Harry Styles dresses up as Dorothy at “Harryween” concert


The One Direction star channels her inner farm girl as Dorothy Gale, the main character of “The Wizard of Oz,” during her Halloween-themed concert in New York City.

Harry Styles delighted fans during her “Harryween” concert in New York on Saturday night (Oct. 30, 21) by taking the stage dressed as Dorothy Gale from “The Wizard of Oz“.

The pop star’s costume change came before he performed Judy Garlandclassic song from the 1939 film, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, at Madison Square Garden.

Her teenage farmhouse outfit was topped with Dorothy’s iconic ruby ​​slippers, rosy cheeks and a bow.

Harry, who is currently on his “Love On Tour” trek, will be giving a second Harryween show on site on Sunday evening.

Styles also plays dress-up for the movies – he appears as Eros the Titan during the end credits of the new Marvel blockbuster “Eternals“.

His surprise cameo as Thanos’ brother instigated him “Iron Man” actress Gwyneth Paltrow consider revisiting his own role in the MCU as Pepper Potts.

Guest on her boyfriend Drew barrymore, she joked, “It makes me want to plunge my toe back into the Marvel Universe.”

“Maybe Pepper Potts can overlap Harry’s styles of all of this.”

When Drew explained that Harry’s alter-ego had special powers, including the ability to “stimulate the pleasure centers of anyone within 25 feet,” co-host Ross mathews joked, “That’s what they call typecasting.”

Drew then asked himself, “How in the Marvel universe do you interpret a god of love and sex? How does that work in the Marvel world?”

And Gwyneth replied, “You just launched Harry Styles. You just put him on shirtless and off you go.”

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