Gears of War can break the curse of video game adaptation

While a Gears of War movie may never make it to the big screen, a TV series could be one of the few video game adaptations that fans and critics alike are thrilled with.

armament of war is one of the most popular Xbox exclusive video games. The franchise has been around since 2006 and has a significant number of fans. However, similar to Halo, it’s been notoriously difficult to develop any kind of live-action game-based project. Although there have been some successes with video game adaptations, such as Sonic and Castlevania, there were many other failed attempts. armament of war could be the series that is finally a hit on consoles and TV screens.

armament of war is set on a fictional Earth-like planet named Sera and features the Coalition’s constant struggle as human might do battle against the monstrous Locust species. Marcus Fenix ​​is ​​the central protagonist, a strong-willed soldier who drags his many comrades into countless dangers against the cricket. The series is ripe for adaptation, and every character in the franchise would translate beautifully to the small screen. While there was a armament of war film in development since 2016it’s since been taken off the table, so why not make the jump to a TV series?

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armament of war is an amazing series. Its diverse group of enemies provide plenty of spectacle and the games are incredibly cinematic. With visceral finishers and fierce fights, the scenes would be jaw-dropping to see live. The main characters — Marcus, Dominic Santiago, Augustus Cole, and Damon Baird — are unique and interesting. Marcus is the typical hero archetype: bull-headed, determined, and unbreakable. Dominic has one of the greatest arcs in the game with a devastating twist that leaves him broken. The pair of them are a duo that could easily carry a TV series, with a deep friendship that is the perfect example of “brothers in arms”.

While the Halo the series was hugely controversial for its decision to drop the plot from the games, armament of war would be easier to adapt for television because it has a smaller universe. While there are additional materials beyond the games, its extras pale in comparison to the vastness of Halo. This makes it easier to bring games to life because there’s less story to try to make the series work.

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A series could also create new characters, like Halo did. Gears of War is about an entire planet’s fight for survival, so any series could focus on a different part of the war than previously depicted and only interact with the game’s canon at crucial points. Kind of like how Sonic used game concepts in movies, armament of war could have its TV show exist alongside the games. Marcus Fenix ​​and his crew could show up to help, but having them in a supporting role would allow more creative freedom without making the same mistake as Halo.

In a world where studios seem to be grabbing every property there is, it’s a wonder armament of war is relatively intact. The games are masterpieces and a TV series would be able to do their story justice. The characters have rich backstories, the enemies are visually interesting, and the environment is gruesome and beautiful. The series cries out for an adaptation, and the franchise is simple enough that it could break the stereotype of bad video game translations for good.

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