’t speak but his antics still made players laugh.

8 daredevil

Daredevil and his alternative skin in Fortnite

At the height of Marvel-centric Season 4 of Chapter 2, Daredevil was unfortunately not available for Battle Pass, but was instead a DLC pack in the in-game item store. For 1,500 V-Bucks, Daredevil came with it. his iconic batons, a devil-themed glider and a bling back in the form of his echo-rental.

Although it featured only one alternate skin, it was a basic skin, but in an artistic ombré style to resemble the comics.

7 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom crossing his arms in Fortnite

One of Marvel’s quintessential villains was one of the most wanted characters during Season 4 of Chapter 2. From his iconic green cape to his ominous metal mask, Doctor Doom was so legendary that a section entire Latverian has been implemented in the map.

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The inclusion of her staff and the ability to sit on a throne as an emote led fans to love the inclusion of this character. Unfortunately, like most characters in this season, it was only unlockable through the Battle Pass. So now players have to hope that Doctor Doom drops into the Item Shop to be purchased with V-Bucks.

6 Iron Man

Shared image of Tony Stark and Iron Man in Fortnite

During the Marvel season, Tony Stark was an unlockable skin with the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist in his tight-fitting suit. Completing Tony Stark’s challenges would unlock an emote that would transform him into Invincible Iron Man.

The Iron Man costume is directly inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s last appearance as Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame. It even featured nanotechnology weapons such as an energy blade harvesting tool and flight wings.

5 Blade

Split image of Blade and its alternate skin in Fortnite

Like most Blade products, this takes after the Wesley Snipes portrayal which was so beloved that even the comics ended up rebooting in the style of the Wesley Snipes Blade movie theater. For a whopping 2,000 V-Bucks, Blade can be purchased when it’s available again in the Item Shop.

Blade comes with his famous trench coat look, but that can be replaced with his vest design-only sports arm tattoos. Both versions feature the comic’s red sunglasses, and his harvesting tool is, of course, the silver-tipped sword it is named after.

4 She-Hulk

Split image of Jen Walters, her alternate red skin, She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk in Fortnite

Rather than the typical choice to include The Incredible Hulk, it has been replaced by its equally effective cousin: She-Hulk. Like Tony Stark, she starts out as the mild-mannered Jen Walters, but once her challenges are completed, she receives an emote that allows her to unleash her rage and transform into She-Hulk.

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Sadly, she doesn’t showcase her comic book-born gamma strength, but she does showcase court mallets as harvesting tools. Her alternate skin gives Jen Walters a red and black color scheme that matches her She-Hulk form, transforming her into the Red She-Hulk from the comics.

3 Wolverine

Split image of the two variant combinations of Wolverine and Logan in Fortnite

Of all the X-Men, it’s no surprise that Wolverine was cast for Fortnite with his classic yellow and blue suit, his alternate yellow and brown suit and his Logan appearance with jeans and a tank top. Wolverine did not come with a harvesting tool as it was unlocked as an emote, allowing Wolverine to extend his claws from his knuckles.

Still, Wolverine’s many looks have given fans plenty of choices that have appealed to different generations and demographics of the fanbase. Comic book fans may appreciate his bling back being the destroyed head of a sentry, acting as a trophy for Logan.

2 Black Panther

Black Panther charged with kinetic energy in Fortnite

As part of the Marvel Royalty And Warriors Pack, Black Panther was shown at Fortnite alongside Captain Marvel and Taskmaster. It wasn’t until months after Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing that this skin was added, taking inspiration from his design mixed with their own flavor.

Its rear awning happens to be the famous high-necked cape from the comics, Wakandan swords for harvesting tools, and featured a “Wakanda Forever” salute emote. There was even a Wakanda section added to the Fortnite card during the Marvel season.

1 Venom

Split image of Classic Venom and Extreme Venom in Fortnite

Some characters instantly grab audiences, and Venom is one of them. Venom was introduced to the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks and it gives players the classic Venom that everyone knows and loves. However, it also showcased its Extreme alternative skin which gives it a spookier and more graphic design with a special focus on its alien biology.

Venom received a suitable rear awning in the form of symbiote tendrils, with its harvesting tool being a symbiote-shaped scythe similar to the one Riot would create in the Venom movie. The details and animation of Venom are commendable, with both skins being a feast for the eyes.

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