GH’s Tony Geary Goes Green… With Leprechauns

The death of Luke Spencer last month prompted several characters on General Hospital to reminisce about his most outrageous adventures. There was the time he saved Port Charles from the evil mobster Frank Smith. It was the time he saved the whole world from the evil Cassadine weather machine. But he’s not even the weirdest actor Tony Geary has come across.

Tony Geary – In a Different Light

While Luke had Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) by his side for these two adventures, and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) or Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) as sidekicks for other bizarre encounters – Sword of Malkuth, anyone? Aztec treasure? Monkey virus? But do you know the time when Tony Geary went green…with pixies?

Place and time

It was November 1981 (which, fashion-wise, was still essentially the 1970s…which was a pretty psychedelic time). Geary was a guest on the Osmond family holiday special. Considering it was November and the global holiday was in the title, the average person would have expected Christmas revelry. Perhaps with a symbolic Hanukkah party. Maybe even a mention of Kwaanza or Diwali. No, in November 1981, the GH star celebrated the holiday season by… being taken down by pixies.

Tony Geary: in disguise

OK, they weren’t real pixies. They were tiny Osmonds in tiny green tuxedos and tiny green bowler hats. (Geary, for the record, was just wearing a chunky sweater. No green tuxedo, no green bowler.) The actor clarified that they were actually celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. In November. And then he sang to them. About rainbows.

I’m joking

When Luke and Laura first returned to GH in 1993, Luke certainly acted like he loved being the father of his son Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson). When Laura told him she was pregnant with Lulu, he seemed delighted.

Years later – at Geary’s request – Luke claimed he had always felt trapped by parenthood and wasn’t really into the kids thing. We suspect that incident with the Osmond pixies was the triggering incident that caused the trauma of a lifetime. See for yourself, here.

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