GARY CHERONE on the possibility of an EDDIE VAN HALEN tribute tour – “I think ALEX VAN HALEN will be the last word on this”

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted recently spoke with Palm Beach Postrevealing that he was close to joining Van Halen last year, and that Alex Van Halen had already tapped Joe Satriani to replace Eddie Van Halen for a possible Van Halen tour.

A guest on the Eddie Trunk podcast, extreme singer Gary Cherone – who managed Van Halen from 1996 to 1999 – shared his thoughts on the possibility of a tribute tour honoring Eddie Van Halen.

Cherone: “I think the singers are secondary. It’s a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, so it’s all about Eddie’s followers, the hierarchy of guitarists. Ultimately, I think Alex (Van Halen / drums) will be the last word on this, if he wants to. If that happens, that would be great. All I can see is a sound check nightmare. It’s a thing for the vocalists – you get up there, you give them a mic; that’s the common denominator – but the guitarists all have their own gear, their own amps. It’s going to blow up before the show (laughs).”

Cherone: “Eddie and I rekindled our relationship in late 2015, 2016. I reached out to him and we picked up where we left off. It was crazy because we were back and forth and we talked. And then when I went to LA, I finally got to see him, and it was awesome. He was going through (cancer treatments.) All he said to me was, “I’m kicking his ass,” and at the time he was. He would have good days. I think the last six months it was really quiet. I contacted him a couple of times and he got back to me later. I just had the feeling that something was happening.

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